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  1. I don’t know how to do that, I have no software to facilitate such an image. They are all filled, if you were wondering.
  2. Since our Orbiters are getting an interior redecoration. I was wondering if I should remove my decorations on my wall behind the Arsenal. I only ask because in the Tennocon reveal I noticed the wall behind that is much Flatter and Im concerned i might lose my Decorations I have back there. being "absorbed" into the wall and consequently unable to interact with in Decoration mode because of their new position. If you get what I'm saying. To help, heres the wall in question: And From the side: This is not a 'flex' of my wall, kinda, I know people have much more impressive things but this is my thing i spent my time on and Im proud of it. Hence my concern. I REALLY do not want to lose those Sculptures because of something like this. So please help me out here. I know i could just remove them to be safe. But I cannot tell you how much time I spent on that wall, and how much more difficult it has become to place them since a certain update to how you decorate came out. So just answer these few questions for me so I know how to Proceed. 1. when our Orbiters interior are changed will decorations be "absorbed" into a wall or Shunted to the surface? 2. If Absorbed, will there be an option to just simply select an area and remove/manipulate decorations that were selected? 3. If no option exists to select an area, and I miss the opportunity to remove the decorations before the update. Will the Devs be willing to help me recover them? 4. Grofit! Thank you for listening and Good luck hunting! -The_Mister
  3. My Limbo used to look like this... Now he looks like this... After testing I found its being Corrupted by my Power Color again.
  4. I don't want to be unreasonable, Just wondering how difficult would it be to let other frames use different Walk/Run Animations from another Frame(Wisp)? Would it be like Idle animation easy or just unreasonable?
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