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  1. yes I do have it installed I will check imediatly! EDIT: YES! That was the Solution, thank you very much!
  2. So I tried resetting the Options and reconfigurating them again, but that didnt really help the problem, so I looked for that Nvidia control panel but didnt find it on my system, so I insrtalled it for my graphics card now but I dont really know much about that is it the same as GeForce Experience??
  3. Ok I will try resetting the options, and reconfigure them I'll let you know if that solved it, I'll also look into my nvidia settings thanks for the tips!
  4. Hello fellow Tenno, about two days ago I had a sudden change in my game, whenever I´m doing something like checking the foundry or going to the arsenal etc. my frames drop to 1 for a sec or two also when I load in a mission it takes notable longer than before I also noticed than inside the mission I lose frames aswell my games was always running at 60 FPS but now im running at 30-40 and it's lagging from time to time. I have tried verifying the game files if there was something wrong but afterwards still no changes, even after decreasing the graphics to low same problem, I
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