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  1. timezones usually make it thursday or friday morning here
  2. 1: Will you introduce more vehicles to the game? Especially since the Vallis has none. vehicles are fun in Warframe. 2: What happened to the Nef Anyo bos fight you talked about years ago?
  3. have you fixed the issue where the cells randomly disappear?
  4. Will this work when you have heavy weapon equipped?
  5. Phorid challanging? Phorid is in the same corner as the Sarget tbh
  6. i'm wondering if you have any plains for updating the Plains. Konzu didn't have his early lunch for a long time. can we also see some more direct interaction between the Cetus and Fortuna? Stuff in Cetus we have to go to Fortuna to and stuff in Fortuna where we have to go to Cetus too? Quests where you go to both places etc. Can we expect vehicles like we have the Dargyns at the plains, in Fortuna? one last question is: A long time ago you showed a design of a Nef Anyo in a giant Helios boss fight in a Def Stream. is there any plans and progress on that??
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