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  1. Can you please do something about our decoration placement control? I love the new room and decorations but get to the point of pulling out my hair EVERY time i do anything. Why when we have an entire keyboard do we have to share functions with 6 keys. You know how frustrating it is when snapping keeps getting turned on because you hit it trying to get the right rotation angle on the last piece. Or how totally heart breaking it can be when somewhere in your build layout it switched from world to local and the difference was so minimal you didn't see it till 4 hours and 60 pieces later. Why for the love of god can't these functions have their own keys that won't be accidentally hit trying to do other things. Don't say its because your in different modes when you use them. This isn't like going from regular play into Railjack mode. the transition between modes is seamless and done multiple times per minuet so they still need their own key assignments
  2. i'll second you on the pathing and spawns but I don't think the exit would be an issue at all if this hasn't become one button stupid in public matches. It's told to you several times in game, and news feed you need to use your xoris to fight in the Granum void the rewards are tiered to getting so many kills and that all goes right out the window when you get there and there is a Mesa or Ember just racking up three and four hundred kills by pushing a single button , no aim is even involved. Just push the button and walk away a 4 times over winner every time. It takes the trade value of any of the rewards in it strait to crapper as it's now the easiest farm in the game. If that kind of play wasn't permitted in there as they made it sound the score would be tight , like tight tight, and if you were able to keep going you would probably want to as it would be a rare thing and something to feel good about. I took my xoris and nothing else, including abilities(went as Inaros) and was stoked as hell when I made it to 143 solo. I tried it twice with Non exploiting teams and failed. Due to exactly the first three points you made but had more fun and felt decent about my self compared to the next two matches where first a mesa did it all, I joined in the void and should have left but was still wondering what just happened as I ran to exit. And second one when an ember started doing it I did leave. that's not a game, talent, or skill. It's just stupid!!
  3. First always has more, that's because they were first, before you, have been here longer. That's life, need to get over that one. I am very thankful they discovered this small, almost no budget game release and seeing it's potential decided to invest their money to support it. Personally I think they should be given their own special set of armor too. That way they can be recognized and acknowledged no matter what warframe they choose to play
  4. As posted earlier by theShadowyMrEvans you can easily enlarge your titania by flying out of bounds through some game hole while inside any of the structures in the railjack missions and then warping to ship. you will then get a giant titania's shown above that will remain through out any changes except hitting her 4 again will null it. Until then you can use operator to get her into the anomaly and some grineer vessels although it is merely comical as she is to big to use and just a massive target for your enemies who's damage is not affected by your size , aka you die quick. I do think MrEvans report felt a bit more like snitching on someone as it didn't happen to him and could give no help on how it happened it could only cause that player some inconvenience or unfair suspension . should let the player it happened to figure it out, how and why, and give them a chance to report it
  5. actually leave him the way he is even if you didn't want him a bit off pace. it gives him some personality and since he has no body i think thats fair
  6. thank you for all your fixes, i was wondering if it's a glitch/bug when old SI tells us the ship is clear, all enemies are dead when were still chasing two around the ship, because he does that alot. So i didn't know if you wanted him to be imperfect since he also has a habit of telling me there is an incoming ram sled after it's stuck in the side of my ship. So i just treat him as OLD man SI, and double check his info the way he is now.
  7. Following the "broken " theme he should be getting good at repairing things so his passive should be an increased heal rate. 1, being broken his first power should be borrowed. Aim at another player and borrow their power set for a given amount of time. 2, It's a give and take world so his second should be to share his heal rate with another player or defense objective 3 . If he is fast enough, have him take a few of the broken pieces of the enemies and "repair" them into a fighting specter. but since it is done in a hurry maybe all the parts don't go in the right places, resulting in some wild looking combinations. 4 . Team synergy, he should have ropes he can toss and stick to two or three payers, your choice. that will combine their powers into match pausing screen clearing effect if they activate their powers within a few seconds of one another. this power should not be on a recharge basis but a buildup standard that should, not be able to be reached in simple two or three minuet misson
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