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  1. What you're saying is correct assuming you don't fully strip shields using Shield Disruption + Coaction drift. The 35% is from the maximum health and not health + shield, so with shields, it will take dramatically more shots to take down the demolyst. The 35% is divided 50/50 into impact and radiation and the 50% which is further divided on the amount of orbs. The elec buff adds on top and it is what is mainly responsible for the damage. 2/4 of the main demolysts are 25% resistance to impact and 2/4 are 50% weak to electricity 25% to radiation. The Demolyst MOA has an ability to heal itself afterwards Oberon's smite can't target it, so effectively, mainly Demolyst Satyr benefits from the weaknesses. Demolyts also have innate damage resistance that isn't documented in the wiki but it's roughly 50-60%
  2. Not even with vigorous swap you can do a 100% damage on the demolysts. You're not including damage resistance/weaknesses in the equation. Those to each damage type (Impact, Radiation, and Electricity) after the buffs. Also, there are several arcanes that have a trigger completely irrelevent from the buff such as arcane avenger. You take warframe damage and get a critical chance boost to all your weapons and abilities (read exalted weapons or abilities that can crit) Edit: There are also mods such as Growing Power where you proc status with a weapon and not necessarily warframe ability and get power strength. Hell, the new Proton Snap mod gets triggered by wall latching, a warframe thing, but it buffs weapon damage
  3. IGN: -ReV-ClawX7 MR: 25 (1850+ hours played, 3400+ on steam) Country: Egypt (kek) Age: 21 Languages: English/Arabic Current Clan: Revolution Interested in applying for: Quasars or Quasars Storm (prefer Quasars because that's where my friends are and also that purple emblem) When I started playing: 2014 Discord: ClawX7#6606 About me: College kid with free time. Played this game and dived into its mechanics deep enough to call myself a true veteran. I'm usually chill to be around. I know about quasars back when my clan was in the ICE alliance with it. I find myself doing Eidolon hunts and endurance runs out of boredom, and I'd like an active clan to keep me company. Speaking of Eidolon hunts, I know Yzug, Alchameth and Mattorix from Warframe Exploration Hub we're moderating.
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