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  1. Hi Tenno, Foreword: Due those given circumstances of lockdowns and teleworking, had more time to get things done for my frames, including the idea to fit everyone and their weapons with a school specific Lua Lens. So the last three weeks had spend a lot of times on the plains and Lua again. Not sure if all here can be classified as bug or had already been reported. Eidolon Missions: - If one has to draw out the commander (Aerial, Plain, Recon) the counter indicates: Lure the target out before falling under 4 minutes. The Checkbox getting marked success. Unfortunate
  2. Hi Tenno, The title is the content. In short: The Athodai looks cool and think with one in each hand it looks even cooler. In addition had been a while to have a a good devastating Dual Secondary. And yes there are others like the Cyanex or Cycron etc. For me it is the Athodai for now. Cheers
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