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  1. also can you leave the collision value of decorations we purchase from you the way they are when we bought them. Every elva i bought was originally purchased just for their collision so i could make supporting surfaces. All 42 of them are completely useless to me now and donated to can. if you need change an aspect as major as that with stuff at least give us the option to return previously purchased ones that will no longer do what they were bought for.
  2. yes please with all you have done for our dojo creation address the core element that has been requested for years . i love all the previous ideas but would be happy if you could at least stop making placement options share keys depending on what mode were in. So tired of surface snap coming on because i was shifting last object. And the massive open spaces and all the new decorations along with increased capacities, can we please get a contribute to everything in the room option. Don't make us donate 1600 times in each room please. Another UI issue that NEEDS to be addressed is that d
  3. yep end screen Blows. they didn't even address the actual problem the old one created they just hid it. The biggest issue with the old screen is it caused newer players to hate playing with vets that carry heavy hitting weapons. The damage stat has always been total B.S. you cant make something more than DEAD so any damage your weapon does past what it takes to kill the enemy should not be added, combine that with them putting the damage stat first in the old screen new players always felt ripped , especially if they out killed you in enemies, not counting nuker frame kills. And nuker fra
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