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  1. because you would have 2 ways in getting it and not just one. you could get lucky and alert would drop what youve been saving for OR if you dont get lucky via alert at least you know you can get it through the nightwave. having multiple ways of getting an item is never a bad thing.
  2. for everyone saying "go play something else till updates drop" uhhh you realize in SIX MONTHS THATS THE HOLIDAY SEASON!! which means most, if not all, of the triple A games come to play and is the WORST time for a game like this to go: "heeeeeey remember.... uh remember that update we talked about waaaaay back lol ye...yeah its out soooo if you wanna take a break from that other game...?" usually not the best time. thats like some B-C ranked movie trying to compete in the same opening week with Avengers. the worst thing you can do for your game is tell your community "hey its done when it done, come back later." which is normally followed with "why cant i find people to play with on this game?"
  3. it shouldve been this way to begin with.
  4. they check both. they have stated finding things on reddit is a bit easier.
  5. an admin will do it. you can DM one or just wait it out lol.
  6. tbh... why isnt ran through their app on a phone/tablet like nearly everyone else?
  7. the reservoir has 2 drawbacks 1. ITS STATIONARY!! 2. range there is also a third which is they differ the amount in the buffs with every wisp frame. so on one wisp player you can get a good amount while another you would get crap. this also goes into duration as well since some could last for up to minute while others are around 30 secs. also to note wisp doesnt take anyones spot as she is way more of a major helper. hell she UPSETS the meta for hunts which is awesome. i really never get it with people like the OP. DE gives us an awesome frame with great utility and damage and then suddenly that frame is the destroyer of everything and must be nerfed? how about wait a couple weeks and see how things play out before tyring to reach for the nerf bat eh?
  8. ...so why no just have both? i dont see how its hard at having random alerts AND a nora based syndicate that gives what she gives now. this way you have multiple ways of getting thing you want and please pretty much everyone.
  9. so just tried to buy the digital ticket and i keep getting an error. is something going on atm?
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