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  1. It's been a while since you've introduced the first batch signature weapon bonuses. What about the remaining ones that do not have them yet? Any info on progress?
  2. In the concept art it was already apparent his body was going to be made of stone, considering its roughly-hewn appearance.
  3. Any updates on Zephyr Deluxe? Probably a no, but still worth asking.
  4. I haven't had any issues with Zenith not punching through walls. That used to be a bug but it got fixed eventually, as far as I am aware. I'd personally easily choose Zenith over S&O, since it is actually really strong and the punchthrough allows you to fight in relative safety from behind walls or within enclosed structures.
  5. Quanta should beat out the vanilla Boltor easily. Has good status and crit, (and beam weapons are innately pretty good at status anyway), is a beam weapon with good range, and has an explosive alt-fire.
  6. His survivability comes now in the form of a passive 3x free revives plus a bonus effect, armor gained by absorbing damage with his 3, and healing up damage with his 2. In addition he is capable of dealing more damage than his previous incarnation thanks to his buffed staff and the ability to create a clone.
  7. The only thing that worries me about this is the fact that currently there is only place where you can get the coolant canisters, and having to fly several hundred meters back and forth to get them from the Temple of Profit every time you want to close a fracture seems clumsy. Maybe Coolant Raknoids could roam near the fractures for easier access to coolant.
  8. Time to ask for this one again, just a bit of a status update. How is Zephyr Deluxe coming along? Has the artist been working on it or is it still a bit on hold due to other projects?
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