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  1. Panelope

    Update 14: The Mad Cephalon

    Thank you DE for all of your hard work. Please get some rest and see you on Devstream later this afternoon.
  2. Panelope

    Update 13.8.0: Breeding Grounds

    Thanks DE for this update but there's a BIG problem. Way to many GLTICHES in this BG run. Getting stuck on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Can't run it correctly. It's worse then an obstacle course. PLEASE FIX IT!
  3. Panelope

    Coming Soon: Devstream #31!

    Q: DE I need to ask why the drop and reward rates have become horrible? Why do we have to sit and constantly farm, use 40 some keys to get a prime part? Can it please be made better, make stuff more available? I don't want to sit for 8 hours and get one prime part that I need from farming. Your drop table listing is just plan bad, sorry. I love the game and all but it needs to be better. Thanks :)
  4. Panelope

    6/2/2014: Login Issues.

    Thanks DERebecca :)
  5. Panelope

    6/2/2014: Login Issues.

    Back up but nothing in my profile and all codex has been wipped clean.
  6. Panelope

    6/2/2014: Login Issues.

    Okay I was just on, all chats died and wham got kicked off server.
  7. Panelope

    Pc Tenno- A Message From The Lotus

    Thank you so much for the Shipment runs. It was enjoyable and beneficial to say the least. I look forward to serving.
  8. Panelope

    Coming Soon: Devstream #29!

    When will the pets come out? Looking forward to having one. Thanks for revamping Banshee, she's now so awesome. I took her out of my closet this week. Also thank you for the toggle system, works great.
  9. Panelope

    Coming Clan Tactician Role Changes [Pc]

    This is nice because my clan's Warlord hasn't been able to deploy a rail. He keeps coming up with an error message.
  10. Panelope

    5/20&22/2014: Connectivity Issues

    Same thing here. Logged in, did an alert mission, got out, kicked off game. Tried to relog in, wouldn't let me, said information was wrong. Finally loaded and the original WF screen came up, not my frame. This has been doing this since yesterday. I made a new thread a few minutes ago, didn't know this was here, it was deleted. Just tried to get on a rail mission on Pluto, it wouldn't let me, map froze. :(
  11. Panelope

    Update 13.2.0: Specters Of Liberty

    What's nice is you can give him secondary weapons to defend himself/herself :)
  12. Panelope

    Update 13.2.0: Specters Of Liberty

    UI for loadout for Spector is getting stuck too, had to relog.
  13. Panelope

    Update 13.2.0: Specters Of Liberty

    DE what is Login Expired? Did one of the new missions on Ceres, got out, got no stuff and it dc'd me with that error message. I lost a Cosmic Spector BP btw, now I can't get one again. :(
  14. Panelope

    4/16/14 Update/connectivity Issues

    Yes DeMegan it's loading properly.
  15. Panelope

    4/16/14 Update/connectivity Issues

    Level 11 mastery test has been messed up since the DDOS attack too. I just submitted a ticket for it.