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  1. Any chance ya'll are gonna fix the new challenges/achievements you added with deimos. They just plain don't work, nothing you do will progress them.
  2. After leveling this scrap heap of a frame here's some changes I've thought of. Remove the animation locks or speed up the casting animations. (Getting locked in place for several seconds usually doesn't end well even with the Dodge chance Xaku can get) Increase the range of the grasped weapons and increase how fast they lock onto enemies. (By the time you get close enough to an enemy for it shoot them they're usually already dead) Give Accused enemies some sort of damage buff against their allies or something. Currently they're just pathetic thralls. Let us hold down ac
  3. I completely agree with this, the names are very confusing. Accuse: What I expected: I guess I expected it to be like accusing an enemy of being a traitor so other attack them. What the ability is: Basically a Worse version of Enthrall or Chaos. Enemies turn on their allies. That's it, afaik they don't get any attack boosts or anything. I guess the name makes a little bit of sense if you think about it for a long while. Gaze: What I expected: Maybe some sort of ability involving a laser or something... What the ability is: An enemy is locked in place/stunned, made invul
  4. Yeah this just happened to me too, I had to alt-f4 to fix it... At first I was just stuck with the ui, then I linked it in chat saying it broke me, then to test it I clicked on the link and I got perma stuck in the "loading item" ui.
  5. They listen, they just completely misunderstand the issue people are talking about and go about it in a very janky and backwards "This is what you wanted right?" way.
  6. Cool, now just give enemy necramech's a minimum cooldown duration for picking up their arms and activating their shroud. Oh and give them some kind of wind up or warning their shroud is activating. Trying to shoot their arms off with a strong gun only for them to activate their shield a second before you pull the trigger resulting in them have absurd amounts of shield health is a stupid and idiot mechanic.
  7. It wasn't until the last minute of the fight that I realized my catchmoon could damage their shield without it reflecting back at me. But still this stuff sucks. I'm by no means a terrible player. I've been playing warframe for 6 years and would consider myself to be quite good. But these guys suck so much. Also potato quality cause I forgot to switch my OBS profile to my hd recording instead of the low quality profile I use for uploading clips to discord. Also also, I don't play as rhino, I just popped him on cause I thought "Hey maybe iron skin will at least let me have a more relaxe
  8. I'm having the problem where everything past slot 19 is getting removed for me.
  9. I've got the same issue here. The game will clear out everything past slot 19. I'll re-equip everything and I'll go into a mission and everything at 20+ will be cleared out.
  10. Any fix for releasing pets for son tokens not giving any tokens at all? I lost 15 son tokens cause of this bug. Spent 10 tokens on guilding then lost 15 tokens when I released the pet but never got the tokens.
  11. You can break the shroud by shooting their backs. Problem being nothing conveys that information at all. No glow or anything. In addition to that the mechs have such a lock on you that it's incredibly hard to get behind them long enough to actually shoot their back to break the shroud.
  12. I threw down some shrapnel grenades and when I was fishing I accidentally threw my spear into a shrapnel cloud then it disappeared as I was reeling in the spear which then locked me in position only able to turn and aim. My arm was also jittering and I couldn't do anything. I waited for some random enemies to come along and kill me to get out of this broken state, which took around 10 minutes cause my kavat kept distracting the enemies and boosting my shields back to full.
  13. Zeh Bugfix! It Daz Nah-zing! (Simpsons reference)
  14. I wish it was because the worms switched, cause then it probably wouldn't have been a bug, but they didn't switch. It was Fass the whole time I was in the session. It was Fass when I started the first vault and it was Fass when I left the 2nd vault to get the bounty for the 3rd. I recorded the whole session to try to capture the same vault bug. Unless they switched twice within 30 minutes that's not what happened. Maybe I just got a really rare bug...
  15. I hate to tell you this, but this ain't new, it's been a bug since the deimos release. They tried to "fix" it but that didn't do jack. I do agree completely with both of yer points as well.
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