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  1. You can quit after any mission and get your reward. If some one starts a new mission and you as host quit they won’t steal your Railjack, it’s just game code and the code to your RJ is going to be waiting in your dojo. I would never give people a way to lock out players from any Railjack operations. It’ll only kill people’s desire to join a crew. Also hosting and having people join your fully built Railjack is a great big $&*^ move. A really good way to boast your gear with out looking like an A******. Just stand there rip your pants off let them all see it ad
  2. Has anyone played Risk of Rain 2? Why? Well in ROR 2 they have status type effects that can cause another status type to happen. Let’s say lightning hits an opponent and it bounces and hits 4 others, then that triggers explosion to trigger and hits 5 more witch then fire off lighting or gas. Gas triggers more effects and you get a status chain. I have been thinking about the bad status and this is he solution I have come up with for them. Let’s take the less than good status and make them good. The not so good status Rad, lighting, toxin, cold, magnetic,
  3. I think the mana system is as flawed as it was back in Diablo. Why games still use it I’ll never understand. I get you like this easily bypassed system, but this easily bypassed system is impossible to balance. Well not quite. We have 2 ways to make things somewhat challenging. -No cooldowns nerfed skills. - A vast array of skills of all power levels balanced by time you can’t use them. Its that or we sit in this broken game till it dies from lack of challenge. I think DE needs to pull the trigger and add CDs across the board or just tell us they gave up on offer
  4. If you don’t want a crew don’t use it. Why people who don’t want to use bots wants every one not to have them. It’s a dream to think they’ll even come close to how OP are frames are, or having are turrets fire is so crazy good compared to the Railjack powers... Its ok to have bots. They won’t make the game easy (not more than it is). I’m sure if they can come in a survival type thing, they’ll die off long before any good build fails.
  5. The problem with a node for the wolf is he’s basically a beta lich. I would rather they move his parts onto the liches and move the hammer.
  6. Get in a mech use it’s 4th ability to kill the Orphixs. Also your extremely underpowered so ya join public matches you need the help.
  7. Each faction needs a way to deal with are OP powers. Corpus have one infested have kind of this, Grineer stay CCed/dead from them with no real way to fight back. Is the infested version annoying? ya, but the weakest faction needs something. If we make this easy do we swap in those face huggers from the new world to take its place?
  8. I understand that DE has done the vast majority of work on this so maybe it’s late. What I’m hoping for with crews does not involve RJ what I’m hoping for is player replacement in missions. For each player missing you could put a crew member in its slot. Edit forgot... ability’s to give each crew 2 Helminth abilities or consumed abilities. 1 player and 3 crew 2 players and 1 crew each 3 players and hosts single crew. (Or just who ever has the item on) Item added automatically to gear wheel to turn this on/off, option to have it on by default or off by default.
  9. I like them but would change them to be more relevant to gameplay. Add a camouflage effect for any one who has not done 2ed dream. Remove the ability to revive while void walking. Reduce revives to 1 Add when your Warframe is downed you automatically become your operator and can revive your self. On death you transfer back into your downed Warframe. On downed timer expire you die. Just this would give a reason to upgrade your operator.
  10. If we wanted a que time I would let us Que up to 1/6 hours on an item. To go higher would cost plat. Lets say you have 10 forma BPs. You can build 1 for 23 hours and can’t que up more. If you pay 10p you can add a 2ed or 25p for 5. When an item finishes it splits off from the que group and can be collected from the finished group.
  11. I agree would be great to play any game mode in SP. I would not make some complicated way to join the maps though. Just have the tab where you pick SP pick if you go into a relic mission SP or if it’s off not SP.
  12. They could just give anything that’s not a week point 95% DR and not invariably. Keeps the fight mostly the same but you can man mode through it.
  13. I don’t see anything wrong with nullifiers. Like have we seen some of the CC DE #*!%ed up and gave to frames. Almost every single one can turn off a room of enemies or more for an infinite amount of time. I honestly think that all factions need something to deal with are powers. Nothing is more dry then playing a game with a player who CCs or kills everything in the map before you see it. Think how bad defences are to play... When I play with large aoe cc/damage frames I’m so happy when a nullifies shows up to give me a brief period of joy before the waiting simulator starts a
  14. I put my operator on tab it’s much easier to use. One thing we should be talking about and posting in feedback, is how DE really needs to move operator swap off hosts side. Is there anyway they can make it act like casting Iron skin or Excalibur’s 4?
  15. I’ve thought this also. What I would do is wait until players hit wave 5 of a infinity run. At that point the game can open up what it brings into the level. Of corse this would only be mobs that work. Just too add more spice to runs.
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