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  1. It's definitely the overkill damage. Also in certain missions like eidolons the host's damage registers first so they have an innate advantage when simultaneously shooting limbs.
  2. I always found Loki as fascinating tactical Warframe that dealt no real ability damage. I find Ash's teleport more convenient than Loki's however Switch Teleport has a nice combination with Decoy which properly represents him as a trickster. If anything is to be changed it would be enhancing what he already has like allowing for multiple Decoys, making Switch Teleport an aoe and/or giving it a non target activation similar to Itzal's Blink.
  3. I don't really get annoyed but to agree with fissures I wish all of the Void tileset was fissure missions 24/7. That would be great.
  4. I found the raids fun and they gave you something to do. They were the closest thing to endgame and a possible content drought deterrent. It's really easy to get one going if you actually have an active clan or dare I say friends. The sheer amount of frame and aura combinations allowed for some wacky fun. If you never got to enjoy that then I feel for you but don't just veto the mode because of your bad experience. I can see reworked raids as the Tennocon reveal but if not oh well.
  5. While it's true that this can happen it's definitely not the norm. The higher a person's MR the more experienced they generally are and they usually have the mods to back it up. I'm not sure what tile you were on but if it was corpus then we did get a whole bunch of reworked spy rooms with a few tweaks that the community hasn't gotten used to yet. You can't tell me that a player who earned regular Ivara doesn't know how to play Spy.
  6. We need more MR locks. Then people can stop saying it's useless.
  7. One flaw in the riven system that I don't like is basing the nerfs and buffs too heavily on usage statistics . When the Sentient Ship in RJ was out, Paracesis usage jumped up purely for that content. It's dispo shouldn't be nerfed for that. Xoris is encouraged by the game when farming for Protea. It got it's "unintended" interaction nerfed and the dispo stayed at .5 Crappy weapons with high dispo are used as stat sticks BECAUSE of their high dispo. The weapon doesn't stop being crappy when you lower the dispo. If you want a heavy blade zaw then you need to use Dohkram. If you want a nikana zaw then you need to use Sepfhan. These got nerfed purely because they are the only choice for their weapon class.
  8. Protea has an interesting combo interaction while using her 4 but it basically boils down to spamming as much as you can in the time it gives you. It's ok but starts to feel "meh" after a while.
  9. You can easily solo afk even after the changes. The event is good fun but trying to get every reward last year was rough. The event is good for a few rounds but turning it into a slog of a grind hurts it. I'm done but I hope the 30% is enough.
  10. All of the aim glide mods, pax soar and tractor beam on your Moa while using Zephyr. You can stay floating for quite a while.
  11. Some weapons can't be saved even with max disposition. They try to make a big deal about all the weapons that get buffed but for the most part it's just a big list of nothing. Weapons starting at .5 dispo is good to avoid another Bramma situation but it also makes some weapons dead on arrival because at least with the 1.0 dispo you could have some fun with it for a while. I definitely had fun with the Stahlta. Can only imagine how fun it would be with a good riven. I've shelved it for now in the hopes that it get's a higher dispo in the future.
  12. Having all of my stuff essentially start at rank 30 is a good enough incentive. What I would like to see however is for the ranks to go beyond 30 however the title can remain the same. Allowing the MR to go over 30 would give all of our builds extra points and open a few builds to new possibilities.
  13. Definitely had this happen on a long run of kuva survival and the common occurrence was eximus enemies sometimes with the ice eximus having an invisible bubble. By attacking the enemies with our weapons the damage from our abilities would be applied again.
  14. It's basic human nature to want more rewards for a harder task.
  15. I am confirming that this is because of the rebind you did as I did the same on PS4. It affects both hunting and fishing where it essentially wants you to have a button bound to the "ability menu". I found a way around it with 3rd party controller addons with paddles but not everyone does that.
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