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  1. You can make yer mouse scroll through abilities and you can bind a key to activate the current selected ability. You can also turn on the ability bubbles to display the current active ability under yer reticle. If you have a mouse with mouse 4 and 5 you could bind yer mouse 4 or 5 to activate the current selected ability to make it easier.
  2. I can't capture footage, cause it seems to completely disappear when I open obs (weird), but when yer in a menu the DOF freaks out. When you move yer mouse the effect goes away but when yer mouse is completely still it blurs everything excluding the UI. Sometimes the particles or something gets corrupted for the open world area's and it turns into huge black squares that end up covering most of the screen with some super crunchy looking jpeg artifacting outlining them somethings. Restarting the game fixes it but that's the only way to get it to go away. Both of these definitely don't hap
  3. I would love for that to be a feature but I figure they don't for security reasons since our email is saved in a plan txt format.
  4. It's not just on controller. If you use scroll-wheel to cycle through abilities before casting it will disable the shroud as well. You have to press the number of the ability you want to use instead of scrolling to it.
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