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  1. When in titania's razorwing form, when trying to melee with diwata, you'll pull it out and go full stupid and just sit there, every once in a while you'll bum rush into an enemy but still won't attack.
  2. Not that big of a deal, except i'm trying to get a screenshot of the vaykor sydon's blind effect with the new skopos skin on my trinity, and you can't block in captura, meaning no stacks, meaning no blind animation.
  3. Not sure if this is really a bug, but even if it isn't, I want to mention it. I thought that the wisp animations, both noble and agile, would also change the walk/run animation of warframes that equip them, but that doesn't seem to be the case, either it needs to be fixed, or implemented. I don't care if you make those animations cost more, or make it a separate thing that also costs plat, but I want my angel trinity to float around instead of walk around.
  4. Can we have it to where when in archwing or titania's 4, the syandana (and other wing types that activate upon jumping) are active? I think that would be awesome to have 2 sets of extended wings, your archwing, and your syandana. Otherwise, great skin! Thanks DE.
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