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  1. Ok here I go. First I would need the crafting system and transmutation systems reworked first. You no longer need to roll Rivens to get stats, you make them. Various stats are tied to crafting materials for different effects. A crafting material might have some effect like +slash (&) -puncture. Expand the amount bonuses and negatives we can have. Change disposition. Make it where it's totally possible to have a 5 star disposition Tigris Riven or some other popular weapon, BUT now the disposition is tied to MR. You want to be able to use that high disposition riven? You have to show S
  2. I love it but I have a gripe about the 2nd ability. The whole thing of making teammates do their last cast. I can already see the *@##$ing people will do about it removing agency, and blah blah (just imagine the old complaints about Limbo and Banishing). I like the concept and theme around it but it might be better just to give it as a free cast for teammates instead of forcing them to do their last ability (if im reading that correctly).
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