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  1. do you have your browser set to delete cookies and stuff when you close it out?
  2. no problem for me, so it's got to be you.
  3. we can already run up walls, so why would we need to climb them?
  4. to late...i have seen it and now i can't unsee it. it's stuck in my brain forever....or at least until i forget about it.
  5. shoulda locked your orbiter doors when you left on a mission.
  6. well it is getting close to Halloween
  7. so why do you have a picture of Megan with Rebeca's name under it???
  8. just out of curiosity i looked up warframe and the gtx 1060 6gb on youtube and from what i saw, those people were getting around 200 fps with everything set as high as it would go....so off hand i'd say you have a problem somewhere creating a bottleneck.
  9. choose your avatar on your game profile, then log completely out of this web site and log back in...might have to do it a couple times
  10. if it's a joke, then it's going way over my head
  11. happened to me, too during a pug game yesterday....but i was using banshee and started using my sound quake to kill things on the other side of the door. luckily someone else had energy siphon equipped...but eventually they got tired of waiting and left, so i had to abort the mission. decided to try it again and equipped energy siphon myself and ran it solo. got to the stuck door again and started using sound quake...took awhile but eventually i managed to kill everything on the other side and then the door unlocked and i could move to the extraction point....i love my banshee.
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