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  1. I think we just need a new exims or w/e it’s called unit that eats powers it’s hit by. So the big aoes and anything that CCs the map would be removed. This would make the game more fun. Also could make one that eats armour for a time, you get hit you lose all armour for 3-5 seconds and u have some red corrosive looking effect on your screen. this takes the top problems of this games easy factor and makes them still powerful, just you’ll have to think when one of these comes for .5 seconds to kill it.
  2. If we want PvP we need Pokémon Lich mode. We can use them to fight other clans.
  3. You can hack as operator, also it can let you pick up things when this strange bug happens. Operator also tells the game your location when the Warframe seems to stop doing this so you can exit mission.
  4. If your ship is slow ya, but with a booster it goes about 1500-2000 km/sec
  5. Space does not take 25 min. It’s 9 uploads at 100% speed. Or 45 at 100% +30 x 4 seconds max time between. It’s maybe 10-13 min a run.
  6. I don’t understand the problem. Why can you not have a problem with some frames killing everything on the map to the point the game is empty and becomes boring. Why on top of that can you not like a frame who turns the game off like limbo. On top of that can you also dislike enemies being immune to abilities? none are mutually exclusive. Basically give the enemies a partial counter to us. So things work 90% of the time, but the game has a chance to be a game and offer a challenge.
  7. Honestly would like that. Limbo turns off the game. Just why log into a game to do an event you basically do nothing in.
  8. We could be more evil then you think. Are ship we were on apparently had no kids. So the crew was hiding that fact or we are child copy’s of the crew. They weren’t so much turned evil trying to kill us, we were exterminating them.
  9. What are you talking about? and the last thing u said agrees with my 1st post. i said why make a convoluted post about quitting when all you want is to talk about what you don’t like. Also how over the top and dramatic that is.
  10. My only complaint is they don’t have any anti limbo thing in place. At this point they need to make an eximus that deactivates ability’s when they walk into them. Because if limbo was not in the game it would make this event funnier. That reflects to every other part of the game too. Also fix the Railjack part to the jack being under threat at all times. Was flying one around with another guy during a run (got board because of a limbo) and it made it a lot of fun.
  11. No just don’t go to a forum of a game and stand up and tell all members of that game I’m quitting then ask them to give me reasons to stay. I’m it’s on par with the massive text wall. They posts about the time line of them playing then tell us why they are quitting. I don’t care, your not a big part of the community. Just quit walk away silently. If you don’t like the detection of the game post that. You don’t need to tell any one your quitting. You don’t know if you want to keep playing or not? Well figger it out because people can talk to you for hours about a painting but if you don’t like it you don’t like it. You can’t talk some one into liking something.
  12. If you read between the lines her brother is dead. 2 things I can think are using the golem made to look like her brother. Ballas is really in control or hunhow/her mom or some other sentient. On the outside chance could also be a void daemon who’s fighting the man in the wall for control seeing the man in the wall is helping us? thats all I can think of but her brother is dead 100%
  13. What’s the point of this forum post? To tell DE in some convoluted way what you don’t like? Other then that I can’t see a reason these threads get made. I quit LOL Path of exil. Did not write to the forum I just stopped playing.
  14. So they removed double stacking, but still gave a use from the arcanes. It’s 25% less power at 5 then 2 but you get another arcane at 150% power. So it’s not horrid. the nerfs to some are a pain I get that. Though maybe they are trying to push energy to mean something I don’t know? In all honesty they should remove energy it basically does nothing in every game I’ve seen it in. Maybe a moba in early levels.
  15. 20 p is the selling price sure. People put in 12 hours- 40 hours to find something and turn around and sell it for cents. That does not change the in game time investment. And that time investment is what DE should base time off of not the insane prices people would sell stuff for.
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