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  1. i think its a case of love to hate em, hate to love em kinda thing
  2. I would argue that it should also require you to have done the Deimos story quest.
  3. Pretty much, Atlas should be the next one to get vaulted when the new prime coming up in fall get released. The wiki has all the release date on the prime access page, I have the links in my previous post.
  4. Pretty much yes. Like as of today farming order would look like Wukong > Chroma = Zephyr > Atlas > every other available. This include the weapon they come with as well.
  5. To give you an idea, Wukong Prime was release on July 6th 2019 and will be entering the prime vault on May 25 2021. Thats for a brand new prime frame. Banshee and Mirage Prime where aviable from December 15th 2020 to April 27th 2021. Those are un-vaulted.
  6. also remember that if you have a voidrig geared up, you can also just nuke all with the arquebex (4)
  7. Here's the thing it is easy for them to make new frame as most of it is all on the art team. New content is harder specially when stuff need mo-cap which they dont have access too and with how it is in Ontario atm they won't have access anytime soon either.
  8. My question for dev team, when will the mods for necramech that where added during orphix venom event will be made available again.
  9. Damn you, I'm at work and now all I think is if there's a way to fashion frame mirage to look like Harley's iconic suit with oversize hammer.
  10. Zephyr fit for being vaulted long enough but as not even been a years since Chroma been vaulted
  11. You'll get more info on Teshin in the following quests
  12. some part will be explained a little more in the quests your working on and will unlock afterward. don't want to spoil anything. For now iirc what you should know/understand from previous interaction with those character is that: Lotus as been you're handler ever since you woke up (started the game) Ordis is you ship cephalon (AI) Teshin at this point is pretty much a new character, since he is mostly only been invovled in Conclave (PVP), and Steel Path (Harder Star chart) which you are not ready to unlock.
  13. Would really wished we could get a post detailing the reasoning behind the Chroma choice @[DE]Rebecca. Considering he was just put back in the vault last july, not even been a full year since. Many other frame have been in the vault longer and would have been great choices.
  14. I'm well aware of that, but when rng is not on your side, at least having those could help when you have 1-2 people in your grp of friend without one and they want to do that content.
  15. Still no fix to the damaged necramech not spawning in orphix mission in any proxima. Makes it hard to paly with people that dont have the mech yet and when rng just isnt on there side for part to build one.
  16. Would definatly be great if this could get acknowledged and looked at. read somewhere else it was a bug and they could spawn sometimes, but all attemps i did at the mission i never saw any mech that palyers without one could use, and i checked in all different proxima too.
  17. Would be nice if they go for some of the oldest frame to have seen the light that are in the vault while also ignoring Valkyr/Nyx. Oldest in the vault : Mag Volt & Loki Hydroid Nyx & Rhino Valky & Saryn Vauban & Ash Zephyr All those are last seen in 2019 (2018 for Mag), As i said, hopefully they wont include Valky/Nyx and maybe even Hydroid. Would be nice to see Zephyr since deluxe just came out and Mag since oldest
  18. 1. it does apply to both dojo and found equipment. 2. you get partial refund of mats used to repair, you do not get a wreckage back. 3. you get partial refund on the initial part only, no additional refund for fusing, no wreckage either. (i.e. you built an mk3 and fused 2x mk2 in it, only the mk3 will get refunded)
  19. Its a known issue for for railjack when using controller, Trello board should have work around iirc
  20. This is something that was mentioned on the last dev stream. because of all the back end change it not possible right now to force host anymore for railjack. They are looking into if its feasible to bring it back, but judging from how careful with his word Steve was, might not be something that can be brought back.
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