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  1. why would anyone forma a frame 50 times????
  2. to me it sounds like they're hiring and this is the application
  3. try a different glyph and see if that works. if it does, you'll know the first one is borked
  4. are you accidently putting a blank space while pasting?
  5. i want her to live because she's going to the prom with me
  6. no bullet jumping....i hardly ever do that
  7. no thanks. i don't consider running around a map bouncing off stuff and accidently getting stuck on things because you were going to fast fun.
  8. i'd rather have them doing the carlton dance...and if you don't know what that is, google it....you'll love it
  9. an aura is for warframes and a stance is for melee weapons...no need to go messing around with them. next thing you know you'll be wanting stances on warframes.
  10. do you not want to see what is happening around you?
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