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  1. Nekros' mortos binds still wont attach properlly to the irkalla deluxe skin :( And there is still some remnants of a bug that wouldn't let me skip the mission intro
  2. Thanx for the hotfix! I wonder about a missmatch with nekros' mortos binds thar are not attached properlly to the irkalla skin. Has anyone else this very same problem?
  3. Redeemer prime bugged whille using mesa prime. the animation got messed up, didn't fire but it did show the pushing blast.
  4. There is a massive bug that every animal track gets offline when there is a host migration. and the bug when using a kdrive you cant know if you are being hit.
  5. Thank you! There is still a bug which you die in a k-drive without any indication of being damaged - and if you die, you can move a standing warframe with a fixed camera
  6. - There are still some issues in orb vallis when there is a host migration that disable animal tracks when clicking on the poop. - sometimes when riding a k-drive you can't unmount. thanx for the previous fixes =)
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