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  1. I have been curious about this for a bit now because I personally have become bored and very reluctant to play on Deimos anymore due to the fact that Deimos open world is just way too Grindy and not fun, so I'm pretty much Wondering how many players are actually still playing it in comparison to those who'd rather either play all the normal missions in the solar system or just playing on the first two open worlds over the new one as I believe a lot of players are just burning out when they play Deimos and just want to know other players thoughts on this, also please if you post on this please
  2. This whole update was uncalled for in regards of overgrind please reduce the grind level in Deimos by at least 85% as this is ridiculous and also change how we can earn standing back to the way we always have in the other open world's (Cetus/plains of eidolon and Fortuna/orb Vallis) because the grind in this is just completely overboard I can't even get any of this done because I burn out before I can even get anything done so if you think you've done right by putting literally like 250% extra grind into this new open world you would incredibly wrong so please DE listen to the players Don't ju
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