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  1. In one of the dev streams someone asked and they said they knew about. Haven't heard anything else since. I personally think they're either busy working on other stuff and just haven't got around to fixing it or, and put on yer tinfoil hats for this one, they are ignoring it in hopes that people will just forget about it so they don't have to fix it because they just don't want people to use it for farming.
  2. Farm some prime junk then use https://warframe.market/ to sell it. It's pretty easy to scrape together the 20 plat it costs to buy potatos.
  3. The Vidar house and the Apoc series don't have any changes according to the patch notes, only the Pulsar series, Photo series, Cryophon series and Zetki House are changed, so yes I believe it is correct.
  4. The fps drops during loading screens is fairly normal, the system is loading everything in at once behind the loading screen so it temporarily tanks the fps. It does it for me too, my 75fps will drop to 20-30 then it'll go right back up to 75 once done loading. So that's not really anything to worry about. As for the not-responding thing I imagine it's just asking more than yer system is really comfortable with so it hangs fora couple seconds as everything is loading. It's probably just windows thinking that it's not responding because it's having a hard time loading everything.
  5. How did you even manage to get through the chains of harrow quest?! And yet seeing yer operator standing around going "hey whats up" suddenly is scary? I don't get it.
  6. I hate to say this but I don't think ram usage is the problem here. I think its yer Intel integrated graphics causing the problem. That gpu is incredibly toaster and even if playing at the lowest settings doesn't help I don't think there is much hope for yer laptop there. The orbiter is a small area so it makes sense that you get 60fps there. The Plains and the Orb on the other hand are just huge maps with a lot of stuff to render so yer really cooking that gpu. Here are a couple screenshots to show just how big the maps are (I put One way-point in one corner of the map then traveled to the other corner. You can also see my fps meter is on.) Yer gpu probably can't/doesn't support dx11 so switching to it makes you lag. Integrated GPUS share the ram that the system uses, so if you don't have a video card with it's own dedicated ram it will use the ram that the system is also using. So you'd notice a higher ram usage than if the video card had it own ram to render with.* *(I could be wrong here, this is just an assumption.) There's not much that can be done to fix that, sorry. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and they can make it so yer toaster gpu could play better (Press X to Doubt). Here I chose to compare an old nvidia GPU against yer Integrated GPU to give you an idea how bad it is. https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-750-vs-Intel-UHD-Graphics-620-Mobile-Kaby-Lake-R/3162vsm320744 I assume you have a laptop because the udh 620 is a laptop gpu so if you are using a desktop apologies. But if you are using a desktop you can probably get a gpu. if it is a laptop then rip, probably time to look into getting an upgrade. Also since yer game is installed on a HDD and isn't using an SSD the loading times are going to be much longer. It also depends on how fast yer HHD spins, if it's a 5400RPM drive then Super rip, if it's a 7200rpm drive or higher then it's ok. To give you a general idea of the system usage the plains have I'll show you my system specs and how much ram, gpu, and cpu I run at. CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 RAM: 16GB of PC4-19200 DDR4 at 2400mhz GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1050 3GB Overclocked Standing on the stairs looking out into the Plains on max settings With DX 11 and everything on (except anti-aliasing, motion blur, and film grain because I don't like them) I stay at a steady 75fps with a ram usage of about 1750MB. In task manager my cpu runs average at 45% and my gpu is at an average 97%. If I go into archwing and casually fly around close to the ground my cpu reaches 60% usage max and my gpu stays at 99% usage and my fps never fluctuates.
  7. Some missions give you more than 500 credits. Here is a list of missions with higher than 500 credits as a reward. Also pressing Alt+Printscreen will save a screenshot of the current active window to yer clipboard so if the screenshot hotkey doesn't work you can still take screenshots that way. Also if yer on WIndows 10 pressing Shift+Win+S will open the snipping tool.
  8. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/The_Glast_Gambit One of the missions is a forced failure so you lose the creds and the other has you win within a margin or else the mission is a forced failure which also loses the creds. How ever the last index run you have to do you don't have to spend any credits and you win 200k back.
  9. Goto the options and in interface turn on item labels.
  10. Apologizes if someone already said it but I believe they said it would be in the next mainline update, this is just a hotfix so I assume they're still working in it and it isn't quite ready.
  11. It says ET on the image. Eastern Time. And they're Canadian.
  12. Any news on the Stealth Affinity Multiplier only applying for stealth finishers? Any Chance the enemies that are being absorbed by Grendel could be made unkillable, makes it hard to use his 1 when everything he's trying to eat gets killed while they're in particle form before Grendel can fully absorb them. Whats up with the Kosma Grineer having crazy high health compared to all the other grineer? Also not having cloned flesh like all the other grineer? I have nothing against some difficult enemies but they get real crazy the farther you go, where you kind of need to cheese or ignore them. This is just an example of the crazy difference, but all of the Kosma Grineer are like this. All. Of. Them. Their health scales wildly. Any chance we could get more interactions to be Client side?
  13. Use alt+printscreen to take a screenshot of warframe and then post it.
  14. One thing I hate about the new system is I can't move down and move forward without flying straight down, I would use the archwings to survey the land as I flew over, not I can only do that if I'm strafing. As a combat system sure it works, as a travel and survey system it feels like S#&$. Doesn't help that even tho space and shift are bound to go up and down they don't do jack, Only way I can go up is look up, and only way to go down is look down, feels horrible. Edit: Turns out the reason I couldn't go up or down is because when you equip the tranquilizer rifle it breaks moving up and down with jump and duck. That's weird. With that nuisance of a bug out of the way I like the new system. Ya'll should check out that bug when you get the chance.
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