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  1. All these changes don’t change the fact that his whole kit has nothing to do with a broken frame. Why even have these abilities on it in the 1st place. reskin this frame take the model we have and make a frame who’s broken and kit is about putting its self together. Can’t help but see the whole kit as a waste.
  2. No really does not. Play Nidus use your 2 then cast your 4 under it. Then just spam 1. In about 10-15 seconds if you grab 8 or so guys and they don’t just die you’ll be at 50-60 stacks. If you kill 100 with melee. 100/5 is 20 and killing 100 would take longer. At lest a min and take dedication. Dose help get stacks at lower levels though. With like level 20-40 mobs.
  3. They do update it. So what’s the problem? The thing i think they they should attack is # of mobs at 1 time. Let’s see if we can double it. :D
  4. True but you would still get stacks on kills from any source. So anyway you look at it you get more stacks.
  5. K I don’t get why no one sees how MR 31 can work. It’s like your brains just pause in place and the fan goes high but nothing on the screen moves. mr 2 gives you 2 points on a level 1 gun. Mr 15 gives 15. Mr 30 gives 30. MR 45 gives 45. Mr 60 gives 60. Mr 75 might even give 75. until we pass 60 the question of what is going to happen to MR is an easy one.
  6. Soft Nidus. I do think he needs group QOL changed but his kit is all useful. ill just put the QOL stuff here even though not a topic for it. -lose 30 stacks a death -get the visual upgrade every 3 full stacks. -gain stacks when something is killed in affinity range.
  7. I think Wukong and Khora are good for this. The pet/summon helps deal with them while you just ignore it and fish.
  8. The normal game is easy mode. So might as well make normal mode (steel path) more balanced
  9. The melee mods might be a lot more powerful then we think. I hear they are adding archwing melee to the mech. If that’s true we have melee mods added to the body on top of the mods on the archwing melee. With those mods they may be the most powerful melee in the game.
  10. DE makes strange choices that are glaring flaws in the game. They leave them in the game for years before a change. I would not blame all if DE just the main Devs we see and the programmers. I don’t know what it is about programmers but it’s like playability of a game is the last thing on the list when they do something. Think wisps 2 being split into 3 abilities or Grendel’s 2 why. Unless some one goes to them and tells them to change it they’ll build the most janky systems. To them all it has to do is work not have any kind of flow to it.
  11. They could just grab the disruption mobs and have them spawn in the level some place. Game WPs them if you clear you get time added to the clock to speed up next reward.
  12. Just take your highest dps gun and use your operator to change the shield on the PT until it’s one of the elements your gun has.
  13. Community voted and voted. they did not like it they did not want improvements. so ya not high on DEs list. I would hope hope we could have a new pool with different people voting, but is what it is. Business can’t afford to do what the customer asked them not to do.
  14. Tell me 1 thing the game needs to improve and how you think it should be done. If you can do that I’ll take you to be more then just a contrarian. Not to be negative but arguing with 1 is pointless status quo seems to be the end all be all to them no matter what status quo is.
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