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  1. Maybe it's not a problem for your playstyle, but styles are like butts, we all have one. I agree that more accurate hitboxes would be helpful.
  2. Considering that the interaction was completely optional, so the regular pace is the same as the current therefore being equally convenient for combat, how was this a positive change when it took away an optional speed increase and actually changed nothing in the core ability itself? I'm not sure how there's something positive in this when it changed nothing for regular speed.
  3. I'm not exactly sure what's the argument here. Is it: Having sprint enabled makes it so the speed is unbearable to maneuver properly. If so, then don't tap/press sprint beforehand. The whole point is that this was completely optional, nobody was forced to use it at a sped up state. Quoting my own post from reddit, in which I was replying to a clip of Pablo talking about the ability itself, second part of the post: If the levels and game itself require repetition due to grind, because this is a looter in its core, then punishing people for wanting to be most efficient isn't a smart move. People like playing and having fun, repetition can easily be a detrimental factor for this, especially if said repetition can grant weak rewards, or has a high chance of not rewarding what you want. You start seeking alternatives to alleviate this (Nova's wormhole, Wukong before this change, Titania with razorwing blitz, Volt or Gauss, etc.), some people also do it for the enjoyment of pushing themselves by speedrunning, which is a perfectly legitimate way to play. This ability working in such a way had little impact in gameplay, as the worst case scenario for another player would mean the speedrunner both breezed through the map and killed every enemy/captured the target. At this point, said player will just solo the mission if they have to wait for others to get to extraction, and in terms of exterminate missions, they are more likely to pick a nuke like Saryn if they were to play public. There's the entire argument, now: What's compelling about yours, or about the response I've just quoted? Seems to address me instead of the topic itself, so it's out of place in this.
  4. Holding shift worked as intended, the ability would be casted in a "sprinting" state just like toggle sprint did. This change effectively nerfed his overall speed, for an ability that is completely harmless and is one of the greatest mobility tools we currently have in-game. Is there any point to preventing that extra speed buff, which you can activate if you wish? It was completely optional, why not leave it as it was? Or maybe let us activate sprint while in cloud walker, to slow/speed at will during the ability.
  5. This is what actually happened, from the latest hotfix: Fixed toggle sprint carrying over into Wukong’s Cloud Walker (normal hold sprint did not). Not to mention that "normal hold sprint did not" is an absolute lie. This "fix" (actually a nerf, let's call things by their name) is simply nonsensical, there was no harm in having a sped up ability.
  6. The problem I have here is that you're mentioning specialized situations (usually Chroma, toxin ward. Alternatively Harrow, Gauss, arcane momentum, etc.), meanwhile what I am suggesting is a more generalized buff, something you can use in any situation, which rewards your "skill", your capacity to land headshots or your capacity to line up enemies (since headshot hitboxes in this game are a mess, let's be real). In this case the buffs would not change the specialized setup, considering the context of what you're describing, which is most likely Eidolon hunting or similar, basically a single enemy.
  7. No, you're thinking of Synth Charge, which is another niche mod that could also see some tweak.
  8. So your reason to deny this is basically "salt" over Primed chamber itself, even though I'm requesting a buff for both mods? Because their niches are basically useless. I don't see how this logic makes any sense. Primed Chamber's price is purely because of collector's price, and how rare they are. This mod change would not actually impact its price much, if change its current at all. I don't see how player salt has to dictate a mechanic change that would benefit every single sniper, instead of a few that would "require" -mag size rivens, arcane momentums, toxin chromas, or all at the same time for the best result. It's on the same level as "I want x frame nerfed because I'm playing a support frame and can't kill fast enough myself", it just makes no sense. Let's not rework Excalibur anymore or buff Exalted blade's stats because people would be salty about founders' EBPrime? Or a more accurate one, DE shouldn't have buffed Skana Prime since not many people own it, and some would get salty because of this. For the record: I don't own a Primed Chamber.
  9. Currently, the mod's mechanic requests having either a magazine size of 1 shot, or reloading after the first shot to get the most out of the slot, otherwise you're basically running a dead mod slot in your build. My suggestion is somewhat inspired in Destiny 2's Eriana's Vow perk, called Death at First Glance: The first shot of your magazine deals increased damage (like our chambers), however, dealing a precision damage shot (aka headshots in our case), or breaking a combatant's elemental shield will maintain the damage buff for the next shot in the magazine. Based off this, my suggestion goes as follows: Make chambers maintain their damage buff if you land a headshot kill OR if you kill two enemies in a single shot. I'd like other people's thoughts on this suggestion, however I don't expect negativity given the fact that this will simply enhance the mod's overall worth and functionality, which presents no downside whatsoever.
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