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  1. as Topic i use primed pistol ammo mutation mod that allowed me to convert another ammo pool to fill on my azima ... however recently update seem break it. now on pistol ammo mutation mod convert only to 3ammo per rifle ammo pickup (when it should 8 on maxed mod description) when Primed Pistol ammo mutation mod convert only to 5ammo per rifle ammo pickup (when it should 12 on maxed mod description) i can't upload my picture from google drive for some reason but please fix this problem ... a lot of my pistol not get ammo enough specailly when gun have high fire rate with low ammo capacity like azima. Thank you.
  2. u want to see something fun? check Mutalis Tar Moa....spawn it in simu with just lvl80.... let your godly inaros 9k hp with full tank stand in it tar and see the magic. yes! mutalis Tar moa right now have broken damage.. just lvl 100 able to one shot my inaros 9k hp who are able tank lvl1000+ enemy before.
  3. System i take 2 runs .... chassis take me 3runs and nueroptic is..... 32runs. u make my numbers feel small compare to your side... hope u get it soon.
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