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  1. As I understand, when it comes to ESO farming it depends on the type of enemy that spawns. Weaker ones will grant less xp/affinity, and spawns are random. In this case, I believe this is the varying factor that was not factored in.
  2. Finally today after who knows how long, this has been fixed. Thanks DE for finally getting around to it. I hope my encouragement helped 😉
  3. Almost all responses here are negative and still DE persists without helping when this is obviously their fault! Blame lays at the feet of the company that decided to stream and offer rewards for viewership. Honour your offer DE!
  4. Terrible! DE, you are not honouring your own pledge! Whoever approved the ad for Steam "news" should be reprimanded, and an apology made as it's blatant false advertising! You should being running that script for all those affected! I'm really disappointed with your response on this. I clearly showed my linked accounts and time watched to support only to be told: "I understand that you still wish to continue with this request. However, please note that we still are unable to assist with this issue. This is because as this is an event done in partnership with Twitch/Mixer/Steam, the amount of support we can provide on this is very limited. As such, as much as we would love to assist you, we really are unable to. Sorry!" Whilst the rewards are nothing I personally care for or need, the principle of honouring your word should always prevail. There are others that took the time to get these rewards and they have earned them. The fact you're not willing to fix the issue for everyone shows the content of your character. You have lost my respect.
  5. DE support has replied about Nekros Prime drops. In a nutshell, it's their mistake but they are not willing to do what's required to honour their pledge nor compensate those affected. Reason sighted: "it's a complex problem". As an MR27 I have no real need of NP as I already have all frames and the BP's to build more, but the principle of doing what you say comes into play. I'm really disappointed with DE taking this stance. At least with the Ash Prime debacle they offered compensation. This time around and we have a similar issue with no compensation. This is not what I expected from a developer that I have spent hundreds of dollars on to support. For those about to say you need to be linked etc, the facts are I have WF linked to both Steam and Twitch (over a year for both) and have received a message from support stating it was their mistake but that they "cannot help [me] further in this case". To say I'm disappointed doesn't quite cover it.
  6. Meanwhile, plenty of people are still waiting for Nekros Prime... Would be nice to have a giveaway actually function as it should.
  7. A new frame, 2 new weapons, and a missing Nekros Prime debacle later and we're still waiting for a fix!
  8. Is this EVER going to be fixed?!
  9. I have 29/30 like many others, but I have also triple checked all entrances on foot to make sure it's not me. Can this please get a fix?! This is one of the few I have left. It's infuriating!
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