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  1. woot woot teno lets let the beats roll
  2. hmmm not bad
  3. everyone just got a free vaccum...and now you all have to forma to use it.....hahhahahhahhahhahahhahha Good job....
  4. Hello my IGN is Aergarda currently looking for a casual clan to join. I'm rank 21 looking for a new clan while I'm still in the current one. If you want to you can PM me in game or here i'm usually online after 5pm est time.
  5. that explains why i couldn't in
  6. ty DE now we can tree it around...
  7. Lohanpanda you on the right relay?
  8. you can still log into the game and go to a relay to buy from barro chat atm is offline though
  9. once chat is back up i can say high to my clan mates again...
  10. this is probably someone who got banned for doing something stupid. And is now nerd rageing for it.
  11. hmm i want to so survival with people Please bring me to life...
  12. the dev are show casing 18.5 tomorrow but saying don't say spoilers so it must be coming out before tomorrow
  13. woot staticor fixes