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  1. All my infested stuff I bought in like the super early years of WF and the Frost Deluxe. I bought it on looks alone and then realized, "Wait. I don't play Frost anymore. Well S#&$." On the flip, Mag Deluxe was a gift from god.
  2. Know what, at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the truth.
  3. Seriously. When I thought about it, why are alerts replaced with Nightwave? I know they mentioned it was to move Aura Mods, but surely there was something else I'm not remembering right? They're honestly not in the same realm of content. One was a system that had random missions come up and drop extra stuff, the other is a passive task you do in the background of everything else. Challenges biting the dust for NW makes sense, but Alerts? Cause I actually miss those now, especially the Treasure Ships. Would it been difficult to just re tool them? Like actually make them reflect what they had fo
  4. Balance in Warframe is a pipe dream. Not just because of the ground work that was laid that will make it nearly impossible without impacting another part(s) of the game requiring them to be rework, but the player base. We can bash DE all day long but I not going to ignore the fact that part of the fault lies within the player base. The majority of the players do not want challenge. And no amount of BS'ing they will do will hide that. Cheese and making gameplay shorter and more trivial has been the dominant faction of the community for the past 5 years. And all the shallowness the game has accr
  5. I agree. A lot of mods are just obsolete now. And if people are really adamant on keeping them (I don't understand why), well... Sweat and Voltage pretty much encompass my sentiments. I would love to rework the system, but like many things in game that I personally though about how I would rework, Voltage made the point. I always came into a problem where I would have to address at least 2 other systems in the game. I couldn't touch it unless I fundamentally change other systems and it just spiraled into me having to change so much of Warframe, creating stuff from the ground
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