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  1. Was really surprised when the wukong prime pack came out and the crossbow you chose was the second crossbow the zhuge and not the attica i should think that either you guys completely forgot about the attica or you have something special planned for the attica prime as it doesn't exist yet because the zhuge prime came out.... Personally if the next prime warframe pack doesn't include the attica prime i'll be disappointed as most prime packs in the past have had weapons come with them in a reasonably accurate from first in game to last in game position but i guess we'll see i personally cant wait for an attica prime as i love using the weapon so yeah
  2. Im liking how warframes like limbo and hildryn have a unique dodge roll/dodge charge and i think every warframe deserves a bit of their own unique dodge roll/ dodge charge depending on their powers and capabilities it would make each warframe have an extremely unique dodge or whatever it gets classified as to make it more entertaining or just fun so DE if this could be done i think it would work, in the endits up to you DE, oh and im loving the tatsu to me it looks like a daitou (Japanese for longsword/long katana) and it slices enemies effectively too
  3. Finally a Daitou (means longsword/long katana in Japanese) is coming into the game XD
  4. Just wanting to say DE you are doing really well with everything , although there is always room to improve, a few bugs and glitches have still not been fixed such as when choosing a colour config only the R1 button works for selecting a custom colour config and L1 isnt working, followed by i have recently noticed that some warframes are seeming squishier than normal wherever i go and finally i have noticed that some weaponry are not being silenced properly with Banshee/Banshee Primes special capability to silence any weapon as i shot weapons like the kitguns, the Buzlok, the Corinth Primary Fire, The Opticor and a few others just to name a few please fix these bugs as they dont just cripple gameplay they also cripple survivability and general entertainment to the game resulting in frustration and then taking a small break from the game after something like 20 times of tolerating these bugs and glitches and so on, so please DE I emplore you to fix these problems.
  5. Bug already found in appearance when changing between colour configs L1 button does not worki to select a colour config only R1 so if using zephyr it is harder to switch back to other colour configs as L1 wont work and you will have to uneqiup and then re equip zephyr to change the colour again, still I am loving Fortuna even with the appearance colour config bug but hey it'll obviously get fixed oh and a change on how much health damage to get garudas bloodshed sigil to appear is too high please lower it, at the very least lower the amount of damage needed to be taken for warframes with less health or something like that, all of you at DE are awesome XD keep up with the awesome work
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