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  1. DE pls, Where is DA Railjack ? >_> It looks good and that's for sure, but there is only one question: "WHEN ???" Just GIB US even an approximated time to release as You usually do with big updates, how long will it take ? ; _ ; Game development is nothing easy, I understand, but c'mon... do we have to wait for Railjack one month ? 2 months ? More ? Is it coming this month ? No ? So, maybe later ? @[DE]Rebecca
  2. Can enemies spawn close to a player or in the field of view of a player ? Personally, I've noticed such events only in extreme, rare cases (but I think also that Warframe is trying to avoid such situations). Also, is it true that in defense / interception missions there are specific zones, places for enemies to spawn ? or maybe they can spawn anywhere ?
  3. Nah, you have to unequip both a primary and a secondary weapon to be able to block with melee without restrictions of the current melee system. You can use exalted weapons and archguns as a small upgrade to melee only build, but this mod is simply not worth such efforts.
  4. @(PS4)Crixus044 I've found you ! >__>
  5. This is an interesting question, I've noticed too that enemies at T4 in the void (besides their high level) deal questionable, and at the same time tremendous, amounts of damage. It feels like these enemies have some kind of dmg buff there. Moreover, (if it's true) it is not a small buff, it's pretty noticeable, especially when you are getting insta-killed by a single bullet, single enemy shot at the start of a mission.
  6. Please DE pls, just delete or change this one challenge, it's so painful because of many "well-known" problems and bugs associated with Sortie challange ; _ ;
  7. "Blocking with a melee weapon is no longer keybound, it is automatic when facing enemies who are dealing damage to you in melee mode. Your Reticle determines all!" I have mixed feelings about this D: And mainly because of mods like: And it's just a tip of the mountain, there are probably many more "problematic" mods or even weapons (like Vaykor Sydon). In conclusion, being unable to activate blocking by simple click of one button is straight-up (and also colossal) nerf for these mods, making them unviable, unplayable, more useless than they ever were before. Where is the place of these mods ? Or is there a place for them at all ? Where will they belong after melee 3.0 ? @[DE]Rebecca
  8. "Warding Halo now only blocks 90% of damage taken." Hmm.. I don't like this change too. Why ? (you may ask) Because there were some builds created specifically around Health Conversion and / or Safeguard augment. As we all know Warding Halo's health is based of incoming damage, ability strength and... *ARMOR*. With 100% protection from damage it was possible to just ignore mods like Vitality or Redirection and instead of this go for Steel Fiber + Health Conversion, thanks to that you could get +1350 Armor and create shield with enormous health to protect you from dying (it was something like your second health bar). However the most important thing in "100% dmg protection" is synergy with this infamous Health Conversion... It's simple "100% dmg protection" = Health Conversion's armor stacks are safe and you can keep recasting "colossal" Warding Halo as long as you have energy for that. With 90% you're losing one stack after 3 seconds if something has hit you. So there is a constant need to replenish these stacks with health orbs (which may be not that easy considering that Warding Halo will probably keep your health pool full and will let just enough damage to only lower your shields).
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