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  1. Ya I’ve done that and got kicked out for being away from the game for 2 weeks. After that it’s easy. Also you go from a clan with 3 members and 95% of the stuff to 1 with 100 and 100% of the stuff. You don’t lose anything you just gain the resources your going to waste getting what you can already have for free.
  2. I heard it’s after a month the roal gets passed. on that note quit the clan join 1 that has everything done. I wonder why people waste time with a dead clan.
  3. The old raid mostly the pad part and the vary end one with the shafts and the bomb.
  4. I pref Nidus as Mesa can be replaced with any damage frame you won’t notice the difference. Nidus is unique.
  5. If that was possible I would do 4 at a time. Don’t even matter what frame none of it’s hard.
  6. If that’s the case blocking needs to be free. Losing mana when you don’t chose to is silly.
  7. The price has gone up recently or something. My main wep has a riven with 100% eff I used for ages. Each hit with it cost 1-2 (could not tell) couldjust go and go. Now it uses like 15 each hit? 1 full combo on 1 guy and I’m out.
  8. If you get that 4% shield restore arcane you can do that with any shield frame too.
  9. It does make the game boring. I’ll take a thrall Rev and just sit there board sometimes with everything dead. Even when we have like 0 chance of losing in a time ojb not kill 1. Just AFK zzzzzz out of the game.
  10. Easy like prison break he’s trying to get all the guys who helped him escape put back behind bars. Getting out from behind bars requires help and you may need help from the killers and rapists to get out. Once your out though you got to fix the problem you caused.
  11. Sounds like one of those riven quests. have you done the one where you scan the guy with out getting hit no powers. Fml it’s just like that but worse.
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