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  1. My K-drive is still bugged for over a month now, since the first hotfix where they fixed K-drives not being forma-able. Now just waiting on a reply from support to see if they can replace it with one that isn't bugged. This issue doesn't affect any of my other K-drives, they can be forma'd and ranked up normally. There are some other people who also have this issue with their K-drives. (can't retain affinity, says maxed with any affinity gained in open world, on return says unranked)
  2. Just waiting for my K-drive to be usable again, have had this issue for maybe 10 or more hotfixes, it all started after the hotfix that fixed now being able to forma K-drives/ Once I forma-d it, it now remains permanently unranked. I take it out on the plains/orb and it jumps to maxed, then when I return it says unranked. I've talked to support twice and they auto end my tickets, the last ticket they told me they don't work with bug reports and to just post on here so a Dev could see it since they read about bugs here. I'm starting to really regret naming my K-drive.
  3. I have a K-drive that wont rank up or keep any affinity after a mission, I was told by support to make a post on the forums so that if others have this issue they can reply so the devs could see. I've had this issue for a long time now and talked to support multiple times with no solution. I want to use this K-drive I even named the thing which costs plat. ^ Goes to max regardless of how much affinity gained. As soon as I head back to Cetus or Fortuna it goes back to unranked, I've talked to others who have said the same issue but they don't post on the forums. 4/24 - Update: Issue still remains, waiting on a reply from support for a refund or replacement of my K-drive.
  4. My K-drive is still bugged and I can't level it, and it's still stuck at unranked no matter how much affinity I get.
  5. I can't level my K-drive still after formaing it. I go out into orb vallis and get a few experience and it says maxed rank, I go back to fortuna look at my K-drive and it is unranked with 0 affinity on it.
  6. I hate posting this again but I have a K-drive that can't be leveled and I think support was confused by what I meant and auto closed my ticket, they thought I was talking about it not showing mastery affinity. After forma-ing my K-drive it can't be leveled anymore, 1 affinity makes it falsely say maxed rank in orb valis but when I get back to fortuna it says unranked and 0 affinity towards it. The blue bar hasn't changed.
  7. Any word on when I can level my K-drive again? I havent been able to rank it up since I forma'd it a few patches ago.
  8. I still can't rank up my K-drive anymore, it remains unranked after being forma'd... I go out in vallis and my unranked K-Drive says it's maxed out so I can't level it. All this happened after the hotfix to fix not being able to forma K-drives. =/
  9. I can forma K-drives but can no longer rank them up.... =/
  10. Bought the Nidus-Night Hunter l Skin+Helmet but didn't get the helmet....
  11. So are we still getting dual wield of Single Melee and gun? Is it still the plan to release that with melee 3.0?
  12. Wow I'm loving this new trend of big armor, 2 in a row ❤️ also saw I was way too late checking back on the forums and noticed I was asked to post pics of what frames I was wearing the vetala armor set on. Spoilers it's most of my frames, that would require me to post like 40 or more pics. I'm using this new set on a ton of frames as well, If I posted I feel like I'd be spamming lol
  13. OMG This Vetala armor looks amazing with everything, the big armor I've been waiting for is here. I can't even.
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