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  1. Playing with colours, perhaps my favourite Alad face that I've ever drawn. This sad boy deserves many kisses and hugs.
  2. Here's my entry, kind of a given that I'd do Alad
  3. On the last Dev stream we were shown the Stalker and Corpus UI themes, however come Fortuna part 2 we've only been given the Stalker theme and the new Baruuk theme. Whatever happened to the Corpus theme that was shown? I was so looking forward to it :(
  4. Here's my entry for the contest! The best kind of horror is real horror, and nothing is more terrifying than having to wait for Vor to spawn at the end of your interception wave. I went for a more Hammer Horror movie poster, I hope it still counts! Edit: Woops, reddit user pointed out a spelling error on the poster, it's fixed now!
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