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  1. In Devstream 97, we were shown two proto skins (Bronco and Lato), which would be released as a part of an upcoming event. What is the state of these skins after one and a half years? Are there any plans on releasing them? Personally I was really fond of that Bronco skin and I have since been looking forward to obtaining it.
  2. Prior to these "tweaks" Chaos could already be recasted, but it would not re-stun them.
  3. MY VIEW As things stand, Nyx's current tweaks, in my opinion of course, are just like Vauban's: While she was given something, it just does not feel enough, to the point where I question myself if these tweaks are actually worth investing into, because overall they feel mediocre. Personally I have not changed my build for her at all, it's still the same exact build as it was before tweaks (classic max range, some duration, efficiency and assimilate), and I'll list the reasoning why: Mind Control: The addition was definitely nice, it does not rely on strength so that is a positive if you build her for her "classic" setup. Psychic Bolts: Here's when things get a little disappointing in my opinion. While the debuff is absolutely nice, it is capped to only 6 Bolts, unaffected by strength and you cannot recast the ability without having to charge it. Charge mechanics for themselves are really slow for a game like warframe, and the ability's cap really makes you wonder. Chaos: While I am not sure if this change was intended, it's nice that now Chaos stuns enemies on recast, really adds a small, nice layer of hard CC for a brief moment, after which the soft CC of Chaos begins. No complaints for this ability, as usual. Absorb: It's a nice tanking ability, that's for sure, but it has two major issues. Firstly, at relevant levels where you would mostly rely on this as your survivability (alongside parkour, of course), enemies chew through your energy pool because of their scaled damage, and because for some reason it's still set so it drains per damage absorbed. There's also the fact that the damage buff lasts for too little at base and on top of it, is additive damage instead of being multiplicative, which for the damage amounts it requires to be somewhat "relevant", is overall really bad for her kit. MY SUGGESTION Mind Control: The ability should remain as is, but I would tweak it with one simple addition. Our mind controlled unit absorbs all the damage it receives and takes it all when the ability runs out or is deactivated, based on this I have a suggestion to make the ability overall better, even give Nyx some form of actual damage: Make the unit explode in a 15 meter radius if the damage it absorbed is high enough to kill it upon deactivation, releasing all that damage in aoe if such a thing happened. Psychic Bolts: Remove the target cap, at least for the ability itself. While I can understand a cap for this ability if one uses its augment, which is somewhat strong if spammed, this ability innately has no point in needing a cap. There's nothing powerful in removing enemy armor, we do that on a daily basis by stacking auras or using high proc rate, corrosive weapons, it just makes the ability pointless as a debuffer, which is ironic. Chaos: I do not think there's much room for improvement on this ability, it's great as is. I have a small suggestion however: Make enemies affected by Chaos take double the damage. Absorb: Remove the drain per damage, or at least make the damage buff be multiplicative and last for at least 16 seconds. I also have this small idea which could make things interesting: Enemies affected by absorb's knockdown radius will be mind controlled for a quarter of the Mind Control duration (with a total cap of 5 enemies) and will have the same interaction was the regular enemy. In order to detonate these enemies, charge 1 or wait for the duration to run out.
  4. Twin Gremlins Critaata Pyrana Acri-Lexiata Looking for 1k on each obo.
  5. I have a question, why are you modding it for "true" damage? Why no elements? True damage ignores resistances, but Tombfinger does not even have slash damage to proc this. By the way, that image is broken.
  6. I can guarantee you are not using max strength. My build runs 267%, not even max and it's already at this point: Instead of bringing points out of pure ignorance, you should actually do your research. Going back to the picture I just posted, those drains are the total for an enthralled enemy, meaning they will get one shot if you cast reave on any enthralled enemy (free casts since you should be using enthrall on asleep mobs). I agree with this point, I'd prefer to see those pillars dealing actual damage, or have a more relevant form of CC than they currently deal. All I can say from the post I have just quoted is that I cannot tell if you're posting for the sake of it, as you seem to be full of ignorance on how the warframe works. But I guess that's more or less the path a lot of people love to take, calling something terrible without even testing it.
  7. I was actually thinking level 160 and above, to be honest.
  8. There's more to Sigma than just the shield throw, that's its weakest aspect. Cobra and Crane can't match Sigma and Octantis, not even in the slightest.
  9. I don't think you are applying this right. Elude is invulnerable to even melee attacks, only area of effect damage affects him. Aside, Desolated Hands is mainly a disarming skill, it's main purpose is to remove any ranged threat so you can be offensive and enemies are no longer an issue as Elude turns off, its damage reduction is just a bonus attached to it, not to mention you can simply recast Desolate Hands. Elude is not being detrimental, in fact it's boosting DH's main purpose. The idea you are suggesting is basically overlapping invulnerability and damage reduction, which if you ask me, is completely stupid.
  10. I like the idea, it's actually good to know what your squadmates are running in pubs, so you can help them get their gear prepared and efficient for a mission. However, there are several issues in this game and community that makes the idea weak overall: We lack content that is actually challenging to require a high coordination: Raids are gone, those were the pinnacle of teamplay as they required communication (puzzles). What did we get in their place? Eidolon hunts, which do not require any team aspect at all to be completed, however they do require specific setups to do them effectively and efficiently. Now we have orb hunts, which are even less gear demanding, as all you need is your weapons and an arch-weapon that you can attach after completing the previous mission before the hunt itself? You can solo these, you don't actually have to use amps except for rerolling damage types, thus making this fight even simpler than eidolons themselves. Toxicity. As clearly stated above, even though such "elitists" are actually a minority, but I want to address a different kind of toxic behaviors: Leechers: These are more common than it seems, people that hop into a map looking for a high MR player who is capable of soloing a run. If they don't find these requirements, they actually quit. Gear check can be an advantage for these people, but also for those avoiding these in particular, as it's frustrating when someone joins your squad to actually do nothing for the team. The toxic kind of "elitism": No, I'm not talking about those people that are actually right in their statements because their experience and researches back it all up, I'm talking about those "I'm always right, so shut up" kind of people, who don't necessarily know what they talk about. Anti-meta: This is obviously my opinion, which ironically needs to be put as a disclaimer these years. I don't know the reason, but part of this community has an impressive anti-meta mentality. Some go from "okay but I don't like the meta, I know it's strong but I want to do it my way", others go to "meta is stupid, period". From what I've seen so far, these people are unironically more relevant (probably because they are far more vocal, or for whatever reason that I won't bother to try and figure out) in this community than others. Why is this? Because we lack content that actually forces you to specific tasks, the game is purely focused towards casual play and with the recent updates, things that were added and others removed, I think it's evolving into making our playerbase even more lazy. I'd love the idea of an inspect function, you can help others with it, just as much as you can flame, troll, etc. But all I see is that this community is all about picking the negative side of things and being overly toxic about it (oh dear irony), just from looking at this whole thread.
  11. Both arcanes are obviously preference, but I'm a parkour addict so I need that consequence (You can use one or two velocities, they give the best results for peacemaker). Range in order to benefit Shooting Gallery's stun range, which helps in every situation and Synth Reflex just so I can spam it in bursts, as I like to use her. Prime will come with an energy buff, so I don't think you need that much efficiency anyways. Strength doesn't need a massive increase either (reaching the DR cap on Shatter shield is enough). As for peacemaker, since I'm not using velocity, I'm adding anemic agility to it. You're confusing Nova with Mesa. Mesa's Damage Reduction is achieved with just 119% strength.
  12. I think the helmet looks too close to Deluxe's. Not bad I suppose. Montesa... hmm
  13. Short story: I exist. Serious one: I teach newbies how to properly mod their equipment, IGN: --Q--Sleeping It's said that an image is worth a thousand words.
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