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  1. Question, how will the "tight melee combat roll" shown before work now that block is automatic? With phase 1 right at the doorstep I'd like to share my suggestion on expanding charge attacks for upcoming phases. For a start, if charge attacks are still going to be around then let us charge attack from gun mode so instead of quick melee i can start off with holding e to charge attack on first melee attack out of gun mode. Just a small QoL. Now the meat. TL;DR: Please give us rising attacks. You know, uppercuts, shouryuken, etc. Idea is to CC and get targets airborne. And maybe expand on charge/heavy attacks, ideally to give room for more possible single or short movesets that can be chained together into a combo. Since you'll be movement locked on normal melee, lock our movement on charge attack too. While that by itself is just a nerf, this'll open up the option of applying normal melee's "pressing direction to execute different move" to charge attacks too. For normal attacks you are kinda holding direction button while pressing [E] to execute so for charge attacks you can hold [E] and while charging, press a direction button to execute different kind of charge attacks. The idea with directional charge attacks is that it creates room for a secondary moveset. This way we'd have; - Primary quick/normal moveset that starts with Hold direction input and lets you build up combo counter, and - Secondary charge/heavy moveset that starts with Hold [E] input and consumes combo counter for additional benefits. Rising attack could be one of the charge attacks. as an example; Uppercut! - hold [E] to charge, then press space while charging to execute. - ragdolls enemies upwards, makes warframe airborne. - consumes combo. - affected aoe range depends on combo counter. (combo counter cost is vague since im not sure if DE wants it so all counter is used on next charge attack or that charge attacks has determined CCcost.) Regarding charge attack with no directional input, my initial thought was that there's 2 things you can do, automatically releasing base charge attack once its charged, or releasing e to release charge attack. Auto release is what we currently have now in melee 2.0, and "releasing e" idea would give more control. But you could utilize both to create a timing prompt mechanic. For example releasing [E] at the brief window possibly prompted with visual/audio cue when fully charged for extra benefit. Missing the prompt by either early or late input shouldn't have any penalties, instead it just does the attack without whatever extra boost it could've had. Think Octavia's metronome but the pulse is when your charge is full and the input is directional button or [E] release. I could only hazard a guess as to how resource intensive it would be to implement these but since we're still in the middle of melee rework and phase 1 and 2 doesn't include charge attack changes I figured now is a good time.
  2. Like octavia with her mandachord or limbo with rift, being essentially a mind-control frame Nyx has opportunity to be such a unique frame that can utilize threat level mechanic reliably. but current rework while really good feels like its moving nyx from a CC mind controlling frame by theme to a more power strength based, offense focused frame in line with the likes of nova and banshee to go with the meta in a forced way. So hear me out on (probably really biased) additional suggestions focusing on the theme of manipulation, threat level. For a start, let nyx see threat levels in some ways, be it a passive or chaos' nyx image transparency changing based on threat level the allies and enemies possesses. it gives information that players can utilize on depending on their foresight and play style. Second, give all abilities threat gain or loss, let her be the master of threat manipulation. for rough examples; Mind control - transfer nyx's threat value to target, but threat level on nyx and target reverts to normal over the duration. so something like max threat for 1 sec then decays over 4 secs. allow all sources of damage contribute instead of just nyx's. Psychic Bolt - increase target's threat to max over the duration at constant rate. Chaos - increase threat on enemies like it already is but also decrease allies threat level too, ally threat increases back to normal over the duration. this would make chaos much more reliable cc that doesn't rely on proximity. also possibly exposing threat levels of everything caught in chaos range for everyone in party to see. Absorb - increase threat level to a certain threshold over time instead of a flat gain. so less starting threat but higher than flat gain's threat after a few seconds.
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