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  1. So you're saying I should just run no mods to make the game more of a challenge instead of the devs balancing the game to make it harder?
  2. You can just put lazy tanking mods on any warframe and clear all of steel path using a single weapon. You don't even need a build.
  3. I like people say "bro just use crappy builds, pretend the game is hard," but the mere thought of them adding actually hard content to the game is triggering to them. Bro, if you don't like the hard content then just don't play it lol.
  4. Steel path is very easy. I think the last 250 hours of my gameplay in warframe has actually been making builds that are worse than my BIS ones because i'm just bored. Theres some really easy ways to make steel path actually challenging but they dont have the manpower to make changes to the game.
  5. I'm not going to be able change the fact that non existent resources aren't going into overhauling balance. They'd have to have something like siege's operation health which loses lots of money.
  6. Let's be honest, the balance of this game is effectively non existent.
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