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  1. Here to remind y'all the shildeg is still busted and is perma stuck in our hands if show when holstered is enabled.
  2. All these fixes and the Shildeg is still perma welded to our hands no matter what if we enable it to be visible when holstered.
  3. With the latest update (With Ash's prex added) they reduced the quality of nova and now ash is the one with the high quality texture. I feel bad for the guy who made all these prex cards cause they got turned into potato quality jpegs when they got put into the game.
  4. Script [Info]: MapRedux.lua: ERROR: Invalid nodes in edge VenusToEarthShortcut to VenusHUB Script [Info]: MapRedux.lua: ERROR: Invalid nodes in edge ErisToPlutoShortcut to ErisHUB Script [Info]: MapRedux.lua: ERROR: Invalid nodes in edge EuropaToJupiterShortcut to EuropaHUB These errors appear in the ee.log pretty much everytime you return to yer orbiter.
  5. 2 More hotfixes down and the shildeg is still busted.
  6. The Shildeg is still broken. It's been stuck in our hands for several updates now.
  7. Yeah the shildeg as been bugged like this for the last few hotfixes. I'm really surprised it's still broken.
  8. Why can't we filter out the yellow text from the squad link chat?
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