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  1. Octavia. You're just chilling and all of a sudden you hear this terrible upbeat death tune. You freak out look around and see a grenade on the ground. You try and run for cover just as your team mate starts shooting it, your last memory is screaming "Larry no!"
  2. I could get behind an auction house but just for rivens. Include a tax system to help disincentivize flipping and control inflation. I imagine it would do some good toward stabilizing riven prices to be more generally affordable. It would definitely make riven trading more accessible and likely less predative. Beyond rivens I think it would just sink current trade values and encourage trade whales.
  3. It's #*!%ing hilarious to me but I like nova deluxe because it literally has the only nova helmet I like. Can't stand her prime or regular helmets, look like over filled lava lamps or something. Worst has to be Valkyr. Shape is bad, concept is bad and coloring is horrible. Octavia definitely gets an honorable mention, thank god her tennogen is great. Ember looks like an oversized chicken. Proto Volt isn't bad with the prime helm but the proto helm looks really bad. I actually truly dislike the nidus skin. Looks way too bulky and cheesy for me, especially with the stacks up.
  4. Legit all they were missing was that cheesy sweet dreams song. If they played that no one would be dissing speedyboi from that trailer. Thought he had the best part tbh. All I can think is people must have missed the still bullets and other slow mo effects from watching on their phones or something.
  5. I'm happy with nightwave. I just wish they made the number of rewards actually coincide with the number of challenges they release. Especially with how easy intermission was.
  6. They haven't actually released enemies that do that though. PoE enemies would've still been low power level at the point in time that sorties came out let alone when it actually did. Sorties were too low of a power level for an end game content at the point they released. This game hasn't had a good strong enemy since before sorties came out and we had endless void. Endless void was a bandaid for difficulty but at least it was better than the difficulty options we have right now.
  7. I prefer the term politically hilarious
  8. You also can't name anything Obama. Rather ridiculous considering I have a moa name Trumpshookerwife. Legs for days that one.
  9. Speak for yourself. I don't waste plat on rivens and I love a number of mine to death. If you go hunting for whales of course you're going to be disappointed. Just using the system myself I've gotten some great rivens for some really good weapons and have never been dissatisfied.
  10. Honestly one of the best chroma I ever ran tridolon with didn't shoot once. He noticed my catchmoon melt a synovia and after he just clung to me like a koala so I could get his buff. I asked him about it after the round and all he said was 'don't have a riven LOL'. You really don't need a riven to run eidolon, but unless you're stacking multiple damage buffs you'll probably want one for getting insta kills.
  11. I literally just got silenced on Oblivion about an hour ago. I'm sorry, what fight in warframe has you perma nullified? I'm really lost on that. When a boss puts up magic reflect and you're playing a mage your entire existence is irrelevant until it goes down. They don't do that for any reason other than to pad put fights for longer and give the bosses more chances to kill you. That's why I mentioned MS, because it's probably one of the most accessible MMOs where someone could have seen that. That happens all across the genre with boss battles. My buddy was playing the last wow expansion and he was complaining that he was made irrelevant for a raid boss. Can't remember his exact complaint and he said there was a way to manage but on mythic melee characters being close to a boss could get the squad killed because of some obscure mechanics. His class is melee only, that's about as much of a core mechanic circumvention as I think you can get. There also isn't any content that a nuke frame can't dominate outside of ridiculous endurance runs. I've beaten out people using memeing strike by try harding with launchers before. The reverse has also happened to me when I was spin2winning. If someone wants to get the most kills, or even outright hog them every match they'll find a way to no matter what happens to melee. Unless you're intentionally bringing bad weapons anything can absolutely dominate any content. Also even though it's often considered a fail, arbitrations were released to promote long endurance runs. I've also definitely seen Megan and Rebecca go 90 minutes on the kuva survival map for a prime time before. It's not widely promoted anymore but I wouldn't say it outright isn't. Which is exactly what I've been asking for. Every. Single. Comment. This game is too easy to the point that it feels like the devs are scared to bring out high level challenges. Aside from the odd crumb here or there this hasn't happened since the old void got ruined like 3 years ago now. Buffing enemies isn't a nerf. Releasing stronger enemies with natural damage resistance is no different than releasing enemies with a natural larger health pool. What matters for the game play there is how their resistances relate to their ehp, not how their resistances relate to your damage. Enemy guns weren't nerfed when inaros came out, or when we got gara's 90% squad DR. That's like saying releasing higher hp enemies nerfs weapons because they can't kill as quick. Tougher enemies isn't a nerf, it's a buff just not one for the players. I do agree that it's a bandaid fix to the real problem but it's one that fits quite nicely on a boss. The value of CC was always reduced in the star chart. CC was still king when everyone was spamming radial javelin in Draco. There just happened to be things it was good for and things it wasn't, CC was never particularly valued in your typical low level star chart runs. Thanks for taking that statement out of the context of its next qualifying point so you can pretend I agreed with you though. And removing nukes would just leave us with one less trick in the bag. Saryn still has a time to kill and still benefits from support on endless runs. If you can keep her going up against level 1000 enemies without a squad with good support abilities going then you're a lot better than almost anyone else here. Endless runs and legitimately high level enemies, not this low level arbitration junk, would necessitate team mates for most of the player population even if they have a nuke with them. Yes and if you knew how to take advantage of stealth slash/gas procs then you could get your dps up into the millions before focus even came out. Regardless most people considered it trash because unstealthed melee was notorious for getting people killed and regular melee attacks typically did less damage than good gun builds. I do appreciate that you knew that though, I've got some great memories of using stealth gas builds before they fixed the damage. Memeing strike builds, condition overload builds, hybrid crit builds, builds that use all of those features into one and a handful of pure status builds are all really high damage. There's lots of options for building high damage melee. No offense to anyone but if something's a mess with melee then it's probably either not a good weapon or not built very well. If you wanted to run a 3 hour survival those roles would still be important. If we had content of an equivalent scaling they would be as well. You'd want to go with a squad that looked something along these lines. You'd want either a killer or a nuke. You'd want something like a Volt so the squad can use his shield to survive. You'd want either a nekros or a speed nova to keep up spawns or life support. You'd have a lot of freedom on the number 4 to either shoal up a weakness, add some CC or survivability, get a buffer or even another damage dealer. It's a different comp than the classic void run but the biggest difference isn't our arsenal, it's the modern lack of reason we'd ever have to be in that situation. And that game mode was a completely different beast than the rest of the game though. That mode was designed almost entirely around the notion of maximizing player damage. Aside from the amalgam that had a Komorex the enemies weren't much of a threat even in late rounds. Only real gate for the whole mode was how much damage you could fit in a small time span. Even then it was only particularly onerous if you were shooting for a ridiculous endurance score. I also understand magus lock down could keep the demolyst basically perma locked down. I was kind of annoyed with all the cheaters on that event so I was being super stubborn about not cheesing and didn't test it, but if it worked right then one person using that could make up for the other 3 people not doing enough damage. Which I guess just shows why they added the nulli pulses in the first place. Edit: after looking at this post we've gone completely off the tracks. Not going to ask you to not respond but for the sake of everyone else's scroll wheels I think I'll make this my last comment on this exact issue here.
  12. Nullifiers basically just cast an aoe silence spell. If you seriously haven't seen a silence spell mechanic then I can only imagine haven't played very many rpgs. It's a pretty common feature and if anything it's easier to deal with in warframe than most games with a comparable feature. They're very easy to bypass and only disable your abilities in a pretty small zone. Beyond that plenty of games tie in mechanics to make bosses immune to different things. Mild puzzling, weak points, different stages or even mechanics that just stretch out the fight are pretty commonplace in boss fights outside of warframe. Even a really basic game like maplestory uses physical/magic immunity and reflection statuses in their boss fights. I always thought the modern bosses in Warframe are all massively superior to the old bosses because they use those some of those different mechanics now too. Except old content usually is invalid in those games once you've geared past them. Unless the game uses a fair fight mechanic you just delete everything in front of you and get little in terms of worthwhile sustainable rewards. Where in warframe, other than sortie challenges, are your guns actually disabled? A good gun with a good build will scale well into the level hundreds, thousands with the appropriate ability synergies. Even a typical maiming strike melee build isn't worth using for long unless you have a good status spreader to strip armor before you hit. That's not a nerf, that's just a boss mechanic. There should be more of those. On top of everything else it helps make the player base smarter about how they build and play. Guns, powers, and melee are all overpowered compared to our enemies, it's good that players learn to use all of them properly with bosses. I'd rather we just get regular enemies that scale to our current power but for boss fights thats an excellent fix in the mean time. Right now if I want to jump into a survival and go up against level 500+ enemies I can make it up there with melee weapons, with just guns or with just powers. If you nerf one of those so I can't then you haven't made me any less able to perform that feat, you've just eliminated one of my valuable options to do so. The top end of any of our offenses, gun blade our power, is so high that you'll never be scaled out of that option unless you're going for a try hard multi hour endurance run. Unless you're aiming for over two hours at selkie or mot those two other categories very much can compete. If you're actually pushing past that then you should be very well familiar to the fact that at the top level some methods of killing will always be better than others. No, CC effectively died as a result of DE's decision to continue progressing player power while regressing or maintaining enemy power. CC was never particularly useful in general star chart missions, nukes were always better for that even then. CC was valuable back in the day because the game's void system encouraged players to somewhat regularly run endurance missions past the point that their frames could damage anything. If you got hit once you were dead and no warframe could hit high enough with ability damage to continue. Crowd control could keep the team alive and keep the enemies down while they fed bullets into the sponges. Melee was also nearly universally considered worthless trash back then, just good for coptering. If we either had stronger enemies or had a real motivation to go for long runs again you'd start seeing support builds and CC builds become more valuable again. Like before when melee was trash and CC was king and the only things that mattered to an endurance run was 4* CP a CC frame and a lot of bullets? This game has always been about meta hopping through homogenized setups. The only difference between then and now is that unless you're aiming to fight enemies well over the level 500+ range, the top option for a run isn't the only option for a run anymore.
  13. FTFY I've never viewed needing to get better gear when I level up in a game as being restricted. This is literally the only game I've ever seen where people even make that argument. If you want to get stronger you need stronger gear and should have more powerful enemies to use it against. If DE isn't willing to do that then we'll never see further progression from where we are. There's more cheese in this game than the majority player base, or I even suspect the devs are aware of. They will never be able to clean up this mess with player nerfs, all that'll happen is the meta will continually shift. Nerfing things just makes less options viable, it doesn't make the alternatives any better. If you need to build for level 250+ enemies then right now you have a lot of options to go with. Nering MS or saryn or Mesa or w/e won't make it so you can't cheese that level of content. It'll just reduce the number of options we currently have towards building for it.
  14. I mostly solo farmed the mutagen for my clan because I unveiled a riven for it and wanted to test it out. It's not worth it, but before chroma got nerfed it would regularly hit over 10 mill on crit headshots and keep his health full up to enemy insta kill levels. Even with the buff DE gave it it'll never recover to its glory days. RIP Now if you do decide to farm it I'll share the little bit of data I can remember. Without boosters and with nekros you can expect between 4-6 mutagen per minute. Almost every 100 minute run I ran I'd come out with 500 mutagen mass. Unless you can recruit some help or use (waste) some boosters you're looking at ~2000 minutes or about 33 hours. Find a clan that already has it researched if you really want it. You don't need to sell your soul for a gun that's only decent.
  15. Gee you mean the game's actually progressed in those years? Good, it's always been to easy. Hope they double down on that strategy. Worst part about this game is the enemies are all like high school girls, we keep getting stronger, they stay the same age *cough* level. Seriously if you think maiming strike is the only problem then you haven't kept up with the current meta too well. Most squads can one shot eidolons without maiming strike melee. Most bosses, at least without I frames, can be insta killed without melee. Grineer drop ships can be killed quickly without melee. Nox can be easily near insta killed up to ridiculous levels without melee. Even solo demolyst kills are easy without melee up to at least the fourth round, eighth if you've got a decent weapon. Yes DE needs to introduce more powerful and difficult enemies to keep caught up with our power level. While I can't fathom how that could be a bad thing, nerfing melee won't change the need for that.
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