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  1. in addition of that ....damage dealt also can be calculated tru shield gate on enemy like corpus too.. example if u have very massive dmg weapon but it not shot tru enemy head and trigger their shield gate. damage dealt will store to portion of shield and result of insane damage dealt( when it still save from dying and shield gate just reduce to it hp bar)... this is 100% legit and can cause by any heavy hitting weapon as long as u not hit them tru headshot to bypass shield gate.( that reason why sometime u use weapon like fragor p and heavy attack on them result of massive dmg dealt
  2. i think even gift to another player still can get report... as long as source to get plat is illigal. they will just rip out that gift item and banned that user... gift is not the way to escape from punishment at all. so don't try to get anything free or unreasonable price... it always have risk... accept gift only friends u really know them well and make sure it legal.
  3. u can use baruuk his ultimate+augment with right build can make SP mission that require kill are easier (mobdef,def,exter etc) when on mission that require cc u can use frame like nova nyx vauban u name it. some specific misison are harder than normal mission specailly some boss like Ropallolyst and zeloid prelate... u will need to optimize some build to complete them but it still doable even on solo. most of SP mission just like normal misison except some addition like have cooldown on gear item...enemy are tank and always spawn with maximum spawnrate... Good luck on hunti
  4. i think if u report someone and he get punished Support will send inbox to inform that player get Punish(banned or any etc) to who are report too. Just make sure to screenshot and send any evidence as much as u can...and make sure not false report as if someone false report or lie just to attack another also will get punish by De instead too. and report will take time to solve... some case take like 2-3weeks etc as they have limit amount of man power compare to number of players. so be patience :)
  5. First sorry for my bad english. This is one of hearth broken i discovered in this deimos arcana update. all of residual arcane i have and tested not deal scaling damage by mod setup at all ... result of very low damage that barely kill anything even at lvl5 enemy first here is build of catchmoon kitgun i use on this arcane residual viremia.(maxed rank) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EYVLqgjwCvFVzqRPALeL1Sb2Y1nBVtxG/view?usp=sharing and here is vid about it actual damage in mission. My Question is what's the point to use this arcane... it deal like "30
  6. thing is it not full 1 week it just 2-3 days now ... and ofc we are fine as we farm SE before this update... but for who not ready their SE and need to farm it in 2-3 days left. oh boy imagine that.
  7. i just bought one so i not check timer but i think it only about 2-3 days left to grab umbra forma bp with 150 SE if DE confirm to rotate reward on next week then u have only few days to farm SE enough to buy it. ( if u not farm SE before this update ofc ) so ... better farm SE now or grab it before need to wait 8 weeks to make it return.
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