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  1. By lack of information I mean literal lack of information mod-wise. It's not a "I didn't know it was wrong" but more of a "Am I supposed to imply if this mod is supposed to work with x or not?", it's basically flipping a coin.
  2. It's an interesting question to say the least, but I'll try to answer it either way. Could I remain unbiased to draw the line? From a personal standpoint, and to an extent, I definitely could. While keeping in mind some stuff was deemed as abuse by DE? Probably not as much. To put an example, I defend that the Loki and riven cases were definitely an abuse, as logically it does not really make any sense for them to remain legitimate (even if some have been around for years, like the despawn case which is Loki's). Could I defend that Oberon and Volt's combo is smart usage, along Vigorous Swap? As a player and given the lack of information I have (which is not my fault, I'm using the tools that were designed), I would say so (even without Vigorous Swap, the combo would remain effective, I don't think there's any doubt about this). Now, if I kept in mind that DE does not want scaling abilities to apply, I have a question instead of an answer: Why weren't all of them not banned from usage from the very beginning? I would think that programming the enemy to prevent all of them from applying would be much easier than just preventing some abilities instead. But outside of that, in my opinion, which attempts to remain as unbiased and out of morality as possible, I would say that at the very least the Shock Trooper + Smite combo is legitimate. But frankly, it's hard to remain completely unbiased in a situation where lack of information and lack of a clear path is prevalent. Why? Because we could even conclude that elemental augments should never apply to abilities, but if this was nerfed we'd be looking at a YEARS OLD oversight, which would turn out to be funny to say the least.
  3. Except the % conversion is directly proportional to the amount of orbs, which makes each orb fired weaker. I'd inform myself before stating something. Arachne is on wall latch, Avenger applies a crit boost on damage, Charm is a rng kavat buff. New mods apply on certain parkour movements, so what's your point? It's not like Vigorous swap is the star here, it's certainly not the only one. I'm not going to defend whether they kept it intended or as oversight, but this is a pretty moot point to leave. What defines a fair competition? What exactly tells you that this system is a exploit and not just knowledgeable players figuring out a new strat to make their runs more efficient? Nowhere in the mod it reads it applies only to weapons, and oversight or not DE did NOT specify it. Nowhere does it say you cannot enhance your allies "projectile ability" (I like to name them like this) with elemental augments. And "let's wait so DE can do nothing about it"? Have you thought of the fact that a normal person can't exactly do a 17 hours run in a regular day, hence waited until Sunday for it? You are basically accusing others of abusing when it's a smart usage of abilities with extreme team work (in a cooperative game, who would've figured), assuming that x works y way and it can't work in any other way, when DE is not clear with their information. And regarding participation bans, DE simply underestimated some of these players, and I think the lock they had set was fair enough (want to qualify again? Push yourself harder than you did before, but this time without exploits).
  4. Except he is working right, and the main issue here is DE not seeming to have a clear path on what is and what isn't an exploit, which has been a problem since the event released. But I guess it's what to expect when you use the event as testing ground or bugfixes, let's be real.
  5. So why did you not report this before? Because now you've just lost the position to TSA? Was said in the previous topic which got deleted: This should've been changed the very first day to avoid such issues right now.
  6. Enemies have a hard time searching when there's no aggro that attracts them, invis does exactly that. It seems empty, and the truth is the mobs are "confused" all over the mission, that's why it looks empty. In the end, you could even call invisibility an exploit at this point, cause that's how broken some mechanics are at the moment.
  7. I've just told you that I had someone test if the damage was affected. I cannot tell if you're trolling at this point or are too focused on calling everything a exploit. That someone was @rngd444, which I thank for the test. Furthermore there was also @--Q--DrJaska, who confirmed no damage increases either.
  8. Argon scope shows up with Artemis bow, does it apply? No. Edit: I've just had a wiki moderator test whether it works or not, since I do not discard that you might be right. Turns out it does not work, as expected.
  9. Don't tell me to check the wiki, I know what the wiki says already. I'm asking you to provide evidence about it, not tell me about a wiki.
  10. Can you back up that claim or did you simply not realize that lockdown deals % based damage? Cause it's very easy to accuse but not as easy to provide evidence.
  11. The top scores are after these fixes, what's there that is a bug now? We really are reaching ridiculous points I guess.
  12. Yours is. The magnetic ball example you used is basically exclusive, you implied that it was not available for everyone. What I said and I keep repeating, was inclusive, since anyone could do it as long as they tried. Either way there's no point in keeping this going, it's like arguing with a brickwall, different morals will never understand each other. Also, nice generalizing you got there, it's easy to put people in the same basket, isn't it?
  13. It's not, people don't exactly "choose" such a situation just because they were pushihg themselves to reach number 1 position (not to mention ANYONE could reach it, as long as they were prepared and pushed themselves). It's like telling FC Barcelona not to try to win a league. Use every possible mean? So you are telling me that because I cannot avoid something, I should quit it when the referee does not seem to have a CLEAR stance on the match? Sportmanship? I'll tell you about it, don't expect the other team let you score because they are winning 5-0. Don't expect another kickboxer to let himself get kicked in the face because he punched you 5 times in a row. Except in this case people were not cheating, they simply kept pushing themselves. Suck it up? That's obvious, not like they would reset the scores to keep it perfectly clean and balanced. Don't try to pull your morals on me, it's people's free time what got to waste.
  14. I mean, when basically people's time has been completely thrown to a dumpster, you can expect memes like those. This last "fix" was hugely disrespectful (especially considering this bug was completely unavoidable) to people that pushed themselves in a competitive event. Who would have expected people did this, my goodness!
  15. Hey DE you forgot to wipe the score of anyone that has remotely tried to (competitively) play the event. Next time don't release a "competitive" event at all, frankly speaking. Not only because some people that used exploits were prevented from retrying to run it (and that's fine, but preventing them is going too far imo), but also because your own game breaks, we have to stop? I mean, for real, a "competitive" event is a competitive event after all, you can just not expect people to stop playing just because the demolyst went past its limit health wise, making it easy to kill (but what about the time, now LOST TIME, that it took to reach such a point?). Personally I haven't had time to push myself, but I can relate to those that have simply wasted their time given the situation, it's highly disrespectful to be honest. Hopefully we could see one of these, some day, maybe in a future event if something like this happened again (hope not, for the love of people's free time). Credit to a wukong main for this, pls don't nerf Defy:
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