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  1. Valoroy

    Resource Booster, Orb vs Teralyst

    So I recently got a resource booster and decided to go kill Profit Taker. I got double the bonds and toroids. However, when I captured a Teralyst, I only got one shard and core. After doing some digging, I found some old posts talking about how resource boosters don't work on the Teralyst, but it just doesn't seem very consistent. If Orb's are the new Eidolon's, and they are affected by a resource booster, shouldn't Eidolon's be as well? I can understand not doubling arcanes won from the fight, that could seriously alter the economy of the game, but shards and cores I feel should be affected by a resource booster since they're account bound like toroids.
  2. The coloring of Chroma's Dynasty Wings from his deluxe skin are tied to the warframe colors, rather than the attachment coloring. While this looks great on the Dynasty skin, I recently acquired Chroma Prime, and wanted to use his prime skin with the wings, but the color slots don't match up because of this bug. I'm assuming this is a bug, because other auxiliary pieces draw from the attachment palette, not the warframe's palette (Mortos Binds for example). In the image below it shows all colors being set to white in attachments, but the wings staying black, because that's the color on my warframe.
  3. Valoroy

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Wait there's a prisma fluctus?
  4. I think this might be affecting the riven challenge I'm attempting. I have to kill 4 pilots before they hit the ground, and I can shoot pilots off the dargyn, killing the dargyn in the process with a punch through sniper, but I don't get credit for killing them. It might be that the game is considering the pilot to still be attached to the dargyn for some reason. EDIT: I found a work around for the challenge. Use Titania's 1 on the pilots before they climb onto their dargyns. It still breaks if they get on the dargyn first though.
  5. Valoroy

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    I have been playing Revenant a lot with a balanced build and honestly I enjoy him. I think he's definitely close to being in a really good place. My feedback for him would follow the same vein as others feedback. Enthrall is really difficult to use especially in a squad when they get instantly nuked by other players. Maybe if they could charge other enemies rather than enthrall them that could help it, making charged enemies drop a smaller energy trap on death, maybe they go away after a single tick or something. This could give him a lot of potential to have a kind of viral effect similar to Saryn where he would spread out his plague without running into the issue of being completely op because he turned a room of enemies into his minions, as well as when you want to enthrall something and you can't because you're at the cap from a thrall grabbing four buddies, which can be frustrating when they take really weak enemies when you would've enthralled something stronger. The other bit of feedback would definitely be mesmer skin. While I don't mind this ability too much mechanically, I have a hard time with the mist visual. It can be really distracting, especially in places that are darker scenes, such as infested missions, it adds a lot of visual noise that can be difficult to deal with, especially when other enemies are lobbing around fog like a Nox or infested osprey. His third and fourth ability I don't have anything wrong with, they have a lot of synergy and are good for offense and defense. His passive is also nice for rezzing allies under fire and a random panic button for when you are under a lot of damage pressure. Kinda wish it did more to help the rest of his kit but I don't really expect much from a passive. Niche but still useful.
  6. Valoroy

    [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    Limbo Prime in the spotlight 😉
  7. Valoroy

    [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    A Cataclysm Falls
  8. Valoroy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #89!

    The banshee prime trailer was amazing, and I know you guys are working on the valkyr prime trailer, but my question is this: Will there be any retroactive prime trailers? There are a lot of prime warframes that would be awesome in their own trailer. Also, who is the voice in the trailers? Are they someone important to us in game, or just a random narrator?
  9. Valoroy

    New Comic Contest: Not Just For Clem

    Better Left for Clem! Edit: I would like to point out that no Clems were harmed in the making of this comic strip.
  10. Valoroy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #59

    Will there ever be a unique mod that decreases self harm damage that can be inflicted by various weapons? Or rather, is that even possible to do?The Secura Penta has been cruel... T.T