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  1. Ya agree. I remember years and years ago really liking the glowing Sigils. Now I don’t have room for them :(.
  2. I really hope that if when they do the mechs use arch melee we also get a prime drop with a few prime arch wing weapons. Or maybe we’ll have to wait till we get primed Mechs.
  3. Ya your 100% right about the mod being a game changer. Your DPS goes way up and you’ll never be knocked down or get knocked down. I put it on all my frames I want to mod and it’s worth it. Honestly anyone who acts like it’s not important is full of &$@“.
  4. I think the missions need to be slowed down a bit, but I don’t feel like players with 0 investment should be just breasing through.
  5. Is it bad to use life support? I find it more strange that when you get to 0 life support pods the drop rate on them is faster than your life support falls. You don’t even need to kill just walk around the map using them as they spawn in.
  6. They check feedback not this part of the forum, well not often. If a fix or change is fast to do, does not give away piles of free stuff to the players and unquestionably makes the game or thing better, you have a good chance to get it put in.
  7. I think supports are useless anyway. Well the healing kind. At lest wisp does a massive DPS spike and even more on melee from the lighting proc. Wisps 4 does need work. Maybe make damage you do with it buff the buffs you get from her 2?
  8. You could prob buy it at 1p or a common mod. The competition in are market is full of kids or old accounts that just give stuff away. For now only arcanes are worth selling. Some time soon even there price is going to drop to the ludicrous low price levels everything else is at. On that note if your not on PC sell every thing you can. As soon as we merge gl selling for a price worth your time.
  9. My guess is we’ll get it in another year or 2. It’ll be an operator upgrade new faction and most likely built around more integrated operator combat.
  10. John De Lancie If this guy was the lotus I would still be following her.
  11. If you have spectres you can use them to help you kill. Make sure to walk around looking for the pyramid things to get more time. WuKong is great for this if you have it. Just attack with melee then focus on picking things up while the clone kills.(while your in melee your clone uses what ever ranged weapon you were using)
  12. It might be an open world... I’m kinda done with them but we at lest know it’s a new faction. Honestly though they need to make us able to really effect an instance of an open world play through. It just feels like a bad part of Skyrim. Walking around the map after you have done everything. I pitched a time loop of events idea the open world could have, but would be a lot of work to put in.
  13. I would like the shop to help you more than just that. A way to see what items you need to finish mastery of everything. Like if you need something made from BO show a BO. I have no idea the number of items items I have not crafted because I need to craft some other thing I’ve mastered before to make it.
  14. It’s not just Grineer it’s the Corpus too. We mock them for using MOAs puppets and not fighting there own battles... ya we are massive hypocrites.
  15. I have all log in things. The only one that matters is Primed sure footed. The rest I never use they just sit collecting dust.
  16. At some point pets need arcanes. When that is in we can have pets revive as part of the arcane buff. What I would like to have is a removal of the whole revive downed pets. Honestly just a removal of revive in general, just keep player to player. I have said before the ways I would like each pet type revive to work. Sentinals would die then parts would drop collect x number of parts they revive. Arcane level 3 reduces the number needed to 1/2 level max to 1/4th. A mod like dejin has reduces the parts needed to 1/8th and puts a timer of 90 seconds w/e comes 1st. pets would be on a timer. 180, at level 3 arcane 90 and 45 on max. The Demios pets mod would reduces it to 23 seconds at max arcane and keep its current buffs. The MOA would combine the 2. A 360 second timer that reduces when you pick up a part that randomly drops like when sentinel dies. Parts reduces the timer. Arcane 3 would be a 180 second and arcane max would be a 90 second. Could also put other passive buffs on them when maxed like the gun arcanes have not sure what tho. But ya when DE puts them in I hope they use my idea no idea when that’s going to be though.
  17. I’m sorry but I’m lost. Nidus is not OP in the sense of damage or afk playing. If you just play him like Khora and spam abilities you’ll run out of life support. His ability's are not good for damage or healing all he has is his passive for being op. His passive is only good at keeping him alive solo. Even with the changes I’m asking for. Like an entire exterminate mission worth of kills would let you trigger your passive once. It just won’t break Nidus in the game.
  18. If you play Nidus at all you would know you can go from 0 stacks to 100 full in 8 seconds with only 8 mobs in your 2. So getting stacks from allies kills won’t make it op. Takes much longer to kill 600 enemies than the 8 seconds needed to stack full.
  19. That’s easy, because it’s one of the worst ass backwards intentional things you could put in a game. I don’t think DE is that dumb to put this idea on a board say yes that’s great! Pay some one to program it into a game. No DE has flaws but they are not that dumb. Steve: Hey got this idea for movement. Geoff: Yes? Steve: Well you know how players sometimes miss a step and fall? Geoff: Sure. Are we putting in fall damage? Steve: No! Geoff: Ok then what? Steve: How about when they fall they lose powers? Geoff: Like a nullifies bubble? Steve: Yes! Geoff: that does not make a lot of sense... Steve: Kkk how about if they fall in the playable zone nothing happens, but if they fall out of the map BAM! Powers off. Geoff: PERFECT! Now that makes sense!
  20. Ok but the problem is falling down holes makes you lose active powers is not really a “risk” any game would put in to effect its players. Warframe has it as an unfixed part of the engine. If we need movement risks risks they should resemble old splash damage weapons and cause you to take damage or die. Maybe a cripple status effect. Something that’s not the same as walking into a nullifies bubble. I don't really want this, but an effect that makes sense for what is happening in the game is better than this legacy fall effect we still have now.
  21. Sure, but 1 stack point from kills in infinity range would not break the frame or make it op, but it would be a massive QOL improvement for faster missions. Also improves players enjoyment.
  22. I honestly don’t think moving around the map needs risks. If you think we do need them why stop at power why not damage death? The argument that we need some kind of risk really just sounds like some one who argues for the status quo. No matter what the status quo is that type of person argues for it.
  23. I’ve just not had these experiences or have not noticed. Did the whole solo thing before crew got added and am fine doing everything solo. I do quit if I see a leach, but if everyone is doing something even badly it’s fine with me.
  24. Have 1 give your operator a Helminth style buff. Same as we can do with the warframes. Even a bleed through buff that buffs the operator and the Warframe at the same time. An example would be Operator gets miltishot on amp, Warframe gets ability’s damage/range/duration.
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