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  1. Combines Archgun and Archmelee!
  2. Delnadrius

    Huge Kubrow.

    I also had this, but it was when entering a crewship via a slingshot. Huras Kubrow.
  3. Djinn and i both died. Revived self, ran around for a bit, then noticed: Okay, My Djinn is a thrall and it's name is WARFRAME [0] with a total hp pool of 35. You can see the minimap icon for a thrall, the outline of a thrall, and my Djinn losing its cosmetics. There doesn't seem to be a marker similar to green extract on my UI. I can't attack it since it gets out of the way when I aim, so I go back to the Lich, get it killed... And I am able to Mercy it: Got a requiem murmur, Djinn went back to normal after it revived with Awaken, the hp bar and shields went back to normal, and cosmetics came back.
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