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  1. I saw someone on the forums years ago suggest that this should happen with Crush. I never thought about doing this with Pull. I don't know which one I like to do this more but I like both. I kind of had other ideas to expand Pull to be able to Pull and Push. Even through changing up the applications to Pull is great we still got to do something about her Augment. Mag's 2, 3, and 4 Augments are all viable but her 1. Well, we all know why it was nuked into the ground. Relic of a bygone era. Of cheese farming/leveling.
  2. I've never used that Augment, more of a Magnetizing Discharge person. Activating bubbles for instant damage, utility, and to not annoy my team by blocking their shots too much. I can take Mag into Arbitrations, Lich related missions, sorties, long runs no issue. Me thinks its more of a you problem than a Mag problem. Like others had said, she could use a tweak here and there but given that there's a SOON in play regarding damage and shielding it might be worth waiting for that and going from there.
  3. Every game. They're in every god damn game. Every community. *stuff is on fire* Oh crap! It's on fire! Do something put it out! Fix it!! *Door flies open* Leave them alone! They're doing their best! If you don't like it here just leave! *tips fedora* I will say this, what he said and what you said is probably what went through the heads of the vets who already left. The vets, the people who care, who voice their opinions on the current failings, we're drastically outnumbered and out voiced by people like the OP and that silent majority that is completely apathetic to everything in game. I bet they eventually do listen to OP, leave and never come back cause nothing they say will ever be heard. You have objections to Warframe slowly morphing into a mobile-type game with its content, whale hunting, and revolving door filtering of the player base? You can bet your top dollar that some of the more hardcore defenders is about to break down that door and say some inane white knight comment thinking that they said something of worth or said anything that would be considered food for thought. People get tired of the game, those guys, and just yeet out. "If you don't like it don't play it." That lies in the problem. People are doing just that. People have been patient but that can only go so far and we can't continue like this.
  4. Oh boy, I remember that. I got lucky and jacked a few million credits when they were pulling that crap.
  5. Other Frames have their own personal resource management to boost/maintain their abilities. I think Mag can get a boost if her's actually works XD, considering that she does have it, but the shards are only used in 1 ability and the shards are lack luster.
  6. I had a similar idea for her as well. Mag should be able to Pull but also Push. I would make it where: -Tap 1 for pull, Hold and release for push. -Pull affects the shards created by Polarize and can attach them to Mag. (Of course the shards will have to change and will not be hard capped to 50 damage, seriously who thought that was a good idea?) -Her pull will work similar to Nezha's Pyroclastic Flow where you can store up shard damage and eventually launch it in a target direction (similar to of course the trailer) -Magnetize can catch and store the damage shot The idea of while you're using 3, you could pick up shards for the eventual screw all ya'll shot. You would be able to kill with it and take advantage of the potential energy orb drop at kills.
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