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  1. How does 10k Pearl's sound? *This post was made by AFK gang*
  2. I probably haven't used him in literal years but Rhino Prime remains my most used frame. He was there when I cleared the star chart and got all my gear when I was just starting out. He even brought me to max rank in the conclave (6.9 kd with over 44k kills). For all of those reasons he remains special to me even if I don't use him as much.
  3. You know if your conclave rank is low then you get matched with other low ranks. The better people will mostly be at rank 5 so you might have an easier time than you think if you ever gave it a try.
  4. If it makes you feel any better the Bloodshed sigil is only good on frames that run a Quick Thinking build or Revenant. Other than being at low health all the time it's only visible in noncombat areas. Also Garuda has it built in with her passive so she never needed it.
  5. I've had great experiences with support. A few years ago I was going to forma my Ember Prime but decided on not picking a symbol even though there was already no symbol there. For some reason she got forma'd anyway with no change to my polarities. Support got my Ember back to rank 30 and restored my forma. Another time I accidentally transmuted one of my good rivens. I recorded the gameplay and took a screenshot of the stats. Told support what happened and provided the name of the riven along with all of its stats. They restored it for me.
  6. For some reason I thought that 1st line was gonna be about Harry Potter movies. Edit: I forgot the range on lures but if you backed away towards the end to get a better shot, then the lures would follow. They need to be in range during that final kill shot Ding. Any movement after that won't matter.
  7. If I'm running then speed volt. If I need to jump around undetected then Loki.
  8. I couldn't tell you but for anyone that needs a reason to rank up my 2 favorite perks of being max mastery are the higher free starting points when trying a new weapon or formaing one, and the higher daily cap on syndicate standing which means more relic packs and prime loot.
  9. Definitely gonna have to say Ember. She found some niche use during Plague Star with her Fireblast but even that got extinguished. Although that augment buff was huge for all frames involving their 1 augment buffing the team.
  10. That would make a great use of the captura scenes and possibly allow us to summon the larger enemies like eidolons for build testing.
  11. Overzealous nerf posts. Riven slot limits (unlikely but I can dream).
  12. This is all very informative as i'm too much of a coward to bring Limbo into arbitration.
  13. At this point I already have a double set of every arcane so unless it's with friends or clanmates I just run public.
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