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  1. If the sortie is full of missions I can finish quickly or if the missions are also needed for a Nightwave challenge then I'll do it. Otherwise I just don't care lol
  2. For anyone wondering like I was, the Bombast instruments are built in when you craft her so no worries there. Also the extra lights, the dance move at the end, and the music playing are only a part of the trailer.
  3. All those countless runs of Profit Taker paid off for me. Bought the entire stock in a minute lol.
  4. I agree that max speed kdrives have a crashing issue because even with the mod that reduces the chances of falling off, you'll still be smashed off more often than if you weren't using max speed to begin with. Things like going up a simple hill for a sweet jump turn into walls that send you flying but not how you intended. The cherry on top is that even if you could never fall off at all, archwing is still faster so this goes into the category of "What's the point?"
  5. The Kuva Nukor's ability to deal Magnetic, Radiation, Viral/Corrosive, and Heat/Cold all at the same time are what make it top tier. If enemies survive that then my CO melee will finish the job.
  6. For some reason the remove votes on railjack made me laugh. I'm sure DE put a lot of assets into that so I feel bad for them.
  7. This doesn't solve your problem but for me since the operator is sometimes needed in an instant or emergency I gave "ability 5" its own dedicated button.
  8. Rivens for new weapons suck and rivens for the best/popular weapons also suck. There are a few hidden gems that sneak through with high dispo and the best advice I can give is to hold that info close to your chest and enjoy them on the down low. As for fixing the RNG i'm pretty sure that's a hill DE is willing to die on.
  9. Honestly what are you waiting for when piling up your NW credits? I kept at least 35 in the hopes they would release the Xaku alt helm which they sadly didn't. If you actually needed Nitain you would have gotten it. Each Nightwave recently seems to drag on longer than the last so you have so many opportunities to get Nitain. I partially think you just wanted to flex your NW cred count but most people won't care and if you didn't spend it, you did all of those challenges for literally nothing.
  10. Just a quick FYI since grineer give the most XP they also give the most scan XP. Here's my advice for the most efficient farm assuming you've got the resources. 1) Infuse Equinox's Rest on your max range, max duration Loki. Loki is the fastest of the invisible frames so he benefits greatly from having a sleep ability. This works great for animal hunting too. 2) Play steel path Adaro, Sedna and scan everything that you put to Rest with Loki while staying invisible and stealth killing them. 3) You should be able to not only max out your Simaris rep in 1 game, you should also max o
  11. Nah I'm pretty sure the aoe hits you everywhere because I kill bonewidows with ease in guard mode while doing isolation vaults.
  12. Post up in a spot with Guard Mode and annihilate anyone that tries to come at you lol. They'd need to balance that.
  13. You somewhat answered it by listing the best two. The others should be able to do the task but not as well as the first two. Mausolon has the best dps and ammo economy while no other archgun has long punch through like the fluctus.
  14. This is gonna be a rare one but take all of the negative drawbacks off of the conclave mods and remove the forced melee debuff. If you bring a knife to a gunfight you deserve to be at a disadvantage. Remove amp staggers while keeping the self damage gone. Restore the old Condition Overload multipliers. Remove line of sight checks and let the people have their fun.
  15. I'm pretty sure i've farmed over 1 million polymer bundles through my extractors alone. Just put them on planets that have a resource you know you need more of but are too lazy to farm it yourself; in my case polymer bundles. My recommended extractors are Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Deimos.
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