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  1. on thursday stream Reb confirmed that as long as you replaced the default gear in all the slot be it with wreckage stuff or sigma stuff from dojo it will count
  2. since its gonna be random every day probably why, instead of you checking every sindicate if theres a crew to recruit just to to the 1 npc
  3. theres still plenty of time to farm the driac needed to max the grid
  4. I can live with having to forma the plexus, but only if each forma would give the slot an universal polarity. This would make it so it goes back to allowing full customisation like we currently have. As it stand having to use the normal polarity could be very limiting considering that we only have 1 plexus. I would also like to see someone who as a bit more time than me (at work atm) do the math to see how the current meta avionic cost would end up after the patch by doing following maths List max capacity and used capacity List battle avionic with cost then subract from use
  5. i today stream Reb said that to qualify you need grid + 6 item built be it wreckage or stuff from the dojo
  6. the reactor will be giving power strength/range/duration instead, was stated in the initial post
  7. They are adding aother part to the railjack equipement: the hull. It will affect HP, shield and armor.
  8. do you have the same fps drop if you use the pad in the orbiter to jump directly inside your railkjack ?
  9. The change is simply based on the archgun conversation table. They decided to return to a more easy understandable system used everywhere. And since element don't fuse in railjack that why its set that way. Since those fancier name where only used for railjack, unless you looked into, at first glance you wouldn't know what element does what type of damage when using archgun.
  10. Its still something that i have only really encountered on this particular forum. And for people using the light theme they don't realize it cuz it's white highlighted on white background.
  11. Now if only the forum wouldn't highlight text copied and pasted in white when done from the light theme our eyes would al be pleased.
  12. it should work like it currently does for all the different manufacturer parts but using power/range/duration as the variable stats. Highly doubt there will be mods affecting those stats on top of the ship reactor.
  13. reactors are not removed, they will be giving Power Strength, Range, or Duration. Notice how there is 3 buff type and 3 type manufacturer of railjack parts
  14. Yes its that screen, if this is your grid then you have it fully maxed, you then need 6 piece of equipment. From what Rebecca said in yesterday stream basically as long as you replaced all 6 default part of the ship you'll qualify for that.
  15. I'm not super fan of having to forma the plexus either considering it will limit what mod we can put based on polarity compared to currently. One thing that came to mind though, was what if they also added a plexus only universal polarity forma. It should use railjack material to craft. Yes we would still be stuck with having to forma the damn thing multiple time, but at least being universal slot, would slowly bring it back to what it currently is with every forma.
  16. In one of the streams last year Steve implies that archwing nodes might go the way of the dodo.
  17. less of a backlash by buffing gun than by nerfing melee
  18. With the way drops work this week it could potentially lead to a nice change from daily loot to weekly loot.
  19. its not so much that the linking to ps4 app is broken, it is clearly stated in the twitch FAQ for drops that it only work on pc/mac and phone app, that hte tv/console app wont grant the drops
  20. i will refrain from judgment on the 3.0 changes to railjack, but so far it seem people are forgetting that all we currently known about railjack is subject to change. From what was said in this and previous stream Intrisinct will be revamped + command intrisinct add, revamp should give some of the QoL stuff as baseline and replace them with new stuff Avionic will get turned into proper mod, we haven't really seen what the max level and power will be for any of those yet Avionic will get equipped on Frame and will be more role dependent (ex. pilot, gunner) Guns (and
  21. its actually a clear case of not reading patch note. Don't remember what patch it came in, but i know it was added just after Deimos.
  22. There is an outside world /shocked I thought pandemic nuked it
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