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  1. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Atlas the titan of warframes!

    Giving his rumblers ANYTHING other then theyr sheer nonexistant tankiness would help honestly... so eather scaling damage (together with landslide) or pertifying it gotta be. I personally don't really care about anything else but one up from me for that.
  2. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Frost is useless. I am done with him.

    Nope. I like his globe for the sheer Cc of it. Who needs a wall when you can have a slow-field that stacks with cold proccs? It doesn't prevent enemies from entering like limbo or Vauban do and its Cc is lore reliable then anything wukong or inaros could do... the only issue i got with him is that his ward is comedically low. He'd be perfect if they'd change it for a armor buff.
  3. (PS4)CoolD2108

    I still miss sniper gas saryn

    Nah that was another meta entirely. The lazy a** quantity over quality kind really since toxic didn't really work on molt. Shooting at it did nothing but literally popping them so you had unamplified spores. Gas sniper saryn abused the toxic scaling of the spores what, even if only for a small percentage, spread the damage of a headshot amplified sniper over all enemies.. you had high level aoe off the bat with no wind up attached. You sure had to shoot at enemies but it was pretty much a shortcut to what it is now, thus pretty much broken.
  4. (PS4)CoolD2108

    idea about Nullifiers for Limbo and Frost bubbles

    Nah fam. Bubbles are the only aerial abilities in the game that loose theyr entire functionality when coming into contact with those guys.. that nova casts her molecular prime on them doesn't dispell all affected enemies, nor does it revive fallen enemies when damaging abilities catch them. They might as well "ignore them" alltogether when they're within theyr range just the way it's with every other ability and it wouldn't be O.P.... i dare say that making them shrink is probably still not enough given how big of a disadvantage those have to begin with.
  5. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Why not do this for Ash

    Yeah, clunky. Don't get me wrong, he is smooth af and while Bladestorm could target more enemies at once (if it's only like 3, optional to that multimark mechanic it has now...it could even get a small reticicle to make it easier for us console folks) but bottom line, it gets the job done... no matter if you swipe past groups, mark them as you pass or aim at them from a distance. Teleport is a different story though. It's the only ability in his kit that forces you to aim at enemies, that breaks the flow if you wanna get closer to anything past close/mid range... or is there anyone among us who never had to spam the button just to get somewhere? Might as well be something that doesn't break his flow... i mean straight up no-aim teleports are one thing but what if we go a step further? Make it end in a smoke screen that opens to finishers? Make you auto-finish/bladestorm all enemies in range using his clones with the augument equipped? (Would make more sense for its synergy with bladestorm too). That's much requested for smokebomb and Bladestorm and may just find its place on teleport.
  6. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Why not do this for Ash

    Debatable. To kill a target you have to reach it first, that's why many assassins in all kinda games have some kinda dimensional move... ryu from tenchu or corvo from dishonored would be good examples for that. It wouldn't go against his theme in any way and just what is it you would trivialize? Those spy mission you can essencially speedrun with a volt after a while?... Not trivializing allready trivial content sure sounds like a good reason to keep an assassin in a state where he feels clunky.
  7. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Ember: Complete Assembly of Fundamental Designflaws

    Must also be the reason they're argumenting how flawless she has been in higher levels simply because of her range, what's obviously a lie. People hardly make or comment these threads to make her better fit for higher levels when asking for WoF to be reverted, what this allways boils down to. Op himself made it to complain about fire status, what basicly belongs somewhere else since it's more of an issue with damage 2.0. I would prefer her alpha ultimate as well, that fire clad ability that had no range whatsoever but a damage reduction and contact damage instead.. but is that what this is about? What any of these threads are?
  8. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Please reduce the affect radius of Volt's speed ability

    For real though... main issue people may have with that ability is that a volt has to frickin SPAM it to get anything at all. It would probably be a little better recieved when people wouldn't have to backflip every 6 seconds.
  9. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Revisiting and Fixing Content!

    And i mean that's only where she's the most efficient at.. navigator with a vectis is Chroma on steroids and ever tried guiding a glaive or better Zenistar disc? Stealth multipliers meet mobility, meet strong buff multipliers, meet the range and hitrate of the disc. That thing is close to beein a cheat. Many frames have more to them then what meets the eye. All of them are made of the collective of theyr kit. Yeah though. Except wukong.
  10. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Mesa's Peacemaker should be able to target nullifiers...

    Haven't been ultra active for the last year of so eather, been skipping a bunch of frames durung that time and i mean you DO compare passive gameplay with spinning on a ultra specific build here. You could literally do the same with any automatic rifle or beam weapon...doesn't mean they're not weapons you aim with does it.
  11. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Fed up with Sayrn being so stupid OP

    They could probably push it into a mmorpg type direction by defining "roles" and providing not only propper tools (including aggro and propper singletarget damage, rather then just abilities that do less damage for less energy) but also a propper enemy split to use them on (means mini boss kinda enemies that make a certain percentage and carry them hoards... commanders if you will that require tanking and big numbers to beat) or they could just flatten everything out..slowly, leaving waay too much room for new metas to form when others die out, the way they've did until now. I'd prefer option 1 since propper balancing this would make ALL frames viable and necessary for runs, no matter if you prefer tanks, supporters, aoe or singletarget frames but i honestly doubt that they'll make such a overhaul. Ever.
  12. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Fed up with Sayrn being so stupid OP

    Doesn't mean that there's no need for balance. What this is at this point is a "choose your hero" type of game what can't have overpowered frames or content that allows nothing but a selected few eather cause it goes against the core idea and literally punishes everyone that sticks to it. But what can you say... this game has tanks but no way to tank aside from nieche mods with a comedic range, singletarget DD's and abilities but no real singletargets or a defined damage advantage over AOE... this game has become a mess so as much as metas that make everything else redundant are to be expected i guess.
  13. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Mesa's Peacemaker should be able to target nullifiers...

    Didn't have the luxury to enjoy the original did you? It had a static range and 3 dimensional auto aiming when it released. You didn't have to build for, reset or interact with it before.... combined with mags greedy pull, you could literally glue your button down and go for lunch. Even this much IS aiming compared to what it's been.
  14. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Mesa's Peacemaker should be able to target nullifiers...

    How about a shrinking reticicle and the need to actually aim instead of her beeing a 360° aimbot? We could also make her stationary and allow her to move really slowly only when using a modslot on a augument.. Jokes aside, we may as well consider this a unfair disadvantage compared to any other exalted weapon user...those bubbles don't disperse excals waves, nor do they ignore wukongs staff or valkyrs claws... why exactly should mesa be the exceptation to the rule? Letting abilities aim at them and bounce off on theyr barriers is, if anything, a QoL improovment to those overpowered litte sh**s. They can and will randomly oneshot you from across the map eather way... that much would at least even the odds.
  15. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Streamline gives 15% not 30% when maxed

    Or have it maxed and just roll with 160% and the extra mod slot... streamline in combination with eather "Rage" or "Hunter Adrenaline" is also a quite viable setup for frames that can and will take a hit or two.