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  1. @[DE]Rebecca question for Tennocon, why aren’t the Tenno allowed to be ninjas anymore? Follow up question: is it safe to assume any popular loadout asset trending among YouTubers would be next up for rebalancing? Finally: When is it safe for us to start spending forma again without fear of that investment being thrown out with the bathwater? Thanks, I hate it.
  2. At this point I would use melee just to spite them and forgo campions entirely. Never know what’s next on the hit list.
  3. So did Helios, until now. Nothing is safe. Your forma is wasted and your time is meaningless.
  4. Too late. It’s happening and we are all in this together. Miserable.
  5. Oh, sounds like someone knows how to get 20 vitus essence without playing a tedious game mode! Go on, tell us your strat.
  6. I got three whole vitus essence for 17 minutes of survival and about a dozen vitus drones killed that dropped zero. I could’ve gone for 20 minutes but... I wanted to do something fun instead. But hey, they buffed a 3 percent drop to a 6 percent drop. how... charitable.
  7. Because those players won’t have “on kill mods” of their own they need to maintain, right?
  8. Yeah it’s like people don’t want to come home from a full time job to clock into a part time job. hard pass on that mentality. Who need work when you can do a bunch of unpleasant game modes so that you can unlock those buffs we were promised to counterbalance those melee nerfs we received day one. How can anyone not be excited by that prospect? They’ve already nerfed an arcane before it even launched! Why isn’t anyone excited yet????
  9. Somehow insulting others doesn’t engender me toward your way of thinking and by proxy, makes me resent the nerfs even more. Was that your intent? If it is then it’s working. If it isn’t then maybe you should apply to be a Dev XD
  10. Okay hear me out... Since this all began allegedly because the devs did not like people being unable to appreciate the animations of heavy swords... why not just cap the influence of speed that mods have on THOSE weapons? like pick a point where the animator designates “okay, about that speed is what I am going to tolerate our players increasing the swing speed to. Anything beyond that speed and they won’t be able to realize how cool this weapon is. In fact, give them the option to go directly into captura during each swing because boy we need these animations to be appreciated!” and then BAM- there’s the ceiling. Everyone will applaud the animations for the heavy swords. All will be well. no melee nerfs needed gun “buffs” can just be the mods locks behind whatever Monopoly money you want them to be locked behind. beserker doesn’t need to be obsolete- And heavy swords will gather dust as not to invite this rebalancing hell upon us ever again.
  11. But YouTube whiners are what prompted them to upend an entire system in the first place. Stands to reason the majority of people who weren’t complaining would be entitled to be a little mad that the “buffs” we are getting are not only being locked behind farming walls, but also nerfed in real time thus discouraging any confidence that the farm will be worth it at all. I am not excited about having to play Arbitrations, a tedious game mode with unrewarding drop chances in endless missions that make me drowsy to sit through. I don’t want melee nerfs forced upon me because a YouTuber who resents having to make Warframe content for a living decided to embarrass the devs. And I don’t want to invest in arcanes that will just be “rebalanced” a month after I spent several hours maxing them out and purchasing the unlocks for each of my weapons. Not to mention, you think the community is toxic now? And they nerfed the KESTRAL? this update sounds worse and worse the more it is discussed. The youtubers seem to have all the answers. DE Listens to them consistently.
  12. It’s Warframe. The whole game is a cakewalk. Gee it’s almost like changing the entire game to accommodate the complaints of a single group of people is foolish- OH WAIT- Quiette shy’s video is why we are all here to begin with XD. it’s too late to tell people to play solo. This is the update we are getting and it is going to be painful for all of us. Because that’s fair?
  13. This. In fact: Play test proof of concept with all squad mates equipped with galvanized mods on an Assassination- Sargus Ruk perhaps. I want to see the devs realize how much of a cluster it’s going to be when everyone is jocking to get a last hit to maintain their kill streak only for that window to fall short when the boss doesn’t have their invulnerability state active. These buffs are so poorly conceived for actual play.
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