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  1. The reason why it’s not as good is that adaptation on frames it’s good on is giving you another multiples to your hp. It’s like how we build guns. Damage more shots Critical hits. From 100 damage to a mil. Adaptation is 5-10 times your ehp. That with rage (hunters adrenaline) and life strike. Your taking your insane ehp multiplying it by a bunch and also multiplying your healing by the same. If if you had an rpg hero with 1,000,000 hp who heals x 3-10 1,000,000 hp sec. or a hero with 100,000 hp who heals 100,00 x3-10 a sec but can be invaluable for 3 seconds every 7 who would you pick?
  2. If you play with a new player really try hard to handicap your self. Like maybe buy a starter gun or something. Warframe has no real endgame so don’t rush them whatever you do.
  3. Honestly they need to bite the bullet and just accept that not all frames guns and the like are going to work vs high level content. Then they need to give us a reason to do that high level content.
  4. Save your self a lot of trouble and just join a clan. You are hindering your progress by making a new 1. also if it’s given away sure don’t see why not. Maybe put a line in your clan that gives credit to the creator.
  5. I have a lot of vanity and a lot of primes. I think your on to something. 😄
  6. Can some one tell me what gives unstable ram? This a virus mod hack? Magnet?
  7. Could it be made that the quest only becomes available after a new amp is made and levelled to 30?
  8. Was unsure the damage type that’s why I put the ? i guess it makes sense if you can get only +50. Tho they should give all armour a +75 damage. Also volts shields would be better too.
  9. I did not read all the posts, but I really hope some one picked up on your gun makes noise. If any one hears it you fail. The redeemer makes noise. Glave also makes noise. If you look at the weapon under thrown it says loud or something to that effect. Also powers are off so don’t tell any one to cheese this with Loki won’t work. just do it with a fast stealth kill Welp with channeling on to remove body’s.
  10. The thing I find strange in hunts is you can remove the armour but this changes the best damage type from rad to corrosive? But no one uses the better damage type. You can also see videos where they come up with the most convoluted way to lower its armour by 99.9% instead of just changing damage type and go 100%. any one know why the meta is still rad damage when there is a more efficient way?
  11. As a melee main I don’t get the problem? U can now use a gun and melee. Why doing need to aim glide with a melee? To block? only 1 problem for a pure melee player is there auto blocking. Easy fix. Make it cost no energy and make it not stop u from doing other things.
  12. I’m guessing can’t be sure. That the stalker and his acolytes got the Ordis treatment and were made to love the 7. If more Tenno get mind #*!%ed like them then we could have a good war. Also we know the stalker is a Tenno or was. The 2ed dream strongly points to this.
  13. Well considering you’ll be removed from the clan for 1 week of bing afk. Ya I’m not putting my resources down. It’s not my clan I don’t pick who stays and who goes and starting a new clan so someone can feel good about leading it has nothing to do with me. We would all be better off if warframe could just have 1 large maga clan with every player in it. Or just removed the forced clan part of warframe.
  14. When joining a clan make sure all research is done. Your hurting yourself by joining a new clan.
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