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  1. This. This right here. I would burst through your monitor to high five you. The damage thing is so complicated cause i feel its a multi faceted issue concerning not just the damage, but how it's broken down to effectiveness of certain effects, how it plays against enemies, having a proper defined difficulty system, and modding in general. Your point is something I've been saying for a while now and, god damn it, the mods need to be looked at. We have mods that were introduced into the game that weren't that good to begin with but made worse with the changes over the years. It's insane that a mod like Rifle Aptitude (it gives only 15% + on status. ONLY 15%) exist in the game in its current form, and it's been like that since it's introduction in game. I'm going to stop now before I go on another rant. +1 to your post from me
  2. Ivara is potentially up next. Spring is going to be Ivara or Titania. And unless they drop Titania Rework and Deluxe skin during the final moments of Atlus Prime Access, good chances we're getting Ivara Prime with Daikyu Prime. Seriously, I don't give a crap about Ivara, I want Daikyu Prime. It has been my bow since it came out. I got the freaking Conclave Skin for it for crying out loud.
  3. Except that the stadia is bad in all regards. It's to push the industry towards a digital standard. Which is a horrible idea, as it only comes out as a benifit for the companies that own/host digital media. And as more and more companies are getting censorious and/or greedy when it comes to true ownership of products. And the ability to literally take away your games if you do something they don't like *cough*Blizzard*cough* is much, much easier if you have no physical copy, its all digital hosted on their servers, and you conveniently said yes to it in the updated terms of service that you really didn't have a choice of accepting or not if you wanted to play the game.
  4. in my mission one of them nearly faked me out super hard. He, of course, was kind of in the middle of the hall but he was diguised as a rare corpus crate. And for a second I was like, holy S#&$! Lucky! But then I stopped. And remembered my luck is atrocious. And had suspected it was a trap, and it was. And I was so mad. Surprised and slightly impressed, but still mad.
  5. With the game modes, a handful of them just need minor tweaks/updates. Hijacks should get more tracks to work off of. IMO we should start having more nodes that work like bounties, and adopt the operator/mission control changes that Jupiter brought (having Little Duck and Ordis as the comm leads). Would be cool to have mission nodes that had multiple modes on top of each other that we do back to back a la bounties, with some context given by having certain characters direct us. Like how we had the Steel Meridan leader getting us to break into a Grineer prison to find some prisoners (Spy vaults first to get the info), break into the jails and guide groups to the docking bays (combination of Rescue and Defection), and defend it long enough for them to essentially hot wire a shuttle to escape (Defense). Boom mini pseudo raids. Also I wouldn't mind more world updates. If they said they were going to put open worlds on hold to go and do what they did to Jupiter to every other planet, even if the next world was the Infested Open World I would be cool with it. To take the old flavor text for the planets and really bring them to life. What are the Indoctrination Towers for the Corpus on Neptune like? Back when Mercury was our starting planet it said the last functioning Orokin Towers are located there. Saturn is supposed to be a big shipping lane/supply distribution network for the Grineer. What are those towers in the background on the Corpus snow outpost maps?!?!?!
  6. You want Stalker strong? There's one thing that can happen. They decide to put in Stalker Mode in the game, and they let us PvP players after you guys. Which everyone will cry about for a week for various stupid gripes, then they go back on it and remove it or make Tenno Stalker super weak. And everyone goes back to stroking their ego on how "good" they are at the game and how there's no challenge or point to develop your gear. I could use another Spacelords Antagonist style game mode to play, but hope is low that we'll ever get it.
  7. For some reason whenever you equip any multishot mod (Hell's Chamber & Vigilante Armaments) on the Exergis, Tainted Shell stops working. It would display the accuracy increase in the Arsenal but when you fire it in game it has it's base accuracy and spread. As soon as you take off all multishot mods, the accuracy increase actually applies.
  8. IMO One thing that would need to be addressed are the shards polarize makes. She has the potential to have her own resource similar to atlas and having the shards empower all her abilities in some way could make some interesting combos. What if you could push along with pull? Have the ability to pull the shards then shoot them a la the way everyone loved in the trailer. I could go on about my ideas but currently on mobile.
  9. That actually sounds pretty good. I love mag but god, greedy pull is a relic of an older, Draco interception having, Warframe. Was hoping in that last augment look through it would had gotten some attention. Mag could still use some tweaking too. Her 1 and augment need a look, plus it would be cool if all her abilities did something with the shards she make with 3. Plus make those little suckers scale.
  10. Whoa man. The next thing you know is that you will be telling us it’s not a good idea to put a loaded gun in our mouths. DE needs to add this so I can actively think less and not learn how to not shoot myself. i say this sarcastically. I’m in total agreement with you.
  11. It’s kind of funny and interesting seeing people argue the “requirement” of energy dash. That ability is a crutch + wheelchair + butler that does everything for you with people. It’s nice to have but people who say they need it, honestly do you? Are you so reliant on rapid firing all your abilities to get things done?
  12. Her passive should increase orb drop chances. Her 1 augment is fine but could use that hold button down to send out clone but don’t switch forms could be nice. Her 2 augment spread range definitely needs a buff. Augment for 3 needs to stay an augment, it’s really powerful. Too powerful to honestly be in the base kit. Her 4 augment, now that should be in the base kit. Like you said, the heal bombs don’t really matter. However, if you could build up a bomb while giving your team over shields, and then transform to day while still having the built up charge for a maim bomb instead that would be nice. Plus to not have it locked away to a mod and give meaning to stored points of mend would be good.
  13. Although that drop rate is high I would like it if her passive actually made orb drops more possible.
  14. Lua Lens isn't working. I just made a Madurai Lua Lens and put it on my Equinox Prime. First in the Arsenal it doesn't show the icon/picture for the lens type just a <>. Second, I ran a mission to see if if i got points and I did not.
  15. I would so kill for the Daikyu Prime. I want that and Magnus Prime.
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