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  1. This is gonna be a rare one but take all of the negative drawbacks off of the conclave mods and remove the forced melee debuff. If you bring a knife to a gunfight you deserve to be at a disadvantage. Remove amp staggers while keeping the self damage gone. Restore the old Condition Overload multipliers. Remove line of sight checks and let the people have their fun.
  2. I'm pretty sure i've farmed over 1 million polymer bundles through my extractors alone. Just put them on planets that have a resource you know you need more of but are too lazy to farm it yourself; in my case polymer bundles. My recommended extractors are Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Deimos.
  3. You are clearly not worthy then. JK Mesa should work fine since she's what I beat it with. Try swapping out her first ability with something like Xaku's 1. It greatly enhances her peacemakers. The arbitration drones are snuck in here and they are probably protecting the bosses so you can't kill those with Mesa's 4. Use a weapon with decent radiation damage to kill the drones and then you can go back to Peacemaking. There's a bunch of other ways to do it though. This was my run if you care to see what I did:
  4. Anyone that got to MR 30 as soon as it was available knows it's not all about hydron. You couldn't hydron your way through railjack, archwing, necramechs, star chart, and steel path. The blessings are a nice bonus and i'm grateful we got anything at all so I don't really complain about them. With that said, I hope they build upon them over time and hopefully add the resource booster which was conveniently left out for probably being the best booster. As it stands I don't even use my Blessing unless i'm trying to focus on something.
  5. I grinded the heck out of Deimos and maxed out all standing after buying everything including multiple copies and this was when the grind was worse than it is now. I gave up on necramech streamline though. Ever since the Halloween event I believe they buffed the bounty token gains. But by then I was already done. I found great success with Mirage and a Tombfinger. The damage is enough to handle the Juggulus in the steel path bounty. Having a mausolon and necramech for the really heavy targets helps too. For the purifier bounty use Amesha. Put your bubble on the central objective
  6. Having to stand and wait for enemies to get converted is anti-gameplay. It's really bad on game modes that would have you spread apart like Disruption and Interception and it's the 1 feature that makes the old void keys better than relics.
  7. I assumed it was to not obstruct your vision although the starting effect could be a little bigger.
  8. Equating "trying" with purposely slowing down your gameplay is not right. It's the opposite where we have to try less. The reactant drops serve as nothing but a time waster and anti afk tool. Speed up the rate that enemies get covered in void energy, make them drop more reactant and people will be less annoyed. Note that the old void didn't have this problem.
  9. As much as some don't want to admit it, MR is a general skill and knowledge indicator. Sure there are outliers on the high and low ends but that's just what they are, outliers. On average, the higher your MR, the better you are. If you purposely keep your MR low then that's false representation of low MRs. Likewise if you just keep raising your MR to make people think you're good without actually playing the game then you are falsely representing high MRs.
  10. With the addition of his flimsy drone's health bar the ending can be inconsistent where no enemies are attacking it or everyone is sniping it from every direction. The best solution I found was to encase it in Amesha's bubble and just recast it if the drone gets out of range.
  11. Ready and waiting although I didn't realize the practice test was already up. That thing should be it's own game mode.
  12. Conclave 2.0 was actually good when the mods were more powerful and you used your guns in combination with your melee but if you chose to go melee only you had to get good. It went to S#&$ when melee got buffed to have forced stuns and slow downs. Now you have things like the Telos Boltace running rampant.
  13. Bought everything from Daughter on day 1. If there was forma I'd have a reason to keep farming it but I'm fine with this.
  14. While farming the vaults for necramech mods with Nekros I decided that the best counter to their reflect shield is the Rolling Guard mod. Just roll and blast away for the 3 or so seconds you are invincible. Any frame can do it.
  15. I missed the Khora systems stream so that's the last thing I need. I kept all the rebuilt frames at their default colors so the garden is diverse. I'm dreading the warframe revised part 4 ability interaction nerfs though. Since when was synergy a bad thing?
  16. Returning player...MR 5...I don't think you have the resources to afford what Baro is selling. He'll be back in 2 weeks and you'll be ready. Edit: Assuming you do have the ducats. There's no rush.
  17. The rewards are decent and it goes beyond 30 which is fine with me. Inb4 some whines about the 3 umbra forma.
  18. Hopefully you get it back. This is the reason they didn't let it eat prime frames.
  19. When the NW part 5 sword and Nezha prime access come out we'll have MR30 which is probably delaying them.
  20. Disruption is among the most difficult missions for newer or under geared players. On the flip side it's super fun once you understand it and have the gear. Quick cc and burst dps are king here. You can turn down the sound in settings to just hear sound effects if you want to find the objective enemies faster.
  21. On the weekend that Baro brought the mod drop chance booster I farmed isolation vaults for the most of it and the only gold mod I got was necramech intensify. At this point I've given up on farming streamline because it's a waste of time and my necramech is strong enough on the steel path bounty.
  22. Viver is probably the most well known however the worst backlash I believe was when they wanted to nerf vacuum range in exchange for giving vacuum to all sentinels which resulted in actual death threats. I'm not saying the reaction was appropriate but that's what it took to veto that awful decision.
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