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  1. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    What totally matters since she's got accelerant too and since it hits like 3 times per second, what's plenty relyable in those 7m if you're actually playing the game instead of taking your ember for a walk somewhere along the lines of new yorks rush hour... As i've said, it's been reyalble enough for me to restrict her incoming damage to an ammount that's just right to leech energy off of it till a 150 level range. If that's too much for you in levels way below that then you're probably doing something wrong.
  2. Both, though overheated WoF is pretty relyable for damage untill you hit level 60-80... past that i use a crit/status hybrid plague keevar with heat.... CO boosting fire damage is just stupid strong on her.
  3. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Iron Skin needed Rework.

    As a regular Volt player, i have to disagree to this. You're getting thousands of ehp out of a single discharge that are able to regenerate while you're beein damaged...pair that with mechanics pretty much all shield using frames have (Trin - damage reduction that shares onto the whole squad and affect shields, Volt - Cc, Mag - bullet denial fields, Cc) and overshields become a massive source of survivability frames with drawbacks simply don't have access to. What's really unfair though is the fact that rhinos armor focused clone, Chroma, in terms of damage and defense does have access to all of those little extras. It's fine for different stuff to have different rules. It is not if similar things have to play by different rules. In his case, it is disadvantaged compared to two things, nezhas ward, which is literally the same thing on a different frame and chromas vex, that shares its results... why should rhino be the only one to bear this burden while everyone else gets a free pass?
  4. I'd assume it's somewhere along the lines of (Umbral) Vitality, (Umbral) Intensify, (Primed) Flow, QT, Steamline/Transient Fortitude, Primed Continiuty, Rage/Hunter, Stretch (gonna replace that one with the arb mod) That's at least the one i'm running and i've tackled levels higher then that allready. You won't have issues so long you have some kinda source of healing at hand until you hit a level range past 120-150 depending on whether you have arcanes or not.
  5. Those don't essencially matter if you're using them on frames that got a fast paced Cc... the important part is that you're able to interrupt further damage and a little extra range is preferable there over nieche mods like stagger.
  6. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    Which you totally need at all times with how she's able to spam all sorts of Cc, starting from accelerants stunlock to WoF's fire proccs... at that point you take just enough damage for rage/hunter to refill your energy on enemies that die allmost instantly... I'd say for a Cc focused damager/buffer she's tanky enough but i'll give arb a shot. Shouldn't be much of a challenge if they really stay in a level range where WoF usually still kills.
  7. (PS4)CoolD2108

    a fix for radial blinds unreliability

    I don't but i'm not cause i'm running a surging dash+huras setup that allows me to choose my blind locations very carefully and has me cloaked+invulnerable due to that... The state it is in is because it's really cheap and ultra potent Cc that's been meta for a very long time so changing it into something that basicly deletes its balancing act completely seems kinda pointless.
  8. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    1,5h is about level 150 with the enemy stream appropiate to the level range. Armored enemies. Is that what we're talking about here? Level 150 armored enemies? Cause you shouldn't really have much of an issue if that's it. Inaros got the health going for him, otherwise he's pretty medicore with no offense worth mentioning other then blinds and a armor pool of around 1k. You literally get those from arcanes so it's kinda hard to immagine that it's anything but simple user error. Wasn't that boring btw but pretty chill since wof oneshoted enemies till the 40 minute mark and accelerant raised it to an solid hour. Been playing on my phone till then. Try keeping kills up with inaros that way.
  9. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    Did 1,5h solo draco the other day with her, gotta have to stop cause my life strike started bugging out.... been busy with mhw recently but i'd immagine it's not even on that level since inaros isn't exactly the most heavy tank without his Cc so i really can't relate. Just gotta use her kit and build towards survivability, which in her case is pretty much a health+qt build... works splendit for me.
  10. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Iron Skin needed Rework.

    Doesn't nezha also have "90% damage migration" on his ward? Meaning that he can still gain energy from rage and arcane effects. For Rhino who's a armored frame to begin with this would do a lot. I'd love for Iron Skin to get Nezhas mechanics.
  11. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    Not only pure fire, also combinations...running mine with a plague zaw, what is there that could really withstand a 5 element CO boosted, amplified fire hit on halved health? Hell, a single element on a hybrid keewar+riven is literally the only setup that would allow life strike, what narrows it's users down to a hand full of buffers that gain anything additional from it at all, ember beein one of them.
  12. (PS4)CoolD2108

    A new build for my Gara

    The build is good enough as is. I'm running a similar one and never really had any issues with her so far, difference may be how i manage my life though.. With the damage from splinter storm, you absolutely have the free choice of weapons (except for melee obviously) since you can and will kill with splinter storm in close range so instead of rejuvination, why don't min/max yourself a Furis? It's augument is able to heal you pretty relyable. Replace it with Corrosive Projection to deal with armor since it's the only source that lowers your damage dealt. You could also get yourself a set or two of Arcane Guardian and switch Vitality and Intensify with theyr Umbra Counterparts to raise the bar a bit....that's like 1 extra forma for them to fit if you place Hunter Adrenaline into the intensify spot.
  13. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    Wasn't that volt? Ember literally released as a buffing tank with her ultimate beeing a fire clad kinda ability - a damage reduction that deals damage in close range. Only later when tower metas became a thing was she changed to boost sale numbers so no idea where that comes from. With her ultimate beein a single dot kinda Cc it's really close to its original concept, only that the focus moved from tanking to active Cc. Use accelerant, move in, move on. That's literally what she is and was on her release, though it wouldn't be bad for her to get her original ult back. As a melee main i could appreciate it.
  14. (PS4)CoolD2108

    MR weapon suggestions?

    Plague zaws (plage star should come to consoles pretty soon too) It's not essencially overlooked per se but definitly pretty easy to overlook. Only built mine recently too beeing a melee main and man, let me tell you... those melee weapons are close to beein broken.
  15. (PS4)CoolD2108

    Nidus zombie augment

    Make them latch onto surrounding enemies and drag them towards your hive. Doesn't have to be "only" minions. It might as well be a energy conserving alternative to his larva Cc.