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  1. Was talked about in the last dev stream, something to do with the amount of AI spawn that would cause either the railjack part or ground mission tp have too few spawns.
  2. Pretty much this, its not so much that corpus railjack is bad, its just that it doesn't really feel like your doing much railjack at all before having to do the ground mission. If they could add a few more objective to do with the railjack before going in for the mission it might alleviate the feeling. I will also chime in on the no defense mission as the corpus defense mission map is the worse one of all.
  3. This was something they talked about on the last devstream. From what I recall part of the big reason for why this was changed was because of all the change regarding from where you can start a railjack mission now which forced them to change a lot of the code and in the process make so this is not an option now. They are aware it is something we want and are looking into if its possible to get back, but Steve was being really careful with his word when he said they'd look at trying to get it back in.
  4. Last lich i spawned using Excal ended up being resistant to slash, viral and heat. Wasn't that fun to kill at lvl 5.
  5. They have been saying since mid march that the anniversary stuff will be in april. Chances are that it will only happen after tempestary hit all platform, because i wouldn't be surprised that this years reward is not in the files for console yet.
  6. All the assassination node will drop bp for 1 frame those are pretty much the easiest to get with some varying level of difficulty. Look on the wiki for which one drop from which boss and check the crafting mats required. As others have mention you probably will want to pick all of them up at some point for the mastery and also to use with helminth when you have it unlocked and start to have excess of most resources
  7. Yes all of it can be done in a group, and requiem even more so considering relic luck -_-
  8. It usually take a few mission to get the lich to spawn. Those mission are separate from the normal ones, similar to how nightmare mission work so you can ignore it until you are ready. After stabbing it it will make the lich level up and bring mob that are higher level to the lich mission as well as making it spread to another planet. The soldier you need to kill during the lich mission will get marked when they spawn to make them easy to find.
  9. In order to kill it you will first have to far murmur, that will tell you what parazon mod you need. You can obtain those mod from requiem relic. To get murmur you need to do mission on the planet your lich control if you do it solo, or you can join a group and get some on any planet that way. The lich will only move to different planet if i believe you clear all the mission on the one it control or if you encounter it during a mission on the planet it control and try to stab it. It is usually better to try and wait until you have revealed the 1st mod you need for the parazon before stabbing it. The mumur tell you only what mods are neded but you need trial and error to figure out the order.
  10. Nope those mod are currently unobtainable since orphix venom went away. you can search the page with all the drop for any of the ones added with orphix venom and wont get any result.
  11. @[DE]Megan As there been any discussion about the home of the necramech mods that were added with operation orphix venom that are currently unobtainable ?
  12. Volatile is fine the way it is, pilot AI on the other hand seriously need to be improved to focus on objective, specialy when someone is in the artillery
  13. Remember that you need a Pilot skill Rank 5 to get the white marker for the loot dungeons in railjack
  14. Would have to properly test it to see, but my understanding of it was with the way you have it set up, you would only loose your lich in case you have 2 players joining you.
  15. Nah just copy the game folder from 1 disk to the other while steam is closed. Rename the folder on the original disk as backup in case, then in the library list right click on warframe, go to manage and you should have an option to fix the file location path manually. When you launch the game after that, it might download some file automictically. If everything worked properly delete backup
  16. probably because the only thing steam really manage is the launcher, everything else is installed from it
  17. Yeah but at same time there's a certain logic behind it to make some sense. Experienced pilot would be able to tell that those place been accessed i guess.
  18. Like i said at least we get a marker now, before you didnt have that for the derelict you could find in the veil and had a chance to enter sometimes
  19. Go read pilot intrisinct rank 5 in the patch note and you'll see, better than before not having a marker at all for those tho.
  20. There is a different podium to do the research for CY to start the quest, at least that how it was until the patch. Its in a different spot than the 2 to config and research armament.
  21. While not a proper excuse you need to remember that the loot dungeons those are hidden in require Pilot 5 to have the white marker showing them
  22. Ground slam can also break pipe that are below the floor you slamed on, like if you are on the upper floor and it tag a pipe below you often slamming on top will pop it instead of having to move around if not using fluctis
  23. Shouldn't that be daughter Halloween shop ?
  24. I'll guess that the reason behind the change for dome charge and revolite is because multiplayer make it so your back to how it was before, tho this hurt solo player the most.
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