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  1. They said they wanted to remake pets, but with these new mods abilities... looks like those changes won’t be the improvement we have been asking for.
  2. They need to rework command. A few nodes are just bad. 1st thing they need to fix is the revive mechanic it’s bad. Take it off the crew take it off pets. Have it be a player to player thing. Then turn 1 level of command into your crew revives after 180 seconds of ding. after because we don’t want to remove these customized crew with lich only crew and also because we have 10+ lich by now. When your crew member is killed replace it with a lich. replace this with the make lich crew. Next remove the S#&$ Spector. It’s useless. Thanks replace
  3. Lol ya. My bad... when I had no clan when Poe came out I would mad steal them from my team. It was that or carpal tunnel my self jumping. :p
  4. Meh good change to be honest. Killing your self because some guy jumps in front of you can be funny the 1st time but gets old fast.
  5. The pilot basically keeps your ship safe. I’ve never had a problem when I’ve left my ship alone to do an obj.
  6. I agree OP the mana system feels dated. Back when Diablo 2 came out every one saw the flaws of a mana system. How easy players could bypass the whole thing in any RPG. Once your past the midpoint of a game might as well turn mana off. I have asked for DE to put in unique resource systems or cooldowns to balance how op some powers are. Also cooldowns to make outrageously more powerful abilities balanced by those cooldowns. I think with the forums how they are though we won’t see change. People asking for balance and to make the game hard while wanting to keep spamable map wide
  7. I don’t think armour needs a nerf. If you watch any player show a level 9999 solo run it’s vs always the weakest faction the Grineer. Don’t let the ehp fool you they have no defence vs are powers and are easily made into sitting ducks.
  8. Was fun to read what the forum thought before the 2ed dream came out. Nice mistake man :)
  9. The thing I don’t like is how DE dropped the ball with the crew. They got all the Railjack parts working, then just S#&$ the bed on the rest of it. Why can’t my crew just join any mission as player replacement? Why can’t we have a crew on a Railjack when we have players in a game? Would each player brings one not make sense? Why do Liches have to replace are crew? They don’t do any systems and they are not customizable. Would it not be better if they replaced a killed crew? On that why do we revive crew? They figured out it sucks on pets then just put it on crew?
  10. The story does a bad job of putting you into the game world. A quest to get a new frame should end with ya uploading its information to the rest of the lotuses followers. Its fine making us the Tenno who gets things done, but the way they have it. It’s like a single player games story disconnected from the multiplayer gameplay.
  11. I thought it was a Corpus Lich. She’s just going to ally with them? What I was hoping for was it to be my operator. Then it could put its hand on her face and suck out her soul... nope DE can’t ever let us suck peoples souls out as an operator...
  12. I strongly disagree on Ivara being harder to farm then Nidus, Khora. Just some fast spy’s and you got her. Khora and reaching wave 8 over and over or Nidus and that boring game mode for hours... I’m just waiting for them to get primed I’m not gonna farm new ones to feed. This frame is not that hard and honestly if the relic unlock rate was good we would all end up hating the drop % it has. It would just be messing up the mission reward pool.
  13. Ya solo the react would follow you around. Since the portals follow or spawn by only 1 player at a time. in squads it’s common for none to drop till you get inside. Probably because the portals have been stuck following the guy in the ship converting and spawning no one.
  14. Relics need to drop faster. Relics should be able to be opened at multiple points. Each WP obj while doing the Railjack portion. Faster relic drops ext.
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