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  1. Archwing until ready I pretty much soloed all of it in archwing until my railjack was beefed up enough to handle the veil.
  2. You just had to go and say "fashion". Well imagine your wish granted but the skins are for the frames you don't use. I'd rather they improve upon why those frames aren't used.
  3. Inaros' agile stance is pretty disabled.
  4. More players should mean more spawns. I know all about people trying to do well with squishies only to get caught by the inevitable slash or toxin proc but in your case you're the 1st person to leave which gives them the impression that you can't handle it. Unless you mean they're all dead but then wouldn't you at least try to pick them up?
  5. Was it too hard or something? At least they put the catalyst alert on Earth.
  6. The most likely cause is people joining veil pubs because they either lack a railjack of their own or the intrinsics level to host it so they piggyback off of others to gain progress. Not many people will attempt to solo the whole mission yet even though it's a great way to get a better understanding for the mission and how to survive. There's the chance that their archwing loadout sucks too so their safest option is to attack from within the railjack considering a crew ship would probably shred them before they could board or upon exiting it because they didn't kill the gunners.
  7. They could just have it as a boss fight where we defeat her. Just look at all the times we "killed" Alad V and he's still around.
  8. That's one of the reasons i'm grateful for Amalgam Serration but yeah, more speed is good.
  9. I was surprised it didn't work that way and started crafting at the end of missions.
  10. In this topic we have a well thought out explanation on how damage works against other warframes when compared to the base game with no ill will behind it and yet we have people feeling the need to express how much conclave rustles their jimmies. Conclave is technically the most skill based mode in the game because you are up against an enemy that can evolve and be better than the AI.If you hate it or just aren't good at it that's fine, no need to wish for the complete removal of the mode however. This topic was designed for the people who are new to it or just aren't good at it and want to be better. I can support that even if I no longer play conclave.
  11. Speaking of the Pearl, anyone notice a weird gravity effect around it? I believe the space under it sucks you in with more pull than normal gravity.
  12. It takes an experienced player that cares about this game to make such a topic. Just wanted to say that.
  13. Over 4,500 hours in Warframe. Second most was over 1,000 in either Battlefield 3 or 4. Probably both lol.
  14. For the uninformed, please realize that having 9/9/9/9 intrinsics is literally HALF way to max intrinsics. Let that sink in when your running missions normally for about 10 intrinsics.
  15. You see there's a conflict here between speed and max gains. If you're farming for that 100 Vidar mkIII reactor then you would want to finish the mission as fast as possible which means blitzing the objectives and enemies. If you want max intrinsics gain then you want to maximize affinity gain which means stealthing every ground enemy you can. This however multiplies the mission time considerably. You can also just kill everything and complete the mission in average time too. Any one of these 3 choices works but it depends on what you want.
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