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  1. yep the fact it has to fight with reward we dont need more than 1 time, maybe 2 just makes it really annoying. I'd be down for them matching the quantity drop to the tier of Relic open if it was a guaranteed thing tho to try and balance acquisition rate.
  2. This seem to be a step in the right way, but it still doesnt fix the problem that the holokey still have to fight sevagoth for a chance to drop in higher level.
  3. Because Mastery Gating is when you begin to craft something, the Kuva/Sister weapon are given already built on you kill them.
  4. I'm hopping the issue is just related to the amount of people watching Tennocon causing isssues with the connection between Twitch and DE
  5. Drops are a twitch thing first and foremost and as the twitch FAQ says you can only gain progress toward drop on pc or through the phone app. DE might be able to do something but its hard to say.
  6. loki is the reward f or the reveal at 5pm est, so another 2h from now
  7. You might already have earned the rewards for this week, they changed the reward to a grab bag on last thrusday home stream, and made so you could get the yareli and sister related stuff ealier but it would carry over to this week
  8. yes its supposed to work, would have to dig down to find the post about it from Reb
  9. Whale usualy refer to player that spent a lot of money in free to play games
  10. in February 2021 ,i think, twitched stopped support for the 1.0 drop that DE was using and force them to the new 2.0, so if you havent relinked since DE let un know about that back in February you will need to do so to get the drops.
  11. Good to have a reminder @[DE]Danielle you guys should, and probably will remind people during the stream, but better be safe than sorry. Make sure it get said alot. People will be quick to complain if it doesn't work.
  12. Something i just remembered regarding last year's Tennocon and I'm wondering if they'll do again. I wonder if @[DE]Megan was asked to go in the relay with a vanilla fashion frame again this year :3
  13. I think the biggest problem was Twitch, don't remember the relay being as bugged as Twitch was regarding the rewards, rewards from relay were delayed for sure tho. also @Szujhinzulast year during the Deimos reveal, in the relay you could see some of the new mobs/npc as well as the next prime frame being show cased. They will probably do something similar this years, makes it a bit more interactive than watching them just showing the model.
  14. If this were some other game i'd says sacrifice a gnome/goblin/potato to the loot god, but sadly we don't really have something similar here.
  15. A 3 charge explosion from the xoris will kill any specter, you should be able to see the charges on the right of the crosshair. Something that can help build up those charge faster are the Volatile Quick Return and Volatile Rebound mods found on Deimos. Just hole E to throw the xoris at a target and should get a few kill pretty fast using those.
  16. Depend on how they do it, could make it so that until you start that quest cetus is as we know it now, and upon completition it shows as w/e will happen in new war.
  17. Tennocon 2020 was on august 1, Deimos was august 25 and was the date they gave during Tennocon. Similar timelie shouldnt be too hard then. (hopefully -_- )
  18. Tennocon 2020 was on August 1, Deimos was August 25
  19. Seem a lot of people are forgetting what happen at last year Tennocon regarding the release of what was shown.
  20. The relay can be accessed by everyone, that how it was last year for the Deimos reveal.
  21. With the change of mentality to show what's ready or close to ready since last Tennocon, it should be coming pretty soon™.
  22. They might as well just make it a guaranteed drop, even if they have to lower the amount we get a little bit in order to keep the acquisition speed they had in mind.
  23. Yes they have a week where they could fix stuff, but at the same time, they need to get what ever they want to showcase during Tennocon on in a proper working shape, which is probably why they want to keep that week of buffer in case all hell break loose ( lets face it, we all know it probably will) when they get closer to Tennocon
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