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  1. Between melee arch guns and amps you should be able to kill wolf easy on any run. No offense but it's the players fault if Wolf was ruining anyone's run.
  2. Came to post the same bug. Can also confirm that the sounds plays properly for the catchmoon and tombfinger kitguns. Definitely just a beam weapon issue.
  3. Way too much color gets reflected off of the environment now. My all black tenno looks gold on the sedna disruption. My black and brown deluxe Wukong looks gold. The entire level is bathed in a fairly ugly orange light. All my fashion frames look ridiculous on my orbiter because too much color is reflecting. Really hope this isn't in any way intended.
  4. Umbra offers a great way to introduced a lot of bite sized pieces of lore, it would be a waste to not capitalize on that. I know it might be a little unpopular because of vaulting and what not, but if they're really that concerned about devaluing prime warframes then they should just make owning the corresponding prime a requirement to earning a future umbra frame. If you can't unlock the umbra miny quest or w/e they might introduce without already owning the prime then the prime isn't going to be any less valued.
  5. Better weapons or a better build. New loka is the tankiest but they weren't a threat even as far back as when they launched. There was no maiming strike blood rush or condition overload in the game when they came out. It would be silly to limit them to experienced players considering they're older than sorties and scale to the mission level of where you are. Even at high level they weren't a threat with worse gear and less options to anyone with the exception of new players, they are flat out not health gated behind newer or rarer mods. Don't judge your weapons on how well they handle sortie enemies, trash builds can easily push sortie missions. Pay attention too the actual dps of your builds, if you're literally struggling with them then there's probably something wrong with your builds. If you don't know the actual dps of your weapons then you're going to have troubles with trouble shooting damage problems like this. Lastly unless something has changed a radiation status proc will prevent the sanguine/toxic eximus auras from applying to their allies. Not everything in this game is about what damage type the wiki told you to use, it's good to learn the actual elements status proc effects so you know when and how to use them.
  6. Hotkey your k drive. Every single time that bug happens to me, even if I'm not in an open world map, spamming the living hell out of my k drive keybind fixes it. Archwing never fixes it for me, synth scanners don't. Only suicide and k drive work for me.
  7. This is a horrible idea, quite frankly irredeemably bad for a number of reasons. On top of all the practical reasons, it puts limitations on fashion frame. If you like making your warframes look red and fiery then you should be against this because fire is a trash element in warframe. People shouldn't be stuck ruining their fashion frame just so their performance doesn't suffer. It's completely counter productive to all these great changes to our color customization just to remove all existing motivations for that coloring. Warframes have themes, the fire frame, electric frame and and magnet frame shouldn't all be using the same corrosive acids for their attacks. Ember should use fire and Volt should use electricity, that's literally their names this isn't rocket science. Literally every single piece of content will be reduced to color for corrosive/gas/viral regardless of what frame you bring. With a few exceptions that need a rework most frames are balanced within their niche. It'll make it impossible to develop new content for the game because they'll have to balance every aspect of a frame's abilities around player element choices. Ties in with the first point, but pretty much the only colors we'd see in game would be the ones tied to corrosive.
  8. Myself and a large number of players have been requesting more leaderboard integrations for years. If like over 90% of players you don't care then don't look at them. For players that do care it's a fun way to challenge yourself. There's nothing wrong with friendly competition in a cooperative environment. Nobody is being punished for not doing better and people who want to compete have the option.
  9. You have me sold with that alone. Might actually pop into public for arbitrations now too, great change. Definitely looking forward to archgun rivens. Don't even have any criticism to add, this sounds awesome.
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