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  1. doiing it solo cause of the issiues
  2. Metal Fiber

    Metal Fiber mod not showing up in sentinels UI as adding the armor when installed on any Sentinel.
  3. If your crashing with AMd ryzen computer

    Are your divers up to date?
  4. Crashes everywhere as the host

    I was hosting it fixed the problem been doing missions again now.
  5. GO into your launcher go to the top right corner click on the settings icon in there you will see a button for optimize clikc it run the program and continue playing.
  6. Constant crashes

    go into launcher click optimize int he settings let that run then play
  7. Crashes everywhere as the host

    OK try this i just did a mission after this Go into the Launcher and in the top right is settings Click optimize let that run see if that fixes the crashes still doing some testing but atm i have done a run without crashing. will test out more now. So that is working atm as a fix done 3 missions now no crashes
  8. Crashes everywhere as the host

    also runnign rzyen 1600x with 480x sapphire so something with amd rigs broke this last patch casue i was fine before the hotfix.
  9. Crashing During Missions

    Random crashes keep happening for no reason hard crashes the game.
  10. Relay arsenal visual bug

    When you change your frame in arsenal in Larunda Relay visualization bugs of all players in the relay happen where they disappear and comeback to disappear again.
  11. Aergarda here looking for a more active clan causual and active player IGN Aergarda Master Rank 24 region USA
  12. [U21 Megathread] New Weapons: Scourge and Knell

    The scourge Does not do what it says as a weapon its status weapon but does regular white damage and it Says its a charge weapon but fires auto when you hold the Left mouse button. Does no where near the damage it says it does with mods. Will update with more when I forma it.