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  1. There's a difference between best frame and favorite frame... Your title threw me off.

    Favorite frame... I'd have to say nyx, just because I have a lot of thers that I love, but I always go back to her.

    As for best frame overall... As much as I hate to say it, probably irradiating Loki. CC, invis, distraction. He's just...SO SQUISHY

  2. Ok, since no one wants to explain Destiny's new loot system, I'll do it.

    Pre Taken King it was pure RNGesus. Random loot, whether it helped you or not.

    Now, however it's RNG leaned more towards being helpful than screwing you over. The RNG will now take into account now only items that you currently own, but also your level, your light level, and the time since you've last gotten a "good" reward.

    Basically, you have a significantly higher chance of getting that one exotic gun that you've yet to get.

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