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  1. HOST MIGRATION: Host leave mission of Onslaught , get message of lost host information returning to multiplayer menu loose all rewards, xp and any other items received during 9 waves of elite onslaught. DE fix this issue please! https://imgur.com/0pNNnV4 https://imgur.com/e7I29q2
  2. I so love people rushing into get a new frame, only to find that it is a lemon. wait out the rush, let DE hear all the feed back & rework her to somewhere near the communities thoughts of her should be's.... if only But for the polarity's of uselessness I hear ya, same goes for melee stances: we have 3 slots for 3 load-outs, wouldn't it be great if we could load a different stance polarity for each A,B,C, slot per weapon that has 2 or 3 different stance's with different polarity's? ( DE gets more forma per weapon)
  3. Hi all, I am getting this issue now and then: where I loose control of my game skills, I am unable to activate skills from key 1 through to 4, my key board registers the key press but the game gives me the sound of an error, I'm pretty much locked out, I can still run around and jump , but can not use my operator, my "X" key for interacting or reviving other players or the "E" key to melee. Has any one else experienced this in-game I'd like to know, it resets as soon as I return to my ship or Cetus and change instance.
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