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  1. Simple, statistics buffs like "increased range or X" for augments are nice, however that's not enough. The main problem with many augments is that they were badly designed from the beginning or maybe even rushed (example: "Spectrosiphon" for Gara). Such augments are boring, they are not fun to use and they are not even worth a one slot for mod. Again, such augments have to be reconsidered or maybe even reworked from the grounds (if not replaced by better, new augments). What these ones are truly missing are additional very unique and original effects - something that will make us want to use certain abilities, even if the version of such ability (without the augment) is useless, not worth using and wasting energy on. Augments mentioned in this thread are just nothing more than "a tip of a mountain", there are more augments that need attention too. From what I've read in replies of this thread and different players' suggestions, here are other things (related to augments) that should be proposed and added to Warframe: 1. Additional, special slot only for augments (I know @[DE]Bear that you are highly against this idea because of things like balance and power creep, however maybe it would be a good change to buff some things intead of nerfing them for a once ? I hope that one day you will follow or listen to the voices of players, the voice of the united Warframe community.) 2. Option to use PvP (Conclave) augments in PvE.
  2. Railjack, WHEN ??? >_> I mean, we don't want to hear again Soon™ or nOt SoOn™, just please tell us an approximated time to Railjack release, is it coming next month ? do we have to wait 2 months ? more ? less ? around 3 months ? no ? yes ? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (<@>_______<@>) #? #Question Mark #Massive Confusion #Hype #Disappointment #Primed Soon™
  3. Do I really should create a support ticket ? As I said, I'm not sure of this situation, it might be tricky, so I don't want to get an item I might have not before... it would be unfair, especially in relation to other players, however if it's only for a "bug reporting" purpose, then I will not hesitate.
  4. Let me explain this as shortly as only it is possible, from what I remember, after completing all of the past challenges that have been so far I found myself at the "Emissary Emblem" milestone (I got the emblem) with 4500/10000 standing score. Then new nightwave challenges appeared with new week and I did a few of these challanges (enough to push me to another milestione in the nightwave). Here problem arises, I am sure that I got "Arlo Statue", the animation of getting item from nightwave has played, but after some time I opened the nightwave UI again and it now says that "Arlo Statue" milestone is locked and Arlo Statue is missing from my inventory. Additionally, I am again at "Emissary Emblem" milestone with 1500 / 10000 so it's even less than my starting standing value in this week. That's true unless I'm a dumb moron and I've missed something, but it's rather highly unlikely. DE please, fix it. Ok, maybe I have some serious memory problems, because after some calculations everything seems to be almost normal ? However, I still have a strong feeling that the animation of getting "Arlo Statue" has played.... so maybe a different problem (bug) exists ?
  5. DE pls, Where is DA Railjack ? >_> It looks good and that's for sure, but there is only one question: "WHEN ???" Just GIB US even an approximated time to release as You usually do with big updates, how long will it take ? ; _ ; Game development is nothing easy, I understand, but c'mon... do we have to wait for Railjack one month ? 2 months ? More ? Is it coming this month ? No ? So, maybe later ? @[DE]Rebecca
  6. Please DE pls, just delete or change this one challenge, it's so painful because of many "well-known" problems and bugs associated with Sortie challange ; _ ;
  7. "Blocking with a melee weapon is no longer keybound, it is automatic when facing enemies who are dealing damage to you in melee mode. Your Reticle determines all!" I have mixed feelings about this D: And mainly because of mods like: And it's just a tip of the mountain, there are probably many more "problematic" mods or even weapons (like Vaykor Sydon). In conclusion, being unable to activate blocking by simple click of one button is straight-up (and also colossal) nerf for these mods, making them unviable, unplayable, more useless than they ever were before. Where is the place of these mods ? Or is there a place for them at all ? Where will they belong after melee 3.0 ? @[DE]Rebecca
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