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  1. just started the cambion drift quest. can't find the second hive for the life of me. whoever coded the navigation should be fired. plz see video. any direction would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. First off thank you for your response and I think it is likely that I'm just still on the introductory part. I did something and found caches, then went back to fortuna and it did the mission complete screen but now its sending me back out to do something else. {facepalm} Anyway yes my settings are all turned way down and my rig still can barely hang. Too be fair to DE's my rig is old however any of the standard sandbox maps it plays just fine, it's really only the free roam maps and occasionally on earth missions ill get some awful FPS. Anyway guess I'm back to the Vallis :)
  3. Trying to unlock the last few things in my star chart. I've been to orb vallis but have only done the very first mission and now it wants to send me back out to do something else. I would just play it however my rig struggles so hard with ANY of the free roam maps that it's not even fun to play. I'm just trying to do the bare minimum that it takes to 'complete' orb vallis so it satisfies my star chart and i can start doing arbitrations. So how much more exactly is that? I literally have about as much interest in the free roam missions as i do archwing missions which anyone that kno
  4. I don't want that EXACT sound, but I'm sure they could make one that sounds similar enough that when people hear it they'd be like: "wow that sounds really familiar almost like the mario power up sound" I think they could achieve this in there own way without breaking the 'atmosphere' of warframe. DE's creative I know they could do it. And lastly, after you said that nintendo 'owned' that exact sound, you might very well be right but I read that just in the past year they've sent in a thing TRYING to trademark the coin sound. So It's just a hunch I have that maybe if there just in the past yea
  5. I mean come on...The mod is called "Growing Power" can we please have it's sound effect when it triggers changed to this: or something that sounds VERY similar??? I mean come on DE plz!!
  6. Well it's good to complain when the news/ topics are fresh. And like I said already I'm sure stat wise these weapons will be good. But I personally don't care if they each do a bazillion dmg, they are just not the weapon choices I wanted, or was expecting overall.
  7. I never said the weapons won't be good stat wise. Just really feel like there choices overall for which weapons would get syndicate counter parts were pretty displeasing. Really wanted a scythe.
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