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  1. Noticed that too, multiple times - it finally got on my nerves enough to submit.

    All my stuff was 30 except for the Necramech but I noticed it on multiple equipment items before. Intriniscs are shown/increased/retained correctly, all other stuff loses affinity between the end of mission screen and the arsenal.

    Please fix, this is kinda hollowing out the reason to play this game.




  2. When displaying regalia on the necramech, the chosen regalia is duplicated (twice) into the upper arm on the opposite side.

    It is most easily visible using the Bruntspar Necramech Skin - however, it is not a problem of the skin. This occurs with the default skin too, although to see it you have to use non-planar regalia like the Ki'Teer Sekhara in order to be able to observe the 3D-effect clipping through the default upper arm materials.

    Using the Bruntspar skin, it is easily demonstrable as follows (please view in maximum resolution):

    Left shoulder has my clan symbol (red), which is replicated into the right upper arm (twice, on either side of the 'humerus'). Right shoulder has the Prisma Lotus Emblem (purple), which is replicated into the left upper arm.


    And the opposite, for reference: left shoulder has the Prisma Lotus Emblem (purple) which is now replicated into the right upper arm; right shoulder has my clan emblem (red), which is now replicated into the left upper arm.


    Did someone reuse materials w/o cleaning them of whatever it is the regalia attach to? ^^

    Thanks for your time,

    Paul aka Weasel

  3. I'm proposing: Leech

    Armor:     15
    Health: 75  (225)
    Shield: 75  (225)
    Energy: 200 (300)

    Gain 1% affinity boost every second you did not deal damage to an enemy, up to 100%. Gain 1% credit boost every second you did not use a gear item, up to 100%. Gain 1% focus gain boost every second you did not transfer to operator, up to 100%.

    Leech's actual appearance is only visible in Arsenal. Chosen energy color determines Leech's appearance to other players as well as the apparent Warframe shown in Squad and Profile information. White energy colors will lend Baruuk's appearance, yellow colors will lend Loki's appearance, red colors will lend Atlas' appearance, green colors will lend Mirage's appearance, and blue colors will lend Gauss' appearance. Animations and ability visual effects will change to those of the apparent Warframe. 
    1 - You won't need that where you're going
    Casting on a downed ally within melee range transfers 1/2/3/4 random rare resources from their inventory to yours if they die. Anyone successfully reviving the ally disrupts the ability. Range is affected by melee range mods. Number of resources transferred is affected by power strength. Cannot be used on another Leech.
    2 - My greed trumps your need
    Casting on an ally within 5/10/15/20m causes credits and items picked up, fish caught and resources mined by the target during the next 4/6/8/10 seconds to be transferred to your inventory instead. Range is affected by power range. Duration is affected by power duration. Cannot be used on another Leech.
    3 - You're all working for me now
    Channeling this ability causes 20/40/60/80% of allies' affinity gains within 50/100/150/200m to be redirected to your equipment. Ability cost 3/7/11/15 energy/second. Leeched percentage is affected by Power Strength and capped at 100%. Range is affected by power range. Channeling cost is affected by Power Efficiency and Power Duration. Other Leech Warframes channeling the ability in ability radius will cause all affinity gains to be split between all channeling Leeches. Split percentages are affected by every Leech's relative Power Strength.
    4 - I'm not here to exert myself
    Activating this ability will create a specter with your current appearance, loadout, health, shield, and armor at your current position and make you invisible to all allies and enemies until canceled or the specter dies. Specter will appear to make attacks on enemies which do no damage and appear to revive downed allies without generating revive progress. 10/25/40/55% of damage incurred from all sources will transfer to the specter instead at 90/70/50/30% effectivity. All status effects incurred will apply to Specter instead. On cancellation or the specter's death you will be teleported to the specter's location. A teleport occurring in case of the specter's death will make you invulnerable for 1/2/3/4 seconds. Damage transfer percentage and damage transfer effectivity are affected by Power Strength. 

  4. On 10/14/2017 at 2:18 AM, SnurtYurGooters said:

    Finally just aborted the mission, lost all the stuff I farmed [...].

    Just happened to me... it's been more than two months? I mean, I love Plains, but what good is all that stuff when you can't keep it because bug says no? Honestly?

  5. Hi, my Navigation did apparently not notice I already did as it said - namely acquired a Limbo chassis blueprint and used it and its product to build a Limbo warframe - and keeps prompting me to acquire and build a chassis.
    Maybe the reason was that I didn't have it as active quest (but the spy one with the arcane codices) when the chassis finished building, idk. Nevertheless, I have a Limbo warframe now and would like to finish and close the quest.


    Thanks for your time (and the great game),

    Peter aka Arcanghulus

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