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  1. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Revisiting the True Ninja: Ash

    I doubt that he'd even need tweaks... sure there's slash proccs and armor drain on shurikens but there's also its auto aim feature that even goes trough walls. He's plenty usefull as killer... Done a kuva survival not too long ago only using shurikens, came out first with ease. That's how it looked like. Did restrain myself from using anything else to fill a quota someone set...in the prior run i also used melee and BS'ed anything in midrange... due to shurikens static 60m range i later slapped narrow mindet onto him, totalling ~150% duration on max efficiency for propper armor drain, 12s SS, 60m killing and supporting shurikens and 20m bladestorm oneshots... Planning to make at least 2 umbra mods work on him once excal hits consoles for more duration or range and better health... He's a frame that's among the most effective choices in anything from low level to high level content, got the strongest type of defense working for him, good stats that allow power management and he's the only frame next to saryn that's able to depell armor in a good range. Isn't that usefull enough? Why would he need tweaks Or a rework?
  2. (PS4)CoolD2108

    WTB Zenistar riven

    Says even 80 right there.
  3. (PS4)CoolD2108

    WTB Zenistar riven

    Pretty sure the highest range can get is a little over 60%. Stats ain't completely random but defined by a rivens dispo and split.
  4. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Naramon sucks

    Meh, mostly if combined with sliding and they're gonna solve that one with range nerfs and los appearently. That aside, it's plenty balanced for it's low range and the risk you take by provoking the wonky aggro this game has to offer.... Can't quite balance low range melee to low-mid tier high range guns without breaking it entirely and there's Condition Overload even then so i don't exactly see them removing Blood rush and/or weeping wounds from combo's effect anymore. Not even Maiming Strike in all honesty.
  5. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Skiajati - Nikana varriant or its own Weapon?

    Good that you mention it...nikana/p got a dispo of 1, dragon nikana got a dispo of 5... Skiajati got 3 so i can safely assume that it's gonna have it's own riven.
  6. Sup guys! I was looking for a new melee weapon to main and kinda stumbled upon Excals new umbra weapon... the update didn't hit consoles quite yet tho it got me curious: Is the Skiajati it's own seperate weapon or is it a renamed Nikana?... means, does it work with a Nikana Riven or will i have to wait for the update to be looking for rivens?
  7. Selling a Zenistar Riven with Range, Channeling Efficiency and Combo duration. Looking for a decent ammount of plat and/or a Galatine Riven with good stats. I'll put a screen up after work.
  8. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Naramon sucks

    Talking about Blood rush. That one's the mods that profits from combo the most...It's the key to most "normal" melee strategys that center around combo. Them changing combo to only affect "heavy attacks" sounds drastic but it may as well only affect combos multiplier and leave everything else more or less unchanged for all we know, what would leave naramons effectiveness unchanged. Boost it even since crit multiplier ranks>combo multiplier imo.
  9. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Naramon sucks

    Same goes for Atlas and chance is that the acolythe mods will still be affected by it when they change melee....what would change nothing about its effectiveness.
  10. (PS4)CoolD2108

    How I feel about Ember, and My Concept Her a New 4

    You might wanna chill on editing the wiki to fit your agenda. Did run a test right now. Made sure i didn't crit in both trys so i made a few. This is the test i made with gas. Trigger damage was 768 noncrit, set gas for 83, ticked for 104. Trigger image: http://imgur.com/gallery/imb2Ro3 Then i removed the heat mods. Same weapon, no crit too. Trigger damage was 207, toxic 99, ticked for 82. Img http://imgur.com/gallery/4trXkFU The calculation should ignore resistances and the likes and only base off basedamage and toxic mods in both cases until it hits, beein toxic in both cases tho. I did get slight differences on the same enemys with the same modding but that aside they were pretty similar and i got even greater ticks then the gas cloud from the proccs, that should proove that gas does NOT set toxic for 25% but indeed more or less the same damage as the cloud does, basing off the weapon rather then the cloud. Edit: Back to the wiki? Edit 2: it is also worth mentioning that elements on physical weapons have a reduced chance to trigger status over physical ones...by buffing heat you sure don't buff the toxic part but up the odds to set gas.... so it's usefull in more then one way.
  11. (PS4)CoolD2108

    How I feel about Ember, and My Concept Her a New 4

    Wiki: The cloud deals immediate damage on proc equal to (Base Damage + Toxin Damage) ÷ 2, then does 9 ticks of damage over 8 seconds each equal to Toxin Damage. So nah. It calculates off the innitial damage as it should, not off the gas cloud. And i dare say if you're playing raw toxic wo status chance, even if you're fighting corpus then you're doing something wrong to begin with. It's a pretty great damage and efficiency loss having to strike multiple times when 1 hit would be enough otherwise. And if that's the case, if one's playing with a status chance then you're buffing even more hit efficient with gas what IS quite the upgrade to toxic.
  12. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Radial Blind vs Radial Howl (Spoilers i guess)

    Fixed it for you 👌
  13. Obstacles beein literally anything the maps offer so if you're not spamming it 24/7 then you're better off taking precautions by stunning them with blast. Try mags current greedy pull to get an impressive example of what LoS really means for the ability.... it's far from 99,9% success rate and 100% protection, what's the reason it makes sense for him to build for the little extra ehp. It's cool while diving into enemys, for the little extra damage due to the crit multiplier stealth is but it is no legit alternative for surviving.
  14. Except the LoS it has for a year now.
  15. ^^ i sure have to use the frame to know that it would work out for me just fine when it is a clone of excal with better basestats. What an convinient argument tho. Indeed before melee mods, irrelevant if you build your melee, what i do in the first place. Tho i could use power drift as well if i wanted to. 166+15=? And you're telling me reactivating it for a set ammount of energy while the frame does something is a downgrade to a ongoing drain while the frame does nothing? For me, it is literally nothing but a frickin stat boost. Seems to me like you'all are looking for reasons to hate him. I mean this spy thing is the best example. Who in his sane mind even use excal or...a excal that is indendet to act on his own for a spy mission and then complain that he does what he is intendet to do? Even if you do not build for the stats, he still got more base armor and energy and i think we all know what's behind him not spamming waves with the accurancy of an AI.. Gotta go with the chorus here..don't want a frame that acts on his own? Play base excal.