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  1. Not sure if its been mentioned before, but the Kuva Lich territory expansion is bugged again. After the Railjack update my Lich wont capture anymore territory or move to other planets. She just sits there taunting me and stealing my stuff on the one world and couple planets she has been left with. On mission nodes where I cant solo it and the squad match cant find anyone else doing them.
  2. Now, the Shedu is a pretty solid primary weapon if I am being fair. One of very few weapons you can get a dual stat of gas and corrosive with just one toxin mod. It has good crit and status, and can get some pretty good damage output that allows you to use it to high enemy levels without too much issue. That being said, it still feels like it is a largely missed opportunity for something truly unique. It is the second Sentient specific killing weapon after the Paracesis that is acquired from a small lore based quest for our future New War campaign. Though unlike the Paracesis and even the new Kuva weapons, the Shedu lacks the past level 30 leveling mechanic that makes those more unique and useful weapons. The Shedu tops out at level 30 like any other normal weapon which is rather unfortunate and seems like a missed opportunity in my opinion. It also, like many other weapons introduced into the game which I wont get into, does not match in function the description that is given for it in the game. Sure, it fires heat blasts and does look like a sentient weapon that could have been an arm. We sadly did not get to rip it off anything, nor does it look like it was the arm of any of our current Sentients in the game. Also I would not say it is rapid fire in any way shape or form as it's fire rate is actually much slower than even the stock Lato which is a semi auto pistol. The Shedu fires so slowly in fact that holding the trigger is no different than if you just rapidly clicked it. Plus the magazine size of only 7 does not exactly give me the feel of a rapid fire weapon. Though it does recharge fast, but that does not make it rapid fire as I still have to pause before I can start firing again. Now, while not deal breaking, the lack of a secondary fire for such a one of a kind weapon as a Sentient arm cannon which we have been waiting literally years for does seem like a waste. The Shedu should have had a secondary fire mechanic such as a massive blast discharge of its full magazine in one large shot, or a continuous cutting beam that translates to one second of discharge for each shot in the magazine. Also the stun/damage resistance wipe discharge after the mag is fully depleted seems rather short at 20 meters as it looks like a 20 meter diameter total rather than radius from the gun. For a ranged primary weapon that means pretty damn close to what you are shooting at to actually hit the Sentient. Still longer range than the Paracesis I guess though.
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