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  1. Week 4 haven't seen him yet and not for a lack of trying. I'm expecting to reach week 10 so I can laugh/cry at how horrible his spawns are. Just seeing him once is not enough. How the hell are you going to get the hammer without buying it?
  2. Knocked out the Profit Taker in the first few minutes of logging in. I was planning on making a new zaw for Profit Taker anyway so this motivated me to do it. Spent the 3 exterminations leveling my new zaw and formaing it. It needs some more forma so I'll probably level it in the spy or rescue. Caught 6 Murkray in a few minutes. The rest of the triple missions should be easy. The 1500 kills will happen while doing all the others. I just need to wait for a capture fissure to knock out those 10 relics. Pretty easy week. Still no wolf sighting though.
  3. It's week 4 and I've never seen him yet. My lucky friend has fought him 4 times and he was nice enough to sell me 2 of the parts that he got for cheap. If the spawn rate is going to be this random and he supposedly is gone after week 10, then this will be a mess. Wouldn't be a problem if he was a permanent enemy like Stalker. If he's going to be limited time then there needs to be a drastic spawn chance increase otherwise most people will never see him let alone complete that hammer. We're almost halfway done damnit!
  4. I believe that one in the water actually has legs but they stuffed them underground so that it would fit. I got a good view underwater with Ivara's Navigator and sometimes one of the legs will clip up through the ground.
  5. In orb vallis the bounties scale to the player count so if you're carrying them, try going solo and watch how easy it becomes.
  6. I really liked conclave right around its 2.0 rework where the damage was normalized and we used conclave only mods instead of the PVE ones like Serration. After a while they gave each of the mods a negative drawback and then cut the ammo on all guns all while buffing melee only gameplay with that forced debuff upon getting hit. At that point it was no longer fun and I stopped playing it. I'd like to see the restrictions on the ammo and mods be lifted but keep the forced melee debuff so those types of players have a chance. Remove the stat tracking so people on the losing side don't feel bad. Also bring back the stamina bar for conclave only. It serves as a great balancer, allows for more mods centered around it, and keeps conclave from devolving into a game of Tenno pinball.
  7. Obtain the Bloodshed sigil from Profit Taker. Doesn't count if you already have it.
  8. Hasn't the first orb fight been available for months now. Did you just refuse to play it at all? The fight itself is much faster and easier than the Eidolons in pub groups. It gives you a decent chunk of credits and it's drops give rep towards both Vox Solaris and Solaris United.
  9. If you can't play due some serious injury, super busy time in your life, or some other extraordinary reason then you have my sympathy. Luckily for you, you don't need to complete every challenge. Excluding the newbies and the people mentioned above, if you can't find a single hour to play out of a whole 7 days, then you clearly have more important things to take care of and shouldn't be worried with some game. Then we have the people that deep down are just bad and use "tedious" as their excuse when they never go past 5 waves. These people rejoice when DE validates them by calling certain content "bite sized". They are the ones getting carried in your Public games but they're too ignorant to realize that. They'll pay their way through everything without ever learning to play. They want it all but refuse to play for it or even try.
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