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  1. I wish to join up with a moon clan on PS4, I play Warframe everyday so no need to worry about me being active or not, having all of your clans research done is a definite plus.
  2. Introduction Ladies and Gentlemen come one come all, I've been out here bounty hunting down these Kuva Liches and I've captured them for your enjoyment. Thing is? Since I converted these cats with the sheer aspect of selling them off to a fellow Tenno that desires them. Here are their stats pick and choose which one you want and I'll let ya know my price ranges below. 52% Frost Kuva Nukor Vengeful Chill Ephemera Lich 150p 59% Impact Kuva Chakkur Vengeful Shockwave Ephemera Lich SOLD 25% Radiation Kuva Brahma Lich Vengeful Trickster Ephemera SOLD
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