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  1. and if the creators lose, how long do you think they'll keep on being creators?
  2. do you have them gilded? they have to be gilded before you get mastery from them.
  3. support is your only hope
  4. they just rub their noses together and the little boogers just drop right out
  5. ummmm.....ok, i guess?
  6. Pilfering Strangledome is a mod, not an ability
  7. sounds to me like someone was wanting to sell something but couldn't get as much for as they wanted to.
  8. not sure, but i think if there is no one available to play, it doesn't show up.....but i could be wrong.
  9. 5. don't keep spamming support tickets. it slows them down so that it takes longer to get help because they have to read each and every ticket they get. 1 is enough.
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