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  1. Wow,playing the game during 4 years for that,well since I can't play anymore,gotta remove that game from my computer. Good bye DE,you know how to ruin efforts.
  2. Because not everyone is an expert when it comes to build or upgrade a computer. Also there is the problem about money,I'll give my case as an example : I live in France with a normal pay (1500€ =1600$) It looks like I've got lots of money but consider taxes which are ultra high in France which make you lose 500€.And all rents to pay (electricity,gas,water,etc) you end up with 500~300€ to live,consider that you'll buy supply,you end up with almost 100€ to buy a computer,and you HAVE to spend those 100€ because banks will find a way to take your money (because French banks are the worse when it comes to steal) so you can't save money. It's just an example but lots of people have to live that kind of situation,Wether it is in France,US or even UK.That's why people can't upgrade or get better computers (considering the price of 1 computer or even parts of it).
  3. Well I guess I'll enjoy the game until the update then play alone after the update. Thanks for trying to help.
  4. Sure thing,I couldn't afford a strong pc so I got a : -Lenovo E330 Windows 7 pro Thinkpad (laptop) -Intel Core i5-3230M CPU 2.60GHz with 8192MB RAM -It's written DirectX 11 but it causes trouble ingame so I let DX9. (and I tried 10 it does the same problem,loading screen crashes and I can't play with other players) -Intel (R) HD Graphics Family Do you need more informations ?
  5. Well I guess I won't be able to play warframe anymore...Yep Direct X make loading screens crash my game so I won't play anymore. Sad because I've been playing this game for years and yt I'm already playing with low settings and windows mode (600x800 or something like that). But will it be okay if I don't play on eidolon's plains and fortuna ? I don't play them so it normally would be okay for my potato pc,right ?
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