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  1. Time-To-Kill on Railjack Enemies feels quite nice, while i have to agree the balance swing might be a bit much to our side, it have to be considered good part of the RJ playerbase is using MK3 house gear by now, which the way i see, is equivalent of a good weapon with a well rolled riven which can melt high level targets with absolute ease, so i think that have to be put into account. so i think is a matter of fine tunning. of the subject of seeker volley i agree with others about being OP but at same time it is classified as a "super/ultimate" avionic, the balacing could be a little bit of a damage nerf but mainly on cast cost. forward artillery i have mixed feeling, sometimes it one shots on hull and sometimes not, although didn't tried to host to see it with my build, so it might be a situation on status procs/forward artillery avionic equipped BUT, considering it is a BFG and the veil have the shield mechanic i think it might be fine for now Survivability of the Railjack unlike the TTK part, this one i feel it was overtunned. hazards are kinda of non issue right now. maybe have the number of active hazard scale with the fighter level(if the hazards work like a status effect, it could be as the fighter level gets higher, higher is the status chance). At first i thought on scaling with player count but after a while realized it might be a nightmare to implement and a potential trolling target(AKA joining, waiting for the enemies to wreck stuff up and leaving) implement major hazards(the catastrophic hull one is the RJ equivalent of a downed warframe) having harsher effects fire applying the dot to the frames, acting as the life support system being overwhelmed Hull cutting the total HP in half or more(maybe also applying dot on frames because big f***ing hole in the ship) eletric have the shield shut down completly until repaired or for a more simplified way, instead of a hard limit of one, allow half of the pre patch hazard number Difficulty of Boarding Parties the HP of the enemies feels right as they no longer act like raid bosses, but the hazard effect situation applies here. a change could go like each proxima have a maximum active ramsled/boarding parties, 1 for earth, 2 for saturn and 4 for veil as it don't have a archwing dedicated megathread, putting this one here: IMHO, after the update, the AW is quite reasonable state(melee isn't there yet tho). but would be nice to: re-enable the option of full 6DOF control,as right now we have a 4,5DOF(x/y/z/yaw/half pitch/roll is nowhere to be found i think). it feels weird to not be able to do manuvers like looping and such, but i can understand is quite disorienting for some people, but the option to have would be appreciated(after thinking for a while, i see where the 6 DOF flight model gone to 😄) ~~have a option to bind the AW blink to other key~~i found out blink is bound to the roll binding, not perfect but it is something already give back the full afterburner mode or buff a little bit the AW mobility, as it feels like the railjack is more nimble(although that might be biased as i'm using elytron, which is the slowest of AW) on the damage received side, i think case is maybe tuning the aggro instead of raw damage itself because damn, the moment you are on AW, all the fighters goes full seagull mode after you overall, RJ now seems to be towards a solid stepping stone to a good game mode and considering how warframe begun, it might be on the right path. just take it slow and steady. P.S. a bigger wreckage storage would be nice too
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