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  1. This is Not Entirely True Marcus. The following bullet shooting rifles can not use the skin. The Rubico The Vectis The Snipetron However, some non bullet weapons like the Hema and the Chakkhurr can use the skin. There appears to be no rhyme or reason for what weapons can and can't use it. Maybe list what weapons skins can be used on somewhere in the UI when you hover over skins. Maybe in a separate {TAB}page on the weapon. So people are fully aware and can check if they want to buy a skin.
  2. It should be able to be equipped on everything that uses "RIFLE" Mods. People should be able to choose if they want to have silly combos like a rubico prime water soaker. Or an Opticor soaker that is shoots highly pressurized water streams.
  3. Bug Out Ride Jugger-Not Kill It WIth Fire All the challenges that got added with Deimos don't work. They've said multiple times they were aware of the issue and had a fix in the next patch, but with every new update they still have not been fixed. It's very annoying for us completionists out here.
  4. It still shoots the same projectiles as the weapon it's put on, the only thing it adds is little splashes of water coming from the barrel. I set my energy color of both slots to black.
  5. See the Title. The Secondary Energy Color doesn't do anything whereas the first color changes both the color of the 'water' and the glass tube at the same time.
  6. Not only the ignis, but all the weapons that are classified as "RIFLES". And not just the few seemingly hand picked rifles.
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