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  1. Hopefully the dash will allow us to get past doors, I want to play regular missions without having to bonk my head on every doorway
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: If I fire a guided rocket of the Tennet Envoy into a nullifier bubble, the rockets get stuck making the missile tracking sound forever VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: As said above, shooting a guided missile into a nullifier bubble EXPECTED RESULT: The rocket should either explode or be redirected. OBSERVED RESULT: Rockets get stuck in mid air and produce sound for an indefinite duration. REPRODUCTION RATE: Almost every time I shoot at nullifiers.
  3. Since you are a beginner in terms of how much you have progressed, I suggest having warframe and weapon slots as your top priority, they aren't that expensive and the only way to get them is with platinum. You could maybe buy a skin or armor if you have a bunch to spare to give yourself a treat. Another thing that's important is the things you shouldn't spend platinum on, like: -Buying weapons/warframes from the in-game market, you can farm them easily by playing, if you don't play a lot you could buy one but if you play a bunch you'll regret it later. -Rushing things from the foundry, it's just a day for most things to craft, unless you really want something. 1000 plat is a pretty good amount, you can get a bunch of things with that, have fun shopping :)
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