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  1. How about Debug an Hotfix 1st For Railjack Its Soo glitchy broken Af On console Test it out you'll See how Broken it is Btw If your in Ship arsenal an they Leave Port It be Soo Glitched Your Frame will Stay in Asnal as it kiks you out an move freely In ship sn mission will Never Load Please Fix this broken game mode befor you add More too it
  2. What do you exspect from De .Kids come Crying that Only played Warframe for 2weeks plus Cry'ing cause they can't get a kill in So They Nerf the best Weapons For Vets of the Game..The people that Kept De Lights of for them an they S#&$ all over the Vets.An Favor New Players 24/7 ...
  3. You do Relize you can break down a duplicate weapon to make it stronger Right an Trade Converted Litches Lol why would you want to Ps4 Trade is trash you'll get 5p for it top's Good luck on sellin your litch in ps4 trade Lol find'ing the right mods is Super Ez sorry it takes you a hole day .
  4. why not just hold this hotfix an throw it in with rise'ing tide will get nxt year . ??Also what about the bug At maroo's baszarr when people have there hand raised you can not see what they are sell'in also theres a Bug with Kuva litches when i got to stab them my screen go blank with no hud an all you see is the card you use to stab them ... I would attach a Screen shot but you can't from psn an i have no pc atm.
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