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  1. Back when focus was on a cooldown Vazarin would refuel its instant revives, and I really miss that, because as it is now its barely noticeable. So I propose a few simple options for changes. 1. Instant Revives on Operator void blast, makes it AOE, only operator gets it so another reason to use the child. 2. Instant Revives on cooldown, You only get one and it takes 100s/80s/60s/40s to recharge, that way its not super free but its around more often. 3. Instead of 1/2/3/4 you get 2/4/6/8, which is easier to implement 4. 1/2/3/4 instant revives on a 140s/120s/100s/80s cooldown after you use the last. Or even some combination of the above. Its a really cool school ability that I wish was as good as it used to be.
  2. My design theory here is based entirely on iconic glitches from gaming history, with a specific focus on interesting movement. Passive: Its a feature - Bullet jumps go in the opposite direction you are aiming, and moving backwards on the ground is 10% faster as well Ability 1: Wave Dash - Warframe launches in aimed direction(Either along the ground or through the air) in the slide animation leaving a trail of energy that damages Ability 2: Ascending Blast - Warframe creates an explosion centered on its feet, dealing damage to enemies surrounding it and launching it skywards Ability 3: Blade Drift - Warframe forms a blade of energy on off hand, swinging it, while swinging the blade, warframe and all enemies in area of effect move forwards. Like Atlas' punch this move can be combo'd together allowing the frame to move enemies where it wants, and to "fly" somewhat. Ability 4: Get Down - Warframe poses twice in place before sending out a wave of energy that causes enemies to be lift up into the air, spinning in place flailing and ragdolling. I think this is a reasonably fun and balanced kit, but I'd like to go into what the references in each ability are. For the passive, both are clear speedrunning references, the backwards long jump from Super Mario 64, and Link's backwards strafing in Ocarina of Time. Ability 1 comes of course from Super Smash Brothers, the wave dash! Turning an air dodge into a sliding dash. Ability 2 comes from a lot of sources these days, but who can forget the classic rocket/bomb/explosion jump? Ability 3 has a special place in Warframe because its a reference TO warframe. Who remembers the old days of coptering? I do. Its also designed to emulate Excalibur's flying glitch too, so sort of a mix of two of our own history's biggest glitches. And lastly Ability 4, which is probably the most obscure of all the references. In Goldeneye 007 for the 64, you could tilt the cartridge just right to have Amusing Results.
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